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If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service department or by a similarly qualified person in order to avoid danger... This appliance may be installed either under a worktop or in a cabinet column, as indicated on the installation diagram... Centre the oven in the unit so as to ensure a minimum distance of 10 mm between the appliance and the surrounding unit... The material of the unit supporting the appliance must be heat-resistant (or covered with a heat-resistant material)... For greater stability, attach the oven to the unit with 2 screws through the holes provided on the side panels... In order to avoid overheating, the appliance must not be installed behind a decorative door... This appliance is designed to be used for domestic and similar applications such as: Kitchen areas for the staff of shops, offices and other professional premises; Farms; Use by clients of hotels, motels and other residential

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2... 1CHOICE OF LOCATION AND FITTING The diagrams show the dimensions of a cabinet that will be able to hold your oven... This appliance may be installed either under a worktop (A) or in a column (B)... If the cabinet is open, its opening at the back must be 70 mm maximum... Install the oven in the furniture... To do this, remove the rubber stops and pre-drill a 2-mm diameter hole in the wall of the furniture to avoid splitting the wood... Attach the oven with the two screws... Re- position the rubber stops...

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Your oven must be connected with a (standard) power cable with 3 conductors of 1... 5mm2 (1 live + 1 neutral + earth) which must be connected to a 220-240V~ single-phase grid by means of a 1 live + 1 neutral + earth CEI 60083 standard power socket or via an all-poles cut-off device in compli- ance with the installation rules... The safety wire (green-yellow) is connected to the appliances terminal and must be connected to the earth terminal of the electrical set-up... The fuse in your set-up must be 16 amperes... We cannot be held responsible for any accident resulting from inexistent, defective or incorrect earthing...

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If the same cooking function was used for the last three cooking sessions, the function will be memorised and automatically suggested to you the next time... - For each cooking function, if you modify the recommended temperature three times with the same instructions, it will be saved as a new recommended temperature...

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4... 4 DELAYED START Proceed in the same way as for a programmed time... After setting the cooking time, press ; the cooking end time flashes... The display flashes... Set the cooking end time with and ... The cooking end time is automatically saved after a few seconds (or confirm by pressing the button twice)... The cooking end time display stops flashing...

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REMOVAL Open the door fully and block it with the plastic wedge provided in your appliances plastic pouch... Remove the first clipped glass panel: Use a tool (screwdriver) to press the slots A in order to unclip the glass panel... Remove the glass panel... Depending on the model, the door consists of two additional glass panels, with a black rubber spacer at each corner... If necessary, remove them to clean... Do not soak the glass panels in water... Rinse with clean water and dry off with a lint-free cloth...

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SERVICE CALLS Any repairs made to your appliance must be carried out by a qualified professional authorised to work on the brand... When calling, please provide the complete references of your appliance (commercial reference, service reference, serial number), so that we can handle your call better... This information appears on the manufacturers nameplate attached to your equipment...

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Lamb (leg, shoulder, 2... 5kg) 220 1 220 200 2 60

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N... B: Before being placed in the oven , all meat must remain at least 1 hour at room temperature...

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Pre-heat the oven to 4050C with the circulating heat function for five minutes... Stop the oven and allow the dough to rise for 25-30 minutes thanks to the residual heat...

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N... B... : To cook on 2 levels, dishes can be taken out at different times...

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BRANDT FRANCE, Etablissement de CERGY 5/7 avenue des Bthunes, 95310 SAINT OUEN LAUMNE... SAS au capital social de 100... 000... 000 euros RCS NANTERRE 801 250 531...

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