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The pressure of the water supply must be between 0... 1 and 1 MPa (1 and 10 bars)... Do not use an extension, adapter, multi-socket or a timer plug... The electrical installation must be able to withstand the maximum power indicated on the rating plate and the plug must be properly grounded... Once your appliance has been installed, the plug must remain accessible... Only use the hose and the new seals supplied with the appliance... If the power cord is damaged, have it changed by the After Sales Service or a qualified professional to avoid any risks... We recommend that the appliance is not placed onto a mat or car- pet to avoid hampering the circulation of air at its base... If a problem occurs that you cannot solve (see page 21), do not attempt to repair the machine yourself... Call the reseller's or the manufacturer's technical service...

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USE: This appliance may be used by children of 8 years or older and by persons with limited physical, sensorial or mental capacities or without experience or knowledge of it, provided that they are cor- rectly supervised or if they are given instructions on the use of the appliance in complete safety if the risks incurred are understood... Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance and prevent children of less than 3 years old from playing with it, unless they are constantly supervised... The device should not be cleaned or maintained by unsupervised children... Do not load linen that has been treated with stain removers, sol- vents or inflammable products straight after they have been treated (risk of explosion) This washing machine is fitted with a safety device to prevent any spillage of water... At the end of the cycle, ensure the water tap is switched off and the appliance unplugged...

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Before inserting the linen, sort it by colour, how dirty it is and the type of textile... Empty all pockets, close zips, removes hooks from curtains, place Small items of underwear in a mesh bag... Remove any loose buttons, pins and clips... Knot belts, and ties for aprons, etc...

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The "Cycle progress" light flashes (Diagram 3... 2... 1) to indicate that you are in selection mode... When using your washing machine for the first time, the manufacturer's programme will appear, and then your preferred programme and options will be dis- played automatically, thanks to the "Easy start" func- tion...

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CANCELLING A PROGRAMME Press and hold the "On/Off" button ... All the lights go out... You can do this at any time: during the cycle, pro- gramming or during a pause... Nota : In all cases, cancelling a programme means that you have to re-programme everything from the start again (see paragraph 3... 2) and a partial emp- tying is carried out...

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DEGREE OF SOILING OPTION Use this button to shorten or lengthen the wash cycle between two levels that can be chosen by pressing the button successively... Level 1 (left-hand LED) is for dirty laundry and increases the length of the cycle by 20% on average (Diagram 3... 2... 3)... Level 2 (right-hand LED) is for laundry that needs refreshing and reduces the length of the cycle by 40% on average (Diagram 3... 2... 4)...

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- Adjustment to the hardness of the water: The hardness of the water in your mains supply affects the wash and rinse performances of your appliance, which is the reason why your washing machine automatically adapts the tumble time and the number of rinses to produce a perfect result... The water hardness is adjusted when you use your washing machine for the first time (see special insert)...

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The view port doesnt open: - The programme has not yet finished... - The water level is too high (above the bottom of the view port)... - Wait until the temperature inside the machine drops...

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In accordance with EU regulation 1015/2010, below you will find additional product information... The purpose of this information is to provide details on the energy-saving directives to which all appliances sold in the EU must conform...

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Any work on your appliance must be carried out by a qualified professional who is a dealer of the brand... When you call, so that we can handle your case efficiently, make sure you have the full references of your appliance (commercial reference, service reference, serial number)... This information is on the ID plate (Diagram 1... 1... 1)...

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