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Contents Safety reminder 2 Electrical requirements 3 Installation requirements 4 Preparing the load 4 Clothes preparation 4 Maximum drying weight 4 Sorting the load 4 Do not tumble dry 5 Energy saving 5 Opening the door 5

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Clothes preparation Check that all fastenings are closed and that pockets are empty... Turn the articles inside out... Place clothes loosely in the drum to make sure that they dont get tangled...

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Do not tumble dry: Woollens, silk, delicate fabrics, nylon stockings, delicate embroidery, fabrics with metallic decorations, garments with PVC or leather trimmings, training shoes, bulky items such as sleeping bags, etc...

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When the container is full the EMPTY WATER indicator on the control panel will light, and the container MUST be emptied... However, we recommend that the container is emptied after each drying cycle...

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4... Gently remove any dust or fluff with a cloth, then wash the unit by holding it under a running tap (fig... 10) turning it so that water flows between the plates, to remove any dust or fluff...

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Drying guide The table shows approximate drying times, depending on the type of fabric and dampness of the clothes...

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6... The load is dried by tumbling in thermostatically controlled warm air... Cool air is used for the last 15 minutes to reduce creasing and cool the load ready for handling...

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After each period of use, wipe the inside of the drum and leave the door open for a while to allow circulation of air to dry it...

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Should there still be a problem with your dryer after completing all the recommended checks, please call the national GIAS Service number for advice... They may be able to assist you over the telephone or arrange for a suitable appointment for an engineer to call under the terms of your guarantee... However, a charge may be made if any of the following applies to your machine:

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