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By placing the mark on this product, we are confirming compliance to all relevant European safety, health and environmental requirements which are applicable in legislation for this product...

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If the oven is to work properly, the kitchen housing must be suitable... The panels of the kitchen unit that are next to the oven must be made of a heat resistant material... Ensure that the glues of units made of veneered wood can withstand temperatures of at least 120 C... Plastics or glues that cannot withstand such temperatures will melt and deform the unit... Once the oven has been lodged inside the unit, the electrical parts must be completely insulated... This is a legal safety requirement... All guards must be firmly fixed into place so that it is impossible to remove them without using special tools... Remove the back of the kitchen unit to ensure an adequate current of air circulates around the oven... The hob must have a rear gap of at least 45 mm...

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Clean the stainless steel and enamelled surfaces with warm, soapy water or with suitable brand products... On no account use abrasive powders that may damage surfaces and ruin the ovens appearance... It is very important to clean the oven each time that it is used... Melted fat is deposited on the sides of the oven during cooking... The next time the oven is used this fat could cause unpleasant odours and might even jeopardise the success of the cooking... Use hot water and detergent to clean; rinse out thoroughly... To make this chore unnecessary all models can be lined with catalytic self-cleaning panels: these are supplied as an optional extra (see the section SELF-CLEANING OVEN WITH CATALYTIC LINING)... Use detergents and abrasive metal pads like brillo pads for the stainless steel grills... The glass surfaces facia panel, oven door and warming compartment door must be cleaned when they are cold... Damage that occurs to them because this rule was not adhered to are not covered by the guarantee... To replace the interior light: switch off the mains power supply and unscrew bulb... Replace with an identical bulb that can withstand very high temperatures...

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This control enables to set the desired cooking time (max... 120 min... ) the oven will automatically switch off at the end of the set time... The timer will count down from the set time return to the O position and switch off automatically... For normal use of oven set the timer to the position... To set the oven ensure the timer is not on the O position...

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First of all select the cooking function and the temperature required... Turn the control knob clockwise, without pushing, until the symbol appears in the window (E) To set the cooking start time pull and turn the control knob clockwise until the hand F is in the position indicating the start time required... To set the length of cooking required turn clockwise the control knob without pushing it, until the time required appears in the window (E)...

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This function is used for cooking we want to program in advance... For example, your recipe needs to be cooked 45 min and to be ready at 12... 30pm ; simply set the cooking time duration on 45 min and the end of cooking time on 12... 30pm... The cooking will start automatically at 11... 45 (12... 30 minus 45 min) and will continue until the preset end of cooking time, then the oven will switch itself off automatically

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ENERGY SAVING AND RESPECTING THE ENVIRONMENT Where possible, avoid pre-heating the oven and always try to fill it... Open the oven door as infrequently as possible, because heat from the cavity disperses every time it is opened... For a significant energy saving, switch off the oven between 5 and 10 minutes before the planned end of the cooking time, and use the residual heat that the oven continues to generate... Keep the seals clean and in order, to avoid any heat dispersal outside of the cavity... If you have an electric contract with an hourly tariff, the "delayed cooking" programme makes energy saving more simple, moving the cooking process to start at the reduced tariff time slot...

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The overall suggested cooking times set out below are intended as a rough guide only... They may in fact vary according to the quality, the freshness, the size and the thickness of the food cooked and of course cooking time is also partly a matter of taste... Let the food stand for a few minutes before serving because the ingredients continue cooking after they have been removed from the oven...

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Cut the sausages in half and lay them face down on the grill... Half way through grilling turn them over... Every so often, check that they are being cooked equally all over... (If this is not happening, turn and reposition the ones being cooked ether less or more than the others...

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The manufacturer will not be responsible for any inaccuracy resulting from printing or transcript errors contained in this brochure... We reserve the right to carry out modifications to products as required, including the interests of consumption, without prejudice to the characteristics relating to safety or function...

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