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other residential type environments; - Bed and breakfast type environments... A different use of this appliance from household environment or from typical housekeeping functions, as commercial use by expert or trained users, is excluded even in the above applications... If the appliance is used in a manner inconsistent with this it may reduce the life of the appliance and may void the manufacturers warranty... Any damage to the appliance or other damage or loss arising through use that is not consistent with domestic or household use (even if located in a domestic or household environment) shall not be accepted by the manufacturer to the fullest extent permitted by law...

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malfunction, turn off the washing machine, close the water tap and do not tamper with the appliance... Immediately contact the Customer Service Centre and only use original spare parts... Failure to observe these instruction may jeopardise appliance safety...

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screws (A)... Please ensure when fitting the table top, the locating pins are inserted correctly in their slots, positioned on the side of the cabinet as shown in fig... 4...

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A device located on the supply tube that stops water flow if the tube deteriorates; in this case, a red mark will appear in the window (A) and the tube must be replaced... To unscrew the nut, press the one-way lock device (B)...

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l The washing machine should be installed in its final position such that the water fill hose is not kinked or trapped... The corrugated drain hose should be inserted into suitable drain pipe of between 50 cm and 85 cm height above the floor using the curved drain hose support... If an under sink connection is used the drain hose must be routed above the sink overfill opening to prevent back siphoning... Care must be taken to avoid kinking or trapping the drain hose (fig... 8)...

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3... DETERGENT DRAWER The detergent draw is split into 2 compartments as illustrated in figure 10: l compartment "1": for washing detergent; l compartment "2": for special additives,

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softener or any other additives, carefully follow the manufacturers instructions every time: correctly using the appliance with the right dose allows you to avoid waste and to reduce the environmental impact...

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For washes between 40C and 60C the type of detergent used needs to be appropriate for the type of fabric and level of soiling... Normal powders are suitable for white or colour fast fabrics with high soiling, while liquid detergents or colour protecting powders are suitable for coloured fabrics with light levels of soiling...

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l Remove and clean the filter; when finished, replace it turning it clockwise... The filter handle will be locked when it is not possible to turn any further and the handle is horizontal... Smearing a small amount of liquid soap on the filter seal will help refitting...

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6... QUICK USER GUIDE This washing machine automatically adjusts the level of the water to the type and quantity of washing... This system gives a reduction in energy consumption and a saving in washing times...

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When the programme selector is turned the display lights up to show the settings for the programme selected... For energy saving, at the end of the cycle or with an inactivity period, the display level contrast will decrease... N... B... : To switch the machine off, turn the programme selector to the OFF position...

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programmes) allows you to wash the load in a much larger quantity of water and this, together with the new combined action of the drum rotation cycles, where water is filled and emptied, will give you garments which have been cleaned and rinsed to perfection so that the detergent dissolves completely, ensuring an efficient cleaning action...

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the machine calculates the actual cycle time needed based on the load size, content and options selected... The real time of the wash will then be displayed... This time can recaulculate during the wash depending on detergent levels and load balancing...

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* Maximum load capacity of dry clothes, according to the model used (see control panel)...

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creation of creases, keeping an excellent washing performance... It is also possible to further reduce the spin speed, to ensure an easier ironing... ECO 40-60 The ECO 40-60 programme is able to clean normally soiled cotton laundry declared to be washable at 40C or 60C, together in the same cycle... This programme is used to assess the compliance with the EU Ecodesign legislation (environmentally friendly products design)... SYNTHETICS This programme allows you to wash different types fabrics and different colours all together... The rotation movement of the drum and the water levels are optimized, both during the washing the rinsing phase... The accurate spin action, ensures a reduced formation of creases in the fabrics... SPORTS This programme is specially designed to wash mixed sportswear fabrics that cannot be washed on hotter programmes and is designed to remove the dirt and staining created by participation in sports activities... DELICATES This programme has reduced periods of drum rotation during the cycle and is particularly suitable or washing delicate fabrics... The wash cycle and rinses are carried out with a high level of water to ensure the best performance... WOOL/HAND WASH This programme performs a wash cycle dedicated to the wool fabrics that can be washed in a washing machine, the articles to be washed by hand or laundry items made from silk or specified as "Wash as Silk" on the fabric label... 20C This innovative programme, allows you to wash different fabrics and colours together,

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Consumption on this program is about 40% of a conventional 40C cottons wash... DRAIN + SPIN The program completes the drain and a maximum spin... It is possible to delete or reduce the spin through the SPIN SELECTION button... RINSE This program performs 3 rinses with an intermediate spin (which can be reduced or excluded by using the appropriate button)... It is used for rinsing any type of fabric, for example after a wash carried out by hand... RAPID 14' A complete washing cycle (wash, rinse and spin)... This programme is suited to slightly

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The machine cannot load water... Make sure the water supply tap is open... Make sure the water supply hose isnt bent, kinked or trapped... Make sure the drain pipe is at the proper height (see installation section)... Close the water supply tap, unscrew the filler hose from the back of the washing machine and make sure the anti-sand filter is clean and not blocked... Check that the filter is not clogged or that there are no foreign bodies inside the filter compartment that can obstruct the proper flow of water...

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spin... Reduction of the speed of spin to decrease vibrations and noise... The spin cycle aborting to protect the machine and load... If this is experienced remove the load de-tangle it, reload it and restart the spin program... This could be due to the fact that water has not been completely drained: wait a few minutes... If the problem persists, see Error 3 section... Some models include a "no spin" function: make sure it is not selected... Check which options are selected and their effect on the spin cycle...

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By placing the mark on this product, we are confirming compliance to all relevant European safety, health and environmental requirements which are applicable in legislation for this product... The manufacturer decl ines al l responsibility for any printing errors in the booklet included with this product... Moreover, it also reserves the right to make any changes deemed useful to its products without changing their essential characteristics...

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