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Any other requirements as recommended by the operating system you are using... Normal operation may not be possible under certain hardware configurations... Operation is not supported on a computer running Windows 2000, NT, Me, 98SE, 98, 95, or 3... 1, or on a Macintosh or Mac OS computer... Operation on a computer upgraded to Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP from another operating system is not guaranteed...

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2... On the menu that appears, click the [Install] button... Follow the instructions that appear on your computer screen... Windows 7: When the User Account Control message appears, click [Yes]... Windows Vista: When, the User Account Control message appears, click [Allow]... Windows XP: When the dialog box shown below appears, click [Continue Anyway]...

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Presentation Draw Modes Presentation Draw is an application that runs in the background... Starting up Presentation Draw while you are using another application will cause that application to remain on the display... Mouse operations, however, are taken over by Presentation Draw... This is called draw mode, which you can use to draw figures and other objects on the currently displayed (projected) screen... Draw mode is indicated when mouse cursor looks like this: ... If you want to perform an operation in the other application while Presentation Draw is running, you need to switch Presentation Draw to mouse mode... In mouse mode, Presentation Draw functions are disabled, and both the mouse and pointer return to their normal operations... Mouse mode is indicated when the mouse cursor looks like , or when it takes on normal appearance for the application you are using...

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Using Presentation Draw Before trying to perform any of the operations described in this section, you should first charge the pointer (see Setup in the Interactive Pointer Users Guide), and establish a connection (RGB and USB) between your computer and the projector... Also, the projector should be projecting the screen of the computer where you have Presentation Draw installed...

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Presentation Draw makes it possible for you to draw figures and lines on the screen of the currently running application... You have a choice of the three different drawing methods described below...

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Using this operation to change the selected draw function causes all drawings currently on the screen to be cleared... Changing the draw function while the screen is zoomed will cancel the zoom operation...

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To undo the last draw operation Press the pointers left mouse button twice in succession (double-click) to undo the last draw operation... You can undo up to five previous draw operations...

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The area you specify is enlarged in the center of the screen in accordance of the currently specified zoom factor... At this time, everything outside of the zoomed display range will become dark... Each time you select another part of the image by dragging, that part will be zoomed...

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Keyboard Operations You can move the focus between items on the function menu using the cursor keys or the [Tab] key... Pressing [Enter] selects the menu item (or submenu item) where the focus is currently located... While a submenu is displayed, pressing the [Esc] key will close it... While the function menu is displayed, pressing the [Esc] key will close it...

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