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Dell EMC Search Version 18.0

Software Compatibility Guide 302-005-032

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2 Search 18.0 Software Compatibility Guide

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Search software compatibility 9 Avamar compatibility...................................................................................10 Environment and system compatibility........................................................10 Browser support......................................................................................... 10

Chapter 1


Search 18.0 Software Compatibility Guide 3


4 Search 18.0 Software Compatibility Guide


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l Search Administration Guide

l Search Security Configuration Guide

l Search Software Compatibility Guide

l Search Release Notes

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6 Search 18.0 Software Compatibility Guide

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8 Search 18.0 Software Compatibility Guide


Search software compatibility

This section includes the following topics.

l Avamar compatibility.......................................................................................... 10 l Environment and system compatibility............................................................... 10 l Browser support................................................................................................. 10

Search software compatibility 9

Avamar compatibility Learn about the supported versions of Avamar for Search 18.0.

The Search virtual appliance supports the Avamar 7.5.1 version that is included with IDPA 2.2.

Environment and system compatibility Learn about the Search 18.0 environment and system compatibility.

Search is configured with a built-in OpenLDAP service that includes preconfigured user accounts and groups. An external LDAP server is optional:

l Microsoft Active Directory on Windows 2003 R2 and later

l Open LDAP 2.3, 2.4 and later


LDAP is only supported with PEM certificates.

Metadata indexing requirements Metadata indexing of file system backups and NDMP backups are supported for Avamar. Search supports metadata indexing of NDMP backups on the following storage platforms:


l Isilon

l Unity

Metadata indexing of Windows VMware VM clients with NTFS disks is supported for Avamar. Search requires the following to index VMware VM clients:

l Avamar 7.5.1.

l Enable indexing on the Avamar server.

l Install VMware tools on the VM.

l The following devices are supported:

n SATA or SCSI NTFS with simple MBR partitions

n SATA or SCSI NTFS with simple GPT partitions

l The following devices are not supported:

n Non-NTFS disks (FAT/FAT32/ReFS)

n IDE disks (there must be no IDE disks in the VM at all)

n Striped or RAID-5 devices

Full content indexing requirements Full content indexing of file system and NDMP backups is supported for Avamar. Search does not support full content indexing of other backup types.

Browser support Search 18.0 supports the latest version of the following browsers:

Search software compatibility

10 Search 18.0 Software Compatibility Guide

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