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plug into an outlet, contact a qualified electrician to have a suitable

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The CANON Multi Function Professional Puncher A1 provides a flexible, cost effective punching solution for light to medium level punching production environments... It is designed for production print users that typically punch their documents at an average of 20-30% of their overall workflow... For customers that run continuous punching for long runs of over 4 hours, performance may vary or degrade due to a wide range of media weights and environmental conditions that can

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any feature of the machine... Below are three modes of operation of

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test print job be run after installing a new die or a die that has recently

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LCD panel that provides Messages; Settings and Information relating to

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The Backgage Depth setting and Alignment setting for Clear Cover media can be adjusted using this function...

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US Sizes LTR LEF Punch only LTR SEF 8- x 5- LEF Punch only Legal SEF 11x17 SEF 9" x 12" SEF Punch only 9 x 12 LEF Punch only 12" x 18" SEF 12... 6 x 19... 2 Crease only 13 x 19 Crease only 13 x 19... 2 Crease only ISO sizes A4 LEF Punch only A4 SEF A5 LEF Punch only A3 SEF SRA4 SEF Punch only SRA4 LEF Punch only SRA3 SEF US Sizes LTR, with 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 25*, 26*, 27* tabs: 160gsm 300 gsm 8- x 5-, with 3,5 tabs

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Replace the pressure bar by lining up dowel pin holes with exposed dowel pins... Hold pressure bar so that it is seats completely over dowel pins and then rotate Quarter Turn Fasteners clockwise until a click is felt to lock pressure bar in position... The pressure bar can be locked only if the orientation is correct, it cannot be locked in any other orientation... Important! Make sure pressure bar is attached and both Quarter Turn Fasteners are in the locked position prior to inserting the die set into the machine or serious damage can occur to both the machine and die set...

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To change the die stop position first remove the die from the machine and place on a flat stable surface... While holding the die in a stable position push down on the die stop knob until the knob is free to rotate... Then turn the knob until the arrow on the knob lines up with the desired arrow on the die stop handle label... Once the arrows line up, release the die stop knob making sure that the metal die stop on the bottom fully seats against the die plate...

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The Professional Puncher uses a variety of easily interchangeable die sets that allow you to punch documents in line for several different binding styles... By selecting the appropriate die set, you can use your Professional Puncher to punch documents in any of the following binding styles...

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