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This appliance can be used by children over 8 years old and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or without experience and knowledge if they have been correctly informed or trained in the use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved... Children must not play with the appliance... Children must not clean and maintain the appliance without supervision... Children under 8 years old must be kept away from the hob unless they are supervised at all times... The appliance and its accessible parts become hot during use... Precautions must be taken to avoid touching the heating elements... Metal objects such as knives, forks, spoons and lids must not be placed on the cooking surface as they may heat up... Your hob is equipped with a child safety device that locks its operation after use or during cooking (See Child Safety use section)...

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Do not place any hot lids flat on your cooking hob... A suction effect may damage the vitroceramic surface... Avoid dragging cookware across the surface, which may in the long-term result in the degradation of the decorative finish of the vitroceramic top... Never use a sheet of aluminium for cooking... Never place items wrapped in aluminium foil or packaged in aluminium dishes on your cooking hob... The aluminium will melt and permanently damage your appliance...

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Check that the air intake and outlet are free of obstruction Comply with the information concerning the fitting dimensions (in millimetres) of the work top destined to receive the hob... Check that air circulates correctly between the front and the back of your hob

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or above a built-in oven, comply with the dimen- sions provided on the illustrations to ensure a sufficient air outlet at the front...

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These hobs must be connected to the power grid via an all-pole cut-off device that complies with installation regulations in effect... A disconnection device must be incorporated into the fixed wiring... Identify the type of cable of your hob according to the number of wires and colours... When switching your hob on or after a lengthy power cut, a code is shown on the control pad (this display is reserved for your after-sales ser- vice, where applicable... The user of the hob does not need to take notice of it)... This information disappears after around 30 seconds...

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Any repairs to your appliance must be made by a qualified professional accredited to work on the brand... When you call, in order to facilitate proces- sing your request, make sure to have the following information relating to your appliance in front of you (commercial reference, service reference, serial number)...

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