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3) UTILISATION DE lAPPAREIL ... 9 a) Utilisation du hachoir et du ptrisseur ... 9 b) Utilisation du disque pour rper, pour trancher et coupe frite... 9 c) Utilisation du blender ... 10

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Conservez ce mode demploi avec votre appareil... En cas de vente ou de cession de cet appareil une autre personne, assurez vous de transmettre ce mode demploi au nouveau propritaire... Merci de prendre connaissance de ces conseils avant dinstaller et dutiliser votre appareil... Ils ont t rdigs pour votre scurit et celle dautrui...

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Cet appareil peut tre utilis par des personnes capacit physique, sensorielle ou mentales rduites, seulement aprs leur avoir donn les informations ncessaires concernant lutilisation de lappareil, afin quelles aient conscience des dangers encourus...

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Le cordon dalimentation ne peut tre remplac... Si le cble est endommag, il convient de mettre lappareil au rebut... Cependant, Ce produit est garanti 2 ans aprs la date de votre achat... Pour plus de dtails, se reporter aux conditions de garantie fournies par votre distributeur...

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Arriv en fin de vie, ce produit ne doit pas tre jet avec les ordures mnagres... Il doit tre apport dans une dchetterie ou votre revendeur... Cela permet d'viter les consquences nfastes pour l'environnement et la sant dcoulant d'une limination inapproprie et de recycler les matriaux en vue de raliser des conomies d'nergie et

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1... Poussoir 12... Disque pour trancher gros 2... Double poussoir 13... Disque pour trancher fin 3... Couvercle de protection 14... Disque coupe frite 4... Scurit 15... Disque pour rper fin 5... Couvercle du bol 16... Disque pour rper gros 6... Axe pour disques 17... Ptrisseur 7... Axe dentranement 18... Bouchon du blender 8... Bol principal 19... Couvercle du blender 9... Bloc moteur 20... Bol mesureur du blender

Page 9

Fonctionnement Brancher lappareil... Insrer les aliments dans le bol... Fermer le bol en emboitant le couvercle... Tourner le slecteur de vitesse en position ON ... Puis rgler la vitesse (10)... Tourner le slecteur de vitesse en position OFF ... Attendre que le couteau ait cess de tourner, puis retirer le bol... Retirer dlicatement le couteau et videz le bol laide de la spatule... Dbrancher lappareil... Ne jamais faire travailler le hachoir et ptrisseur plus de 1 minute chaque fois... Aprs 1 minute de fonctionnement, laisser refroidir lappareil pendant 3 minutes... Cet appareil nest pas adapt pour prparer des aliments trs durs, tels que grains de caf, glaons, sucre, riz, pices, etc...

Page 10

Pour viter tout danger : Dbrancher lappareil, avant de procder son nettoyage... Ne jamais laver le bloc moteur en lave vaisselle et ne jamais le plonger dans leau ni le rincer sous le robinet... Dmonter lappareil en procdant dans le sens inverse du Chapitre Nettoyer immdiatement tous les lments de lappareil aprs utilisation, pour liminer tout reste daliments... Nettoyer le bloc moteur laide dun chiffon humide... Laver les lments amovibles leau tide additionne de dtergent ou en lave-vaisselle... Ne pas utiliser de grattoir sur les parties mtalliques et plastiques... Ne pas remplir le bol deau bouillante et ne pas placer les parties dans l'eau bouillante...

Page 11

Les ventuelles interventions sur votre appareil doivent tre effectues par un professionnel qualifi dpositaire de la marque... Lors de votre appel, mentionnez la rfrence de votre appareil ainsi que le numro de srie en dessous (S/N)...

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In the BRANDT products line, you will also find a wide range of small domestic appliances that can be coordinated to your new BRANDT food processor... Of course, in a permanent wish to satisfy as best as possible your expectations toward our products, our after-sales service department is at your disposal and at your listening to answer to all your questions and suggestions...

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1) INFORMATION FOR THE USER... 14 a) Safety recommendations ... 14 b) Technical data ... 17 c) Protecting the environment... 17

Page 14

Keep this guide with your appliance... If the appliance is ever sold or transferred to another person, ensure that the new owner receives this user guide... Please familiarise yourself with these recommendations before installing and using your appliance... They have been written for your own safety as well as the safety of others...

Page 15

This appliance can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved...

Page 16

The appliance is intended for domestic use only in private housing environments... The use of this appliance in common or professionals area such as staff kitchen areas in shop, offices and other working environments; by clients in hotels, motels and restaurants or any other shops; by clients in kitchen areas or campsite; are not a proper us as defined by the manufacturer

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At the end of its working life, the product must not be disposed with household waste... It must be taken to a special local authority waste collection centre or to a company providing this service... Disposing household appliances separately avoids possible negative effects on the environment and health and enables the constituent materials to be recycled which saves

Page 18

1... Small pusher 11... Spatula 2... Big pusher 12... Slicing disc fine 3... Protection cover 13... Slicing disc coarse 4... Safety lock 14... French Fry cutting disc 5... Bowl cover 15... Shredding disc fine 6... Disc holder 16... Shredding disc coarse 7... Driving shaft 17... Doughing blade(plastic) 8... Processing bowl 18... Filling cap on blender cover 9... Motor base 19... Blender cover

Page 19

Operation - Insert the mains plug in the socket outlet... - Insert food into the bowl (8)... - Lock the bowl, ensuring that the two closing fixtures interlock... - Rotate the speed selector to ON position... Choose the speed... (10) - Rotate the speed selector to OFF position... - Disengage and remove the lid only when the chopper blade or the (21) or the kneading blade (17) has stopped rotating... - Carefully remove the chopper blade (21) or the kneading blade (17) and empty the bowl... - When you have finished preparing your food, pull out the mains plug... - Do not work with the chopper blade for more than 1 minute at a time... After 1 minutes of continuous operation, allow the appliance to cool down for 3 minutes... - Do not attempt to cut or chop up hard food-stuffs such as coffee, ice etc... , as this could damage the chopper blade... - Allow cooked foods to cool down slightly before placing them in the bowl... - Remove any bones and tendons before putting meat in the bowl... - Should you wish to process different types of foods, always start with the hardest one... - Stop processing if you notice that bits of food are sticking to the walls of the bowl... Remove these food pieces using the spatula (11)...

Page 20

- Whenever possible, rinse parts immediately after processing for easy cleanup... - Never immerse the motor unit in water or use caustic or abrasive cleaning materials clean only with a damp cloth... - Wipe the base, control knob, and feet with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly... Stubborn spots can be removed by rubbing with a damp cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner... Do not immerse the base in liquid... - Do not use rough scouring pads or cleansers on any plastic or metal parts... - Do not fill the bowl with boiling water or place any of the parts of the appliance in boiling water - Discoloration on the housing caused by carotene, for example, can be removed using cooking oil...

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Any repairs that are made to your appliance must be handled by a qualified professional authorised to work on the brand... When you call, mention your appliances Service reference, as well as its serial number Nr... This information appears on the manufacturers nameplate which can be found stuck behind the machine...

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