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WARNING: The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use... Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements... Children under 8 Year of age must be kept away from the appliance unless they are continuously supervised... This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved... Children must not play with the appliance... Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision... WARNING: Unattended cooking on a hob with fat or oil can be dangerous and may result in fire... NEVER try to extinguish a fire with water, but switch off the appliance and then cover flame e... g... with a lid or a fire blanket... WARNING: Danger of fire: do not store items on the cooking surfaces... During use the appliance becomes hot... Care should be taken to avoid touching heating elements inside the oven... WARNING: Accessible parts may become hot during use... Young children must be kept away... Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners or sharp metal scrapers to clean the oven door glass since they can scratch the surface, which may result in shattering of the glass... The internal bottom surface of the drawer can get hot... Excess spillage must be removed before cleaning... During self-cleaning pyrolytic operation the surfaces may get hotter than usual and children MUST be kept away... The oven must be switched off before removing the guard, after cleaning, the guard must be replaced in accordance with the instructions... Only use the temperature probe recommended for this oven... Do not use a steam cleaner for cleaning operations... Any spillage should be removed from the lid before opening... The hob surface must be allowed to cool down before closing the lid... WARNING: Avoid possibility of electric shock - ensure the appliance is switched off before replacing the lamp... If the range is placed on a base, measures must to be taken to prevent the appliance slipping off the base... The means for disconnection must be incorporated in the fixed wiring in accordance with the wiring rules... The instructions state the type of cord to be used, taking into account the temperature of the rear surface of the appliance... If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by a special cord or assembly available from the manufacturer or its service agent... CAUTION: In order to avoid a hazard due to inadvertent resetting of the thermal cutout, this appliance must not be supplied through an external switching device, such as a timer, or connected to a circuit that is regularly switched on and off by the utility... This appliance must be installed in accordance with the regulations in force and only used in a well ventilated space... Read the instructions before installing or using this appliance... These instructions are only valid if the country symbol appears on the appliance... If the symbol does not appear on the appliance, it is necessary to refer to the technical instructions which will provide the necessary instructions concerning modification of the appliance to the conditions of use of the country... Prior to installation, ensure that the local distribution conditions (nature of the gas and gas pressure) and the adjustment of the appliance are compatible; The adjustment conditions for this appliance are stated on the label (or data plate); This appliance is not connected to a combustion products evacuation device... It shall be installed and connected in accordance with current installation regulations... Particular attention shall be given to the relevant requirements regarding ventilation The use of a gas cooking appliance results in the production of heat and moisture in the room in which it is installed... Ensure that the kitchen is well ventilated: keep natural ventilation holes open or install a mechanical ventilation device (mechanical extractor hood)... Prolonged intensive use of the appliance may call for additional ventilation, for example opening of a window, or more effective ventilation, for example increasing the level of mechanical ventilation where present... CAUTION: Accessible parts may be hot when the grill is in use... Young children must be kept away...

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Always use gloves to remove food from the oven... Always keep your appliance clean, for safety and health reasons... Fat and food residues may cause fire... Do not insert your hand between oven and the upper lid hinges... Keep children away... Make sure that all the knobs are in the OFF position when the appliance is not in use... The oven drawer is to store empty trays or to keep food warm... Do not put flammable, explosive or cleaning materials like nylon bags, paper, cloths, etc, into the drawer... Use only heat resistant pots and pans ... Do not use flammable materials... It is dangerous to modify or to attempt to modify the properties of the appliance... Particular attention is necessary when you are frying: do not leave the appliance unattended... The appliance is heavy... Take care when moving... The emission of hot air is normal while the appliance is working... Do not close the vents on the oven... Some spillage on the appliance may occur, when placing food on or into the appliance or when removing food with excess fat or water... Clean such residues immediately after cooking, in order to prevent unpleasant smells and possible fires... When using any electrical appliance you must follow a few basic rules: *It is not generally a good idea to use adapters, multiple sockets for several plugs and cable extension... *Do not pull the power cable to remove the plug from the socket... *Do not touch the oven with wet or damp hands or feet... *If the main cable is damaged it must be replaced promptly: *When replacing the cable, follow the instructions given below: *Cable replacement must be carried out by qualified technicians... Use only an approved service centre for repairs end ensure that only original parts are used... *When necessary, remove the power cable and replace it with one of the H05RR-F, H05VVF, and H05V2V2-F type... The cable have the capacity for the electrical current required by the product... Check the flexible gas connection pipe periodically... The gas inlet hose must be kept away from the hot parts of the oven and must not come into contact with the oven... You can move the gas inlet

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2... 4... ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Cookers can be presented with or without enrgy cable... Cable connection should be done by Autorited service according to following instructions... The electrical connection must be made according to the standards and regulations in force... Before making the electrical connection, check the following: Is the capacity of the electrical connections and safety fuses in the building sufficient to cope with the load of the appliance? (Check with the adhesive info label) Does the electricity supply line have an earth connection conforming with the standards in force? A proper earth connection must exist in your home... If there is not a proper earth connection at your home, please apply to an authorized technician to deal with this problem... Is the socket or the multi-pole switch at a easily reachable point after the installation of the appliance? A plug conforming to standards should be connected to the mains cable and the cable should be inserted into a safe socket... A multi-pole switch must be used between the appliance and the electricity line if a direct electrical connection to the appliance is required... (It must comply with standards and be appropriate for the load) The green-yellow ground cable must not be interrupted by a switch... The brown phase cable (from the L" coded connector of the oven) must always be connected to the phase line of the mains... The power line must be positioned so that it is not exposed to temperatures higher than 50 C... When the power cable must be changed, a cable with a cross section appropriate to the indicated power must be used... The green-yellow ground cable should be approximately 2 cm longer than phase and neutral cables... Check the heaters by switching them on for 3 minutes, after having completed the connection... The manufacturer will not accept responsibility for damages arising due to non-compliance with the safety standards... For the direct connection to the fixed wiring, its nessessary to provide means for disconnection from the supply mains having a contact separation in all poles that provide full disconnection under overvoltage category III conditions, in accordance with the wiring rules

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The gas must be connected to the appliance according to standard and the provisions in force... When the appliance left the factory, it was regulated for the gas type stated on the adhesive info label near the gas inlet at the back of the appliance... Make sure that you are using the gas stated on the label... If it is a different type of gas, follow the instructions in the chapter on conversion to different gas types'... Make sure that gas supply pressure is that given in the gas type category table (Last page in this user manual) in order to achieve maximum efficiency and lowest consumption... If the gas pressure is different, a proper gas regulator should be used on the gas inlet... The use of a gas regulator complying with the standards for LPG is allowed... Connection with a Solid or Flexible Metal Pipe The gas supply can be connected by a proper flexible stainless steel pipe according to the safety standards in force... In this case, there will be no further need to move the appliance... The gas inlet connector of the appliance is Gc ...

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For the cookers below written adjustment have to be done by qualified technician... Follow the steps given below to convert the appliance from the factory set up to that for a different gas type... Cookers are adjusted NG and connection type is cylindric (1)... For LPG connection, LPG hose adapter (2) can be fixed to cylindric adapter with seal... Adjustments and changing injectors Changing Injectors Remove grates... Remove burner caps and burners... Remove injectors by using a 7 mm wrench, then screw on the correct injector selected from gas type category table (last page in this user manual) according to the gas to be used... Follow the above steps in the reverse order after completing the assembly of the new injector... Stand by Adjustment Stand by adjustment for the cookers without safety devices and with safety devices and button ingition Turn the burner control knob to the small flame position and remove the knob... If conversion from natural gas to LPG is required, turn clockwise the by-pass screw of the gas valves with a screw driver to their final position... If conversion from LPG to natural gas is required, turn anti-clockwise the by-pass screw of the gas valves with a screw driver till a smaller flame of size is obtained... After completing the adjustment, insert the knobs again... Check the adjustment by turning the burner control knob quickly from maximum to minimum position... If the flame does not go out, it means that the adjustment is correct... For safety devices, idle flame setting can be done with screw on valve body... If there is ignition on the knob for idle flame setting cooktop, toplid and panel must be removed...

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After ignition, adjust the flame to the size required... Manual ignition (if the electricity supply is not available) Hold a flame (a match or a lit taper or a hand-operated gas lighter), near the burner... WARNING! to wait 1 minute between two ignition tentative... Press and turn the knob of the burner you want to ignite as far as the large flame symbol... If the burner does not catch fire at the first attempt, try again pressing the knob a little longer... When the burner is lit, adjust the flame to the required level... If the burner does not light after several attempts, check the correct position of the burner and its cap... Turn the knob clockwise to the O position in order to close the gas flow... If the burner accidentally stops burning, wait at least one minute before attempting to relight it... Some cookers have a flame safety device (see the picture above, safety device F)... If the flame goes out, the gas supply is automatically cut off...

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Grilling gives food a rich brown colour quickly... Depending on the quantity of the food, you can switch the grill on to different positions... Almost all food can be cooked under the grill except for very lean game and meat rolls... Meat and fish that is going to be grilled should first be lightly doused with oil... Place a fat collecting tray beneath during grilling... Put some water into the tray to prevent unpleasant smells and to prevent the fat catching fire... Grilling is usually preferred for cooking pieces of meat, for example steaks, which are not too thick, different sized meat parts, cleaved hunted birds, fish, some vegetables (e... g... courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, etc... ) together with meat and fish products on spits... Oil the fish lightly before putting it directly under the grill... Add salt on meat after cooking, salt fish into the cleavage before cooking... The distance from the grill will depend on the thickness of the meat or fish... If the distance is correctly judged, the outer parts will not be burnt and the inside will not remain raw... Prevent unpleasant odours and smoke caused by dripping fats and sauces by pouring 1-2 glass of water into the fat-collecting tray... You can also use the grill for toasting, toasted bread or sandwiches, for example, and also to cook certain fruits (bananas, grapefruit or pineapple slices, apples etc... )... However, fruit must not come into contact with the heating elements...

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The minimum quantity of meat to be cooked in the oven is 1 kg... Otherwise, the meat will be too dry... If you require well done meat, use less fat... If meat has a little fat, there is no need to use oil... If one side of the meat is fatty, place this side up... The melted fat will sufficiently grease the part below... Red meats should be taken out of the fridge at least 1 hour before the cooking... Otherwise the meat may become tough due to the temperature difference... Do not use salt before cooking, especially when grilling meat... Salt will draw the blood and juices out of the meat which will consequently prevent the roasting of the upper surface of the meat... Add salt to roast meat only after half of the cooking time has elapsed... Place the meat to be roasted in a wide, shallow pan... Deep sided containers / pans act as a shield against the heat... Meat can be placed in the oven in a heat resistant pan or directly onto the grill... Insert a fat / gravy collecting tray beneath the grill... Sauces must be added at the beginning if the food is cooked for a short time, while it would be better to add sauces in the last half hour if the food is cooked for a longer time...

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NOTE : 1) Cooking times do not include pre heating... Preheating the oven for about 10 minutes is advisable especially for cakes, pizzas and breads... 2) Indicates tray positions for cooking several dishes simultaneously... 3) All cooking operations must be carried out with oven door closed...

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5... CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before all cleaning and maintenance : Disconnect mains voltage... Shut off the gas valve for your own safety... If the oven is adjusted to natural gas, shut off the natural gas valve... If the oven is hot, wait till it has cooled down... Never use abrasive cleaners, wire wool or sharp objects to clean the glass oven door... Clean enamelled surfaces with warm, soapy water or with suitable brand products... On no account use abrasive powders that may damage surfaces and ruin the appearance of the cooker... It is very important to clean the oven each time it is used... Use detergents and abrasive metal pads for the stainless steel grills... The glass surfaces such as the top, the oven door and the warming compartment door must be cleaned when they are cold... Damage caused by failure to respect this rule is not covered by the guarantee... You can clean burners and burner caps with hot water and detergent... Also the gas channels of the burners can be cleaned by a brush... Make sure that burners are dry before replacing them in their seats... Check correct positioning of the burner... especially for cakes, pizzas and breads... Periodically clean the ignition electrodes of automatic ignition ovens... This will prevent ignition problems... Check frequently that the gas channels of burners are not blocked by food residues, etc... Wipe the top lid with a dry cloth in order to prevent harmful effects of water, oil and steam generated by the cooked food... Do not use abrasive products, metal cleaning pads, sharp objects, rough cloths, or chemical products and detergents that can permanently damage the catalytic lining... It is a good idea to use deep roasting trays for fatty foods such as joints of meat etc... and to put a tray underneath the grill to catch surplus fat...

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() LPG 5 () NG 10

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GB The manufacturer will not be responsible for any inaccuracy resulting from printing or transcript errors contained in this brochure... We reserve the right to carry out modifications to products as required, including ht e interests of con sumption, without prejudice to the characteri stics relating to safety or function...

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