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1. headphone connector 2. home/power button 3. LCD screen 4. USB connector 5. USB protective cap 6. reset button

Install Software

Connect the DJ Ditty and Charge the Battery

1. Ensure that your computer is turned on.

2. Connect the DJ Ditty directly to a USB port on your computer. NOTE: Use a USB extension cable (not included) if access is inconvenient.

3. To charge the battery, leave the DJ Ditty plugged into the USB port for 2.5 hours.

NOTICE: Always wait until File Transfer is complete before disconnecting the DJ Ditty from the computer.

NOTE: Do not use your DJ Ditty for the first time until you have charged the battery for at least 2.5 hours.

- Do not store in areas below -10C/14F or above 45C/113F. - Do not operareas below 0C/32F or above 40C/104F. - Do not expose to heat or incinerate. - Keep away from strong magnetic fields. - Keep away from excessive moisture. - Do not get your Dell DJ Ditty wet. - Do not dismantle.


NOTICE: Ensure that your Dell DJ Ditty is not connected to your computer during the software installation process. Close all other applications before installation.

1. Insert the Dell DJ Ditty Product Software CD into your CD drive. If the CD does not run automatically: a. Navigate to the CD drive. b. Double-click CDINSTALLER.EXE.

2. At the installation screen, click Install and follow the instructions on the screen.

NOTE: If the software finds a different version of Musicmatch already installed on your system, you will be asked if you want to continue to install Musicmatch. Click Yes to use Musicmatch with the DJ Ditty.

3. When prompted to restart your computer, select Yes to restart the computer and enable the software.

Use Musicmatch to convert or rip music CDs to digital music files.

1. Click Start > All Programs > Musicmatch Jukebox.

2. Click View > Portable Device Manager.

3. Locate and click the tracks that you want to copy, and drag and drop the files to the DJ Ditty.

NOTE: For more information, see Musicmatch Help (click Start > All Programs > Musicmatch Jukebox; click Help)

Transfer Files Using Musicmatch

Play Digital Music Listen to FM Radio

1. Press the home/power button once to access the main menu.

2. Move the volume/scroll/select dial to highlight FM Radio and then press in to select.

3. Highlight and then select Yes to autoscan the 10 strongest radio stations.

4. Use the fast forward or rewind buttons to change stations.

NOTE: To turn the DJ Ditty on or off, ensure that it is disconnected from your computer, then press and hold the home/power button for 2 seconds.

1. Slide the USB protective cap over the small cable.

2. Loop the small cable through the lanyard attachment on the Dell DJ Ditty.

3. Pass the clip and the USB protective cap through the loop.

4. Pull the clip and USB protective cap to secure the small cable.

5. Snap on the large lanyard loop.

See: - Dell DJ Ditty Owners Manual for more information on setting up and using the DJ Ditty. - for the latest updated information, frequently asked questions, and latest software downloads.

Attach the Lanyard

7. volume/scroll/select dial (see below) 8. fast forward/skip forward 9. play/pause 10. rewind/skip back 11. lanyard attachment

See Dell DJ Ditty Product Information Guide for safety and regulatory information.

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Setting Up Your Dell DJ

The volume/scroll/select dial is used to adjust the volume, navigate the menus and select items.

1. Press the home/power button once to access the main menu.

2. Move the volume/scroll/select dial to the left or right to highlight Music Library and then press in the volume/scroll/select dial to select.

3. Highlight Music and then press in the volume/scroll/select dial to select.

4. Press the play/pause button.

NOTE: The DJ Ditty can play tracks in MP3 and WMA formats.

NOTICE: Do not subject the DJ Ditty to excessive force or impact, which may damage the unit.

NOTICE: Always keep the USB protective cap attached when your Dell DJ Ditty is not connected to a computer.

NOTE: To use the Dell DJ Ditty with your computer, your computer must be running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system with Service Pack (SP) 1 or later and Windows Media Player 10 or later.

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