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1 Antenna

Extendable antenna used for receiving Mobile TV signals.

2 Rear camera

Used to capture photos and videos.

3 Micro-USB connector

Used to charge the phone and connects to a computer for data transfer.

4 3.5 mm headset connector

Connects to the headset for hands-free communication. Also connects to compatible headphones.

5. Turn on the phone Ensure that the battery is adequately charged and then press and hold the power button to turn on the phone.

3. Install the battery Align the batterys metal contacts with the connectors in the battery compartment and press the battery down until it locks into place.

4. Replace the back cover Insert the tabs on the back cover into the slots on the phone and slide the back cover into place.

Setting Up Your Mini 3v

1. Remove the back cover Press your thumb on the groove on the back cover and slide the back cover down.

2. Install the SIM card



1 SIM card

2 MicroSD card

Slide the SIM card into the SIM card slot. Ensure that the SIM cards metal contacts are facing down and the beveled corner on the SIM card is facing the top of the phone.

Back View Features





1 Front camera

Used for making video calls. The front camera is of a lower resolution than the rear camera.

2 Back/Home button

Press once to view the previous screen.

Press and hold to return to the home screen.

3 Camera button

Press to activate the camera and capture photos or videos.

4 Touch screen

Displays information and enables you to make selections.

5 Options button

Press to view the Options menu.

6 Volume buttons (2)

Press to increase or decrease the volume level.

7 Power button

Press to lock/unlock the screen.

Press and hold to turn on/off the phone.

Overview Front View Features








Mini 3v Getting Started Guide

Lock Screen

The lock screen displays a slide show of images until the phone is unlocked.

To unlock your phone, drag the circle across the screen to the bottom-left corner.

If the phone is in sleep mode, press the power button once to view the lock screen.

NOTE: The phone enters sleep mode if the phone is not unlocked within a preset time frame.

Home Screen The Home screen displays the applications available on your phone. To view the Home screen, unlock the phone.

Launch applications To launch an application tap the applications icon.

Rearrange icons

Tap and hold the icon 1. until it begins to rotate.

Drag the rotating icon 2. to the desired location.

Delete icons

Tap and hold the icon 1. until it begins to rotate.

Tap the trash bin icon 2. .

NOTE: Certain icons may be locked in position by your service provider. These icons cannot be moved or deleted.

Multimedia To browse and play multimedia content on your phone:

Tap the Mobile Music 1. icon on the Home screen.

Tap a category to view 2. the lists within it.

Tap any song to start 3. playing the song.

NOTE: The Music player allows you to view files by artist name, album name, and the complete music list.

NOTE: You can also access other functions of the phone while playing music. To go back to the music player,tap Mobile Music on the Home screen.

Search To search for content on your phone:

Tap the Search icon 1. on the Home screen.

Enter the search criteria 2. and tap the Search icon

. The search results are sorted by categories and listed in tabs.

Browser To launch the web browser, tap the Browser icon on the Home screen.

To create bookmarks to your favorite web pages:

Tap 1. Options and then tap Bookmarks.

Tap 2. Add current page as bookmark.

Mobile TV The Mobile TV application allows you to watch digital TV programs.

NOTE: For optimum performance, extend the antenna on your phone before launching Mobile TV.

To launch Mobile TV, tap the Mobile TV icon on the home screen.

Making Calls To make a call using the dialer:

Tap the 1. Phone icon on the Home


Tap the Phone tab at 2. the top of the Phone screen to open the on-screen dial pad.

Enter the number 3. by tapping the on-screen dial pad. Tap the Backspace icon to make corrections.

Tap the Voice call 4. icon to dial the number.

Messaging To launch messaging, tap the Messaging icon on the Home screen.

To send a message:

Select a contact from the Messaging list to open the 1. Compose screen.

Enter your message.2.

Tap 3. Send.

You can also insert images, videos, or captured photos and sounds in your messages.

Input Panel

When you start a program or select a field that requires text or numbers, the input panel appears automatically. You can select an input method and start entering the text.

Your phone supports input in multiple languages, and provides the following input methods:


Phone KeyPad


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Printed in China.

Camera To activate the camera, press the camera button or tap the Camera icon on the Home screen.

To capture a picture, press the camera button or tap the Capture icon .

To record a video:

Tap the Switch to Video icon 1. to switch to video recorder mode.

Press the Camera button or tap the Capture icon 2. to start video recording.

Press the Camera button again or tap the Stop icon 3. to stop video recording.

Additional Information The microSD card that shipped with your phone contains the following:

Users Manual Provides extensive information on other features and advanced options available on your phone.

PCSync tool Used to sync contacts, calendar, and personal content such as music and pictures between your phone and a computer.

Lingtu navigation software Provides

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