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OperatingOperatingOperatingOperating youryouryouryour WineWineWineWine CoolerCoolerCoolerCooler andandandand SettingSettingSettingSetting thethethethe temperaturetemperaturetemperaturetemperature controlcontrolcontrolcontrol Recommended working best ambient temperature is from 16 to 32C... Out of this range the inside temperature can be different from the control panel setting... Do not set a temperature higher than the ambient temperature because the appliance can cool down but not heat up...

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TemperatureTemperatureTemperatureTemperature SettingSettingSettingSetting Wine Storage Temperatures: While wines store best at temperatures around 56-58 degrees Fahrenheit (13-15 degrees Celsius)... your unit also allows you to store wine at drinking temperatures... Generally RED WINE should be kept at 60-62 degrees Fahrenheit (15-17 degrees Celsius) and WHITE WINE, which is usually served chilled, should be kept at 54-55 degrees Fahrenheit... (12-13 degrees Celsius)

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LCDLCDLCDLCD displaysdisplaysdisplaysdisplays HIGHHIGHHIGHHIGH TEMPTEMPTEMPTEMP This message is an ALARM MODE indication... The LCD displays HIGH TEMP on the left and the actual temperature reading in the middle... It indicates that the actual temperature is much higher than your set temperature... Possible causes are: The door might not be fully closed... The refrigerant may have leaked... The magnet valve may not be functioning properly and should be replaced... If you are certain that the door is not the cause of the problem, contact your authorized service facility immediately...

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AttentionAttentionAttentionAttention If the unit is unplugged, power lost, or turned off, you must wait 3 to5 minutes before restart the unit... If you need attempt to restart before this time delay, the Wine Cooler will not start... If first time use or longer absence of using, the temperature will difference between setting and LCD display temperature... After running a period, the temperature will be reverting back...

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Turns on and off frequently The room temperature is hotter than normal... Overload of the cabinet The door is opened too often... The door is not closed completely... The temperature control is not set correctly... The door gasket does not seal properly...

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