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We have designed and made this product with you, your lifestyle and your requirements in mind so that it meets your expectations... This product benefits from our know-how, our innovative spirit and the passion that has been guiding us for over 60 years...

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Important: Before switching your appliance on, please read this installation guide carefully to familiarise yourself quickly with its operation... Keep this manual with the appliance... If you sell or give the appliance to anyone else, make sure that you also give them this manual... Please read this advice carefully before installing and using your appliance... It is intended to protect your safety and the safety of others...

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Only use utensils suitable for usage in microwave ovens... While heating food items in plastic or paper containers, monitor the micro-waves contents, since there is a risk of spontaneous combustion... If smoke appears, stop or unplug the oven and leave the door closed to smother any flames that may appear... Heating beverages in the microwave oven can cause the sudden and/or delayed splattering of boiling liquid, so care must be taken when handling their containers... The contents of baby bottles and baby food jars must be stirred or rearranged and the temperature must be checked before consumption, so as to prevent burning...

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on the fixed wiring system in accordance with installation rules... The safety wire (green- yellow) is connected to the appliances ground terminal and must be connected to the installations ground lead... If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service department or by a similarly qualified person in order to avoid danger...

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The turntable plate (1... 4... 5) The turntable plate allows even cooking of the food without having to handle it... It rotates in both directions... If it does not rotate, verify that all components are properly positioned... It can be used as a cooking dish... To remove it, take hold of it by using the access areas in the cavity... The turntable allows the glass plate to turn... If you remove the turntable, avoid getting water in the motor shaft hole... Do not forget to put the turntable, the roller frame and the glass turntable plate back in... Do not attempt to manually turn the glass plate as this may damage the drive system... If it does not turn properly, check that there is nothing underneath the plate stopping it from turning...

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Microwaves used for cooking are electromagnetic waves... They are commonly found in our environment in the form of radio waves, light, or infrared radiation... Their frequency is in the 2450 MHz band... This is how they work: They are reflected by metals... They pass through any other material... They are absorbed by water, fat and sugar molecules... When food is exposed to microwaves, this results in a rapid agitation of its molecules, which makes the food heat up... The depth of penetration of the waves into the food is about 2... 5 cm... If the food is thicker, cooking at its centre occurs by conduction just like traditional cooking... In essence, microwaves are simply causing a thermal change inside the food and are therefore not harmful to health...

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900W / 100W 800W / 700W: For cooking fresh or frozen vegetables... 600W: To melt chocolate... 500W: For cooking fish and shellfish... 2 level reheating... For cooking dried vegetables over low heat... Reheating or cooking of delicate egg-based foods... 400W / 300W: For cooking dairy products or jams at low heat... 200W: Manual defrost... To soften butter or ice cream... 100W: For defrosting pastries containing cream...

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PULSED GRILL The pulsed grill function allows you to get crispy roasts and poultry and cook your legs of lamb, ribs of beef without preheating... The cooking is done, alternately, by the upper element and by the air stirring propeller... The cooking temperature can be adjusted from 50C to 200C...

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- If the same function has been used during the last three cooking sessions, it will be memorised and automatically suggested at the next cooking session... - For each cooking function, if you modify three times the recommended temperature with the same information, it will be memorised as the new recommended temperature...

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5... 1COOKING GUIDE FUNCTION The COOKING GUIDE function selects the appropriate cooking parameters according to the food to be prepared and its weight... Select the Cooking Guide function... You must choose a pre-programmed food from the following list: P01: Ready-to-cook frozen food P02: Ready-to-cook chilled food (combined function) P03: Frozen pizza (combined function) P04: Frozen pizza (traditional cooking) P05: Fresh pizza P06: Quiche P07: Savoury tart P08: Poultry P09: Beef P10: Pork P11: Ready-to-cook chilled food (microwave) P12: Fish P13: Fresh fibrous vegetables P14: Fresh vegetables P15: Frozen vegetables

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You may resolve certain little problems yourself: The oven is not heating... Check that the oven is correctly connected and that your installations fuse is not out of service... Check that the oven is not set to demo mode (see settings menu)... The oven light is not working... Replace the bulb or the fuse... Check that the oven is correctly connected... The cooling fan continues to operate after the oven stops... This is normal; the fan may continue running until a maximum of 1 hour after cooking to lower the temperature inside and outside the oven... If the fan runs for over an hour, contact the After Sales Department...

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Any repairs to your appliance must be made by a qualified professional accredited to work on the brand... When calling, please provide the full references of your appliance (commercial reference, service reference, serial number), so that we can handle your call more efficiently... This information can be found on the data plate...

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Function performance tests according to IEC/EN/NF EN 60705; The International Electrotechnical Commission, SC... 59K, has established a standard for comparative performance tests carried out on various microwave ovens... We recommend the following for this appliance:

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