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DRAINING AWAY THE WASTE WATER Fit the hose bracket provided inside your machine to the end of the drain hose and then connect the hose (Diagram D11) : Either, temporarily, over a sink or a bathtub... Or permanently to a ventilated U-bend... If your installation does not have a ventilated U-bend, check that the connection is not sealed... In fact, to avoid any waste water flowing back into the machine, you are strongly recommended to leave an air gap between the machines drain hose and the drainpipe... In any case, the drain hose bracket must be placed at a height of 65 to 90cm higher than the base of the machine...

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Dispensing the detergent The amount of detergent to be used depends on the hardness of the water, the extent to which your washing is soiled and the amount of washing to be washed... Please refer to the dosing instructions on your pack of detergent... Warning: in most cases, the detergent manufacturers recommendations apply to the drum filled to the maximum... Adjust the dosage correctly to the weight of the washing you have placed in the machine... These recommendations will help you to avoid using too much detergent, which causes foam to be produced... Too much foam can reduce your machines performance and increase the length of the washing cycle and the consumption of water...

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check that the power cable is plugged in and the water tap is open... Also ensure that the drum doors are closed correctly and the machines lid is shut... During the End of Cycle phase, any action on one of the controls (the selectors or the buttons) returns you to Programming mode... As a safety measure, when the cycle is over, we recommend that you unplug the power cable and turn off the water tap...

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Wool /Delicates If your washing comprises NETTING, DELICATE FABRICS, FRAGILE TEXTILES or MACHINE-WASHABLE WOOLLENS... NB : A programme with agitation and spin phases specially adapted to these types of fabrics... This programme is also suitable for washing textiles specified as hand wash only... For this, select position ...

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Rinse hold This function enables you to remove the washing from your machine before the spin phase or to delay this phase with you washing remaining in water to prevent creasing... NB : When the machine is stopped with the tub full of water, the (Rinse/Spin) cycle progress light flashes... There are then two possible cases, depending on the type of machine: Full drum stop selected via a rotary selector: - If you want to drain after spinning, use the selector to choose a suitable spin speed for your type of washing... The programme will end automatically... - If you just want to drain, turn the selector to Drip Dry (position )... Full drum stop selected via a button: in this case, press the button again to end the programme...

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Remove the component Turn the drum slightly towards the front of the machine, with the doors open (Diagram D17) You can access the pump filter through the openings freed by removing the plastic component ... Remove the filter from its housing (Diagram D17) Remove the various objects it may have in it Rinse it under the tap (Diagram D18) Re-insert it, pushing it firmly into its housing after checking that the housing is clean Re-insert the plastic component , ensuring that it is positioned correctly in the openings at the bottom of the drum and pushing it to the left until it is fully engaged (Diagram D19)...

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AFTER-SALES SERVICE : Possible maintenance on your washing machine should be undertaken by : either your dealer, or another qualified mechanic who is an authorized agent for the brand appliances... When making an appointment, state the complete reference of your equipment (model, type and serial number)... This information appears on the manufacturer's nameplate attached to the rear of the equipment...

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TW2G00116-01 03/10 FagorBrandt SAS, locataire-grant SAS au capital social de 20... 000... 000 euros - RCS Nanterre 440 303 196

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