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We have designed and made this product with you, your lifestyle and your requirements in mind so that it meets your expectations... This product benefits from our know-how, our innovative spirit and the passion that has been guiding us for over 60 years...

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become hot during use... Be careful not to touch the heating elements inside the oven... Children under 8 years old must not be allowed near it unless they are supervised at all times... It is dangerous for anyone other than a qualified person to perform maintenance or repairs that requires the removal of the cover providing protection against exposure to microwave power... Liquids and other foods must not be heated in sealed containers, as they may explode...

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Only use utensils suitable for usage in microwave ovens... While heating food items in plastic or paper containers, monitor the micro-waves contents, since there is a risk of spontaneous combustion... If smoke appears, stop or unplug the oven and leave the door closed to smother any flames that may appear... Heating beverages in the microwave oven can cause the sudden and/or delayed splattering of boiling liquid, so care must be taken when handling their containers... The contents of baby bottles and baby food jars must be stirred or rearranged and the temperature must be checked before consumption, so as to

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installation... It must be possible to disconnect the appliance from the power supply, either using a plug or by fitting a switch on the fixed wiring system in accordance with installation rules... The safety wire (green-yellow) is connected to the appliances ground terminal and must be connected to the installations ground lead... If the power cable is damaged, it should be replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales service department or by a similarly qualified person in order to avoid danger...

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Turntable The turntable ensures equal cooking of food throughout with no need to intervene... It rotates in either directions... If it does not turn, verify that all components are properly positioned... It may be used as a cooking dish... For easy removal, wells are provided on either side... Rotation is controlled by the drive shaft and the wheel support... If you take out the support with the drive spindle, make sure you do not let water get into the motor spindle orifice... Remember to put back the support, the support wheels and the glass turntable... Do not try to rotate the glass turntable manually, as you could damage the drive system... If it does not turn smoothly, make sure that there is nothing in the well beneath the turntable...

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2... 3 ELECTRICAL CONNECTION Warning: Installation should only be performed by installers and qualified technicians... The appliance must be recess-fitted correctly to ensure electrical safety... The electrical connections should be made before the appliance is installed in its housing... Ensure that: - the electrical installation has sufficient voltage (16 Amps), If the electrical installation in your home requires any changes in order to connect your appliance, contact a professional electrician... During maintenance operations, the appliance must be unplugged from the electrical grid; fuses must be switched off or removed...

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The microwaves used for cooking are electromagnetic waves... They are commonly found in our environment in the form of radio waves, light and infrared rays... Their frequency is in the 2450 MHz range... Their behaviour: They are reflected by metals... They travel through all other materials... They are absorbed by water, fat and sugar molecules... When food is exposed to microwaves its molecules begin moving rapidly, causing it to heat up... The penetration depth of waves into the food is approximately 2... 5 cm; if the food is thicker, the centre of the food will be cooked by conduction, as in conventional cooking... Note that microwaves cause a simple thermal phenomenon within food and are not harmful to health...

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* For fresh vegetable and fish cooking functions: Halfway through the cooking time, the oven beeps and displays TURN to tell you to turn your food over... ** These positions do not allow a delayed start... Turn the function selector to the automatic function of your choice... Enter the weight of the food with + and - in 50g steps) then confirm by pressing ... The oven starts... By pressing , you access the cooking end time setting (see the delayed start chapter)...

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Any repairs made to your appliance must be carried out by a qualified professional authorised to work on the brand... When calling, please provide the complete references of your appliance (commercial reference, service reference, serial number), so that we can handle your call better... This information appears on the manufacturers nameplate on the equipment...

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Functional suitability tests in accordance with IEC/EN/NF EN 60705 standards... The International Electrotechnical Commission, SC... 59K, has established a standard for comparative performance tests conducted on various microwave ovens... We recommend the following for this appliance:

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