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Toensureproperventilationandeasyoperation,setupthemachineinanareathatmeetsthe minimumrequirementsforclearance,asillustratedbelow...

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*1ThesefiltersarenotsuppliedwiththeimageRUNNER1730iF/1730... *2OnlyfortheimageRUNNER1750iF/1740iF/1730iF... Forinstructionsonhowtoconnectthecable,seeChapter2,BeforeYouStartUsing

Page 5

Gototheinstallationmanualsuppliedwiththe optionalcassettetoattachthecassettetothe machine,thencontinuefromstep7underUnpack theMachineinthisdocument...

Page 6

Themachineweighsabout97... 7lb(44... 3kg)... Usetwoormorepersonstoliftthemachine andmoveittotheinstallationsite... Besuretofirmlyholdthefrontofthe machinebythepaperdrawerslotandlifting handlesontherearsideofthemachine...

Page 7

Becarefulnottogetyourfingerscaught,asthis mayresultinpersonalinjury...

Page 8

FortheimageRUNNER1730iF/1730,thefollowingstepsarenotnecessary... Gotothenextsection, AttachtheDuplexTrayandtheTrayRib...

Page 9

IfyouareattachingtheoptionalStapleFinisher-H1tothemachine,thefollowingstepsarenot necessary... Gotothenextsection,InstalltheDrumUnit...

Page 10

Alwaysopentherightcoverduringinstallationtoprevent damagetothedrumunit...

Page 11

Condensation(waterdropletsontheinsideoroutside) mayformonthedrumunitwhenitisbroughtintoan environmentwithasuddenchangeintemperatureor humidity... Whenmovinganewdrumunittoalocationwithchange intemperature,leavethedrumunitintheprotectivebag atthenewlocationfortwoormorehourstoallowitto adjusttothenewtemperature...

Page 12

Holdingthetabandthepartwiththeblue marking,slowlyinsertthedrumunituntilit stops... Makesurethatthedrumunitslidesproperlyalong therailsonthemachine...

Page 13

Becarefulnottogetyourfingerscaught,asthismayresultin personalinjury...

Page 14

Donottouchtheopeningofthetonercartridgeor subjectittoshockbyhittingit... Doingsomaycausethe tonertoleakoutofthecartridge...

Page 15

Insertthetonercartridgeintothemachine asfarasitwillgo... Supportthetonercartridgewithonehandfrom underneathwhilepushingitintothemachinewith theotherhand...

Page 16

Thissectiondescribeshowtoloadplainpaperinthepaperdrawer... Ifyouloadpaperotherthanplain papersuchasrecycledpaper,specifythetypeofpaperloadedinthepaperdrawer... (SeeChapter3, ConfiguringtheMachinesBasicSettings,intheReference Guide... )

Page 17

Peeloffthelabelfortheloadedpapersize andaffixittothepartofthepaperdrawer indicatedintheillustration...

Page 18

Selectthedesiredlanguagelabelamong thesuppliedprecautionlabels,peeloffthe label,thenaffixittothepartindicatedin theillustration... Onthispart,theEnglishlabelisalreadyaffixed... Affix yourselectedlabelovertheexistinglabel... IfthedesiredlanguageisEnglish,youdonotneedto affixanewlabel...

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Youhavenowcompletedassemblingthe machine... PleasegototheUsers Guideto checkandseewhatsettingsyouneedin ordertousethemachinesfunctions...

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CANON EUROPA N... V... Bovenkerkerweg59-611185XBAmstelveen,TheNetherlands (Seehttp://www... canon-europe... com/fordetailsonyourregionaldealer)

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