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HOW TO USE WARMING STAND The warming stand for your Cuisinart Buffet Server keeps already cooked foods warm while serving... Before lighting candles, place the warming stand in the location where you will be serving... Prior to mounting the buffet pan, place two smokeless, nontoxic, fragrance- free tea-light candles* in candle cup holders on warming stand base... Light both candles just before use... Once candles are lit, carefully place Buffet Server on warming stand for serving... Tea-light candles vary in lifespan... They can last anywhere from 25 hours depending on the brand... DO NOT LEAVE UNIT UNATTENDED AND KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN... PLACE IN AN AREA WHERE THERE ARE NO DRAFTS, AWAY FROM CURTAINS OR OTHER FLAMMABLE ITEMS... When finished serving, extinguish candles... Be sure both the wax and the server have cooled before removing the tea-light candles... **

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TO REMOVE BURNER STAINS Stains on the outside bottom (not sides) of pans can be removed with an oven cleaner... Follow the manufacturers directions and spray or brush the cleaner on only the outside bottom of the pan... If the directions call for using the cleaner in a warm oven, heat the pan before applying the cleaner... Rinse thoroughly after cleaning... CAUTION: Detergent fumes can be irritating... Carry out this procedure under a hood with an exhaust fan or in a well-ventilated room... IMPORTANT NOTE: Cuisinart Buffet Servers have exceptionally high thermoconductivity, and even a low setting on some gas burners will overheat or even burn foods such as thinly sliced onions... An inexpensive gas flame-tamer placed between the burner and the bottom of the pan solves this problem... Flame-tamers are readily available at most hardware stores...

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