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Plug the appliance into an exclusive properly installed-grounded wall outlet... Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord... Any questions concerning power and or grounding should be directed toward a certified electrician or an authorized products service center...

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This wine cooler has the capability of either opening the door from the left or right side... The unit is delivered to you with the door opening from the left side... Should you desire to reverse the opening direction, please follow these instructions...

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By turning the thermostat knob, you can adjust the temperature of the compartment you desired... Turn it clockwise, the temperature of the compartment will become cooler and cooler... To store red wine you can adjust it anti-clockwise, to store white wine you can adjust it clockwise...

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There is a 4 to 6 C variance between the top and bottom shelves of the wine chiller... Therefore, If you have set the wine chiller for red wine only and you want to place a mix of white and red wines, you should place the white wine bottles on the bottom shelves and the red wines on the top shelves...

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You can solve many common wine cooler problems easily, saving you the cost of a possible service call... Try the suggestions below to see if you can solve the problem before calling the servicer...

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The wine cooler does not have the correct clearances... The door gasket does not seal properly... The door is not closed completely... The door is opened too often... External environment may require a higher setting...

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