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F) Check there is no water left in the drum before opening the door... G) Do not allow children or unauthorised persons to use the appliance without supervision... H) Do not pull the power cable or the appliance itself to remove the plug from the socket... I) The appliance must not be exposed to weather conditions (rain, direct sun, etc... ) L) When moving the appliance never lift it by the controls or by the detergent drawer...

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Do a full load in your washing machine To prevent any possible waste of energy, water or detergent we recommend that you put a full load in your washing machine, not exceed the maximum loads shown below: Cotton and linen 3,5 kg Mixed 2 kg Very delicate 1,5 kg Wool 1 kg Up to 50% energy saving can be made with one full load compared to two half load washes

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This function will allow an extra rinse or more water added at the rinse stage depending on the programme selected... This is particularly important for avoiding skin irritation from detergent residues for people with particularly sensitive skin... The extra rinse button is also recommended when washing heavily soiled fabrics, requiring the use of a lot of detergent, or when washing items made of towelling, whose fibres have a greater tendency to retain detergent...

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Main wash Automatic Variable Capacity The washing machine is fitted with an automatic reduction in consumption system (known as Automatic Variable Capacity)... This system enables the machine to use the amount of water needed to wash and rinse the laundry in relation to the particular load... This results in a reduction in the amount of water used and electricity needed to heat it to the minimum required, without in any way compromising the washing and rinsing performance... In fact the amount of water and electricity used will always be appropriate for the amount of washing... The washing machine therefore ensures you achieve excellent washing results whilst respecting the environment and saving you money...

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Refer to the programme guide or the programme descriptions on the machine to select the most suitable programme... The programme is selected by turning the programme selector clockwise and aligning the programme number with the pointer... Set the temperature using the temperature control dial...

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The variable temperature selector allows a reduction in the wash temperature... For example,an intense cottons cycle can be washed in cold water simply by moving the dial to the tap symbol...

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Dosage for powder detergent For normal and low concentration detergents: for normally soiled laundry choose a programme without prewash... Put the detergent in compartment I of the drawer... For heavily soiled laundry, choose the prewash programme before the main wash... When using water softeners, first put in the detergent, then add the softener to compartment I... For highly concentrated detergents not in single dose format, follow what is shown on pack exactly as regards type and amount of dosage... To avoid the difficulty of checking if the detergent has been taken up, use the dosage aids provided in the detergent packaging...

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If the appliance is being transported or is out of use for long periods in unheated places, all remaining water must be completely removed from the hoses... Ensure mains power is off, then unclip the hose and point it downwards into a basin until all the water has emptied out... When finished, repeat the operation in the reverse order...

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Your new appliance is fully guaranteed by the manufacturer for 12 months against electrical/mechanical breakdown excluding: A... Any faults which occur due to bad installation or misuse of the machine... B... Any faults which occur due to repair of, or interference with, the machine by any person not authorised by the manufacturer to carry out service... C... Any faults which arise from parts fitted to the machine which are not the manufacturers original parts... D... Any faults arising from non-domestic use or unusual or abnormal use of the machine... E... Any faults arising from operation at an incorrect voltage... F... Any faults arising from incorrect operation of the machine... The guarantee applies to Gt... Britain and Northern Ireland only, and is an addition to your statutory rights...

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Replace the cover with the two screws A... Please ensure when fitting the table top the locating pins are inserted correctly in their slots, positioned on the side of the cabinet as shown in the diagram 5...

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ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS Washing machines are supplied to operate at a voltage of 230 V, 50 Hz single-phase... Check that the conductor is powerful enough to supply at least 3... 0 kW, then connect the plug to a 10 A earthed socket... After installation,the appliance must be positioned so that the plug is accessible... Check that the electricity supply to your home has an earthing system... The socket in your home and the plug on the appliance must be of the same type... It is generally not advisable to use multiple adapters and/or extension leads... All Candy washing machines comply with the safety requirements laid down by the Quality Trademark Institute...

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The manufacturer declines all responsibility in the event of any printing mistakes in this booklet... The manufacturer also reserves the right to make appropriate modifications to its products without changing the essential characteristics...

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