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WARRANTY Your new appliance is covered by a warranty... The warranty certificate is herewith enclosed... If it is missing, ask the retailer for it indicating purchasing date, model, and data plate number which are printed on the data nameplate identifing the appliance... Keep the smallest part of the certificate, and in case of necessity, show it to the Technical Service together with the receipt or the delivery bill... If you do not follow this procedure, the technical service will be compelled to charge you with all the fees of each eventual reparation...

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USING ELECTRIC HOTPLATES When using an electric hotplate for the first time or after a long period of disuse, turn the knob to 1 and let it heat for for about 20 minutes to eliminate any possible moisture absorbed by the internal insulating material... - Dry the bottom of the pan before placing it on the hotplate... - Turn the hotplate on only after placing the pan on it... The hotplates are controlled by a 7-positions knob (from 1 to 6)... Turn the knob anti-clockwise to the desired setting... A warning light on the control panel will inform you if the plate is on or off...

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VENTILATION OF ROOMS Remember that this appliance can be installed and work in well- ventilated rooms only, according to the standards in force, such as to allow, with openings on the external walls or with special ducts, a correct natural or forced ventilation ensuring permanently and sufficiently both the entry of the air needed for correct combustion and the removal of spent air... In particular when there is only this gas appliance in the room, there must be a hood over the appliance to ensure the natural and direct removal of spent air, with a vertical straight duct of length equal to at least twice the diameter and a minimum section of at least 100 cm2... For the indispensable entry of fresh air into the room there must be a similar 100 cm2 (5,16 cm2 x kW) opening directly to theoutside, situated at a height near floor level so that it is not blocked either inside or outside the wall and so as not to cause disturbances to correct burners combustion and to the regular removal of spent air and with a difference of height with respect to the outlet opening of at least 180 cm... Remember that the quantity of air necessary for combustion must never be less than 2m3/h for each kW of power (see total power in kW on the appliance data plate)... In all other cases, i... e... when there are other gas appliances in the same room, or when natural direct ventilation is not possible and natural indirect or forced ventilation must be installed, contact a qualified specialist who will install and make the ventilation system, scrupulously observing the regulations contained in the standards in force... The openings must be so positioned that there are no draughts of air which cannot be tolerated by the occupants... Note: When the appliance does not have safety devices on the hob burners (thermocouples), the ventilation openings must be at least 100% larger with a minimum of 200 cm2...

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WARNINGS Before performing any repair or operation, switch the appliance off and close the gas tap... The qualified engineer is responsible for correct installation according to the safety standards in force... The earthing of the appliance is legally binding... The manufacturer declines all responsibility for any damage to persons, animals or things caused by failure to observe the above mentioned rules... The technical data are indicated on the data nameplate placed on the rear of the appliance... The adjustment conditions are stated on the label applied on the packaging and on the appliance... Keep the injectors provided; they could be necessary to adjust the appliance with a different gas...

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