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Important information WARNING: The microSD card and the built-in memory on your phone act as a single storage system. Do not attempt to remove or replace the microSD card. Removing the microSD card will render your phone unusable.

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Dell Venue Pro With Windows Phone 7 |

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Make a call You can make a call by selecting a contact from the contacts list, dialing a number using the keypad, or by using speech commands.

Using the contacts list:

Touch the 1. People tile on the Start screen.

Flick the contacts list and touch the desired 2. contact.

Touch the phone number you want to call.3.

Using the keypad:

Touch the 1. Phone tile on the Start screen, and then touch .

Type the number using the on-screen keypad.2.

Touch 3. call.

To make a conference call:

While you are on a call, touch 1. .

Touch 2. and call another contact.

Touch 3. to merge the calls.

To end a call, touch end call.Getting Started Guide

Start screen The Start screen displays tiles that provide easy access to your favorite or frequently used features, applications, contacts, web pages, and so on.

The tiles are updated dynamically to notify new text messages, e-mails, missed calls, and latest feeds from social networking sites.

Flick the Start screen up or down to see all the available tiles.

Touch a tile to open the associated application or feature.

Touch or flick the Start screen to the left to see all the available applications.

Touch to go to the Start screen from any screen.

Personalize it You can pin an application, media item, or favorite contact to the Start screen to add it as a tile.

To pin an item, touch and hold the item until the context menu appears, and then touch pin to start or pin favorites to start.

To pin a contact, touch the People tile on the Start screen. Touch the desired contact to open the profile, and then touch .

To remove a tile, touch and hold the tile, and then touch .

Sign into your phone A Windows Live ID is the e-mail address you use to sign in to services like Xbox LIVE, Zune, Hotmail, and so on. If you cant remember the e-mail address you use:

For Xbox LIVE: On your Xbox 360 console, sign in with your gamertag, then press the Guide button on your controller (the one in the middle that looks like the Xbox logo). In Settings, click Account Management > Windows Live ID.

For Zune: Sign in to the Zune software on your computer. Right-click your profile picture and click Switch user to see your Windows Live ID.

To reset your password or get a reminder, go to ResetPassword.aspx.

Speak to act The voice recognition feature on your phone allows you to use speech commands to make calls, start applications, and search the Internet.

Touch and hold until the voice application opens, and then use speech commands.

To make a call, say the contacts name. For example, Call Andrew Sullivan, mobile.

To start an application such as a calendar, say Open calendar.

To search for information on the Internet, say what you want. For example, Find movie theaters.

To hear or listen to examples of speech commands that you can use, say What can I say?

Search becomes find

Search is your one-button gateway to all kinds of answers. Want to find a contact? Touch Search from People or call history. Looking for an e-mail message? Touch Search in e-mail. Or touch it in Maps to find an address, coffee shop, zoo, or any other place. Looking for a movie time? Flight info? Weather? Stock prices? Just touch Search.

Import your contacts When you set up your e-mail or Facebook account, your contacts are imported automatically into your people hub.

And when you add Facebook, your friends feeds appear in your people hub, their photos show up in your pictures hub, and your own feeds pop up in your Me tile. To set up a Facebook (or any kind of e-mail) account:

Touch the arrow 1. on Start to go to your Applications list.

Touch 2. Settings > email & accounts.

Getting your contacts from your old phone is also easy. Put your old SIM card into your new phone, then go to Settings. Flick to applications, touch people, then touch import SIM contacts. 0TP7HXA00

Music + Videos The music + videos hub allows you to quickly access your music, videos, podcasts, FM radio, and media applications.

More information For more information about using your phone, see the Users Manual available at

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

2010 Dell Inc. All rights reserved.

Reproduction of these materials in any manner whatsoever without the written permission of Dell Inc. is strictly forbidden.

Some features and services may vary by area, phone, carrier, plan, and version of Windows Phone software.

2010 Microsoft Corporation

Screen orientation The screen reorients automatically depending on the way you hold the phone.

Rotate the phone sideways to change the orientation of the screen from portrait to landscape mode, and vice versa. In landscape mode, the screen content expands to fit the screen.

NOTE: The Start screen and Applications list always appear in portrait mode. Landscape mode is not supported on certain applications or while the physical QWERTY keyboard is open.

Messaging The Messaging screen displays a list of message conversations representing all the received and sent messages.

To send a text message:

Touch the 1. Messaging tile on the Start screen.

Touch 2. in the messaging screen.

Enter the name of the recipient in the 3. To: field using one of the following methods:

Type the contacts name, mobile number, or e-mail address. Touch to select the desired contact in the list that appears. To add more recipients, touch .

Touch next to the To: field, then flick to see the desired contact, and touch to select the contact. To add more recipients, touch .

Touch the 4. type a message field to compose your message.

NOTE: To add an attachment, touch and then select any file saved on your phone.

Touch 5. to send the message.

Stay in sync To sync your music, videos, pictures, and updates from your computer to your phone (or vice versa), you will need the Zune software.

Smart text input To type text in a text field, you can either use the on-screen keyboard or the slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard.

On-screen keyboard:

The on-screen keyboard appears when you touch any text field. The keyboard layout varies based on the selected field. For example, the @ and .com keys appear when you type an e-mail address.

As you type, text suggestions and auto corrections occur to help you insert text quickly.

To type symbols, touch &123 or 123. To see more symbols such as underscore, touch .

To close the on-screen keyboard, touch anywhere outside the text field.

Connect your phone to 1. your computer using the cable.

Go to 2. windowsphone. com to install the Zune software.

Open the Zune software, 3. then follow the instructions to get your music, videos, pictures, and so on into your collection.

Click collection, then 4. drag everything you want to sync to the phone icon in the lower left.

Touch screen gestures The multi-touch screen on your phone allows you to use your finger to move the screen content, scroll through menus, view photos, and so on.

Flick allows you to quickly scroll through lists, menus, or pages, and move sideways in hubs.

Slide a finger quickly in the direction you want the screen content to move.

Pan allows you to scroll through lists, menus, or pages, and move sideways in hubs at a controlled rate.

Touch your finger on the screen and then drag it slowly in the direction you want the screen content to move.

Stretch allows you to zoom-in on websites, maps, or pictures.

Move two fingers apart to enlarge the view of the screen content.

Pinch allows you to zoom- out on websites, maps, or pictures.

Move two fingers close together to reduce the view of the screen content.

To launch the music + videos hub, touch the Music + Videos tile on the Start screen.

To get more music from zune, touch marketplace.

You can sync content on your computer to your phone using the Zune software. After you sync your music, videos, and podcasts to your phone everything appears in your music + videos hub. As you listen to music and watch videos, the hub will reflect your tastes by showcasing the things you prefer most your favorite songs or albums, your playlists, and your history.

QWERTY keyboard:

The on-screen keyboard closes automatically when you slide out the QWERTY keyboard.

As you typ

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