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Section 3: Load Paper 1... Move the paper guide to the left to match your paper size...

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4... You MUST remove these protective materials: Orange cap Orange tape

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6... Lower the blue lock lever until it locks into place... Important! Before you close the front cover, write down the serial number (located inside the printer to the right of the cartridge holder)... You'll need this for product registration...

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5... When you see this screen, connect your interface cable to the printer... Connect the free end of the USB or parallel cable to the printer... USB Cable Users: Please wait a few minutes while your computer performs steps necessary for completing

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Windows 2000 Users 1... Connect either a USB or parallel cable to the computer (port location depends on computer), and then connect it to the printer...

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5... Click the "CD-ROM drives" checkbox; be sure to uncheck the other options... Insert the Install Me First CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive and wait for the drive to start up... Then click Next...

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3... Click on "Install BJC-2100 Drivers... " The License Agreement screen appears... 4... Read the agreement and click Agree to continue... The next screen asks you to install the printer... 5... Click on Install to continue with Easy Install... The next screen reports the progress of the driver installation... 6... After driver installation, you must reboot the system... Click the Restart button when you see the "Installation was successful" screen...

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