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Dell 1250c Color Printer Quick Reference Guide

About Your Printer Locating the Service Tag

1 Operator Panel 2 Output Tray 3 Output Tray Extension 4 Print Head Cleaning Rod 5 Toner Access Cover 6 Power Switch 7 Paper Width Guides 8 Multipurpose Feeder (MPF) 9 Front Cover 10 Length Guide 11 MPF Extension 12 Paper Cover

1 (Jam) indicator Indicates that a paper jam occurred or the rear cover is open.

2 (Toner) indicator Indicates that the toner is low or empty, or toner error occurred.

3 (Error) indicator Indicates that an error occurred.

4 (Ready/Data) indicator Indicates the printer status, such as receiving and printing data.

5 (Start) button/indicator Press this button to start duplex printing after loading paper.

Press and hold this button to print the Report pages. 6 (Cancel) button Press this button to cancel a job or clear an error.

7 (Manual Duplex) indicator Indicates that the printer is ready to print the second side (odd) pages for duplex printing.

8 (Load Paper) indicator Indicates that no paper is loaded or a paper jam occurred in the multipurpose feeder.

Loading Letterhead Load the letterhead in the printer with the print-side facing up. Ensure that the title on the letter head enters the printer first. |


6 57101112 9 8

42 3






September 2010

Service Tag Express Service Code xxxxxxx 000 000 000 00

Loading Envelopes Identifying the Location of Paper Jams

Printing the Printer Settings Page

1 Ensure that the green LED on the (Ready/Data) indicator is on and not blinking, and

then press and hold the (Start) button for over three seconds. The printer settings page is printed.

Load envelopes in the printer as shown below:

NOTE: When you print on envelopes, be sure to specify the envelope setting on the printer driver. If not specified, the print image will be rotated 180 degrees.

The paper jams may occur at any of the locations shown below:

CAUTION: To avoid permanent damage to your printer, do not attempt to clear paper jams using any tools or instruments.

1 Output Tray

2 Transfer Belt

3 Fuser Release lever

4 Rear Cover

5 Front Cover

6 Multipurpose Feeder (MPF)


C5, Monarch, or DL



6 5



Finding Information For more information, see the following documents available on the Drivers and Utilities disc. Setup Guide Setup instructions for printer hardware. Access to

software and drivers. Users Guide Additional information about printer components,

paper jam clearance, and consumable replacement.

Cleaning the Printer Vertical blanks in prints See "Maintaining Your Printer" in the

User's Guide An alert for the CTD sensor appears See "Maintaining Your Printer" in the

User's Guide

Troubleshooting Clearing jams See "Clearing Jams" in the User's

Guide Print quality and other

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