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Checking the condition of your textiles______________________ 12

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SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Installation When you take delivery of the appliance, unpack it or have it unpacked immediately... Check that it has not suffered any damage during transport... Express any reservations in writing on the delivery note and keep a copy... Never connect up a damaged appliance... If your appliance is damaged, please contact your dealer... Before proceeding to connect up your appliance, please refer to the Installation Instructions... Your tumble dryer must be kept disconnec- ted from the mains supply throughout the whole installation process... Never connect the vent hose to a chimney flue (risk of combustion gas backflowing) or a mechanical ventilation system... The electrical connection details shown on your appliances information plate must match the those of the local mains supply... Once your appliance has been installed, the plug must remain accessible... Do not alter or try to alter this appliances characteristics... This could be dangerous for you... If your installation requires alteration, only entrust the electrical and plumbing work to appropriately qualified electricians and plum- bers... The appliance must not be installed behind a locking door, a sliding door or a door with hin- ges on the opposite side to those on the dryer... Your appliance is designed for normal domestic use... Do not use it for commercial or industrial purposes or for any other purpose than the one for which it has been designed

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Strictly comply with the care instructions on your laundry... If you have to open the door of the drum during the drying cycle, ensure that you do not touch the drum immediately, as it is very hot... Check the vent hose at regular intervals: this can help you to avoid your appliance malfunctioning... Water can gather in the pipe (through condensation) depending on the operating conditions (load of laundry, how well it has been spun and the external temperature); in this case you must empty out any water accumulated in the vent hose... If any incidents occur, which you cannot resolve using the troubleshooting advice we provide (see TROUBLESHOOTING), contact an appropriately qualified professional... Before disposing of your worn-out appliance, make it unusable... Unplug and cut off the power cable flush with the appliance and make the door lock inoperable... For your safetys sake, if you wish to change your appliances power cable, contact an appropria- tely qualified electrician... If any operating anomalies occur, disconnect your appliance and call your After-Sales Service...

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Information plate (Reference for After-Sales)

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Installing your appliance on a carpeted floor... If you cannot avoid this, take all possible mea- sures not to obstruct the circulation of air at its base... Installing your dryer in a location where it could be subject to being splashed with water... Installing your dryer in a small closed room (if this is the case, open the door or the win- dow during drying) Installing your dryer in a poorly ventilated room... The temperature in the room must remain below 30C during drying...

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Or via a permanent connection in the wall : (Fig... 05) close to the appliances outlet (outlet nozzle situated at a height of 30cm to avoid conden- sation forming in the vent hose)... The slats in the outlet nozzle must be at least 15mm apart to avoid clogging... Ensure that the room is appropriately ventila- ted to avoid any risk of gas backflowing from any associated appliances...

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Left-hand side air outlet (Fig... 08) - Remove the left-hand hole cover - Pass the hose and handle assembly through the panel, orienting the handle to do this ( Fig... 08 )... - Insert the right-hand hole cover...

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If you wish to incorporate your appliance as a built-in unit, a special kit is required... Please contact your Consumer Relations Department...

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Do not use an extension, an adapter, a multiple socket or a programmable timer... The plug must be easily accessible but be out of childrens reach... If in any doubt about the condition of your installation, contact your installer or a qualified Brandt- approved professional... Never eliminate the electrical Earthing system...

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tumble dryer, you notice any stains, even after washing, do not dry the items concer- ned... As a general rule, stains that have been ironed or tumble-dried can no longer be removed... Please refer to the instructions for treating stubborn stains provided in most washing machine operating instructions manuals and, in particular, wash the stained items again...

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Refresh cycle (Cooling) Selection this position when you want to refresh items that have been stored in a cup- board for a long time... You can also use this programme as Extra Drying if you think that some items are not dry enough at the end of a normal drying pro- gramme...

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Stopping the appliance At the end of the programme, after a 12- minute cooling, down period, your appliance stops on the End position... The Maintain Filter indicator light illuminates to remind you that you must clean the filter after each drying cycle... Press the ON/OFF button Empty your dryer... Clean the filter (see how to do this in the REGULAR MAINTENANCE section)...

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to the drum and the casing, use only a sponge or a damp cloth and some soapy water... Ensure that there is no fluff accumulating round the dryer... Clean the door seal with a damp cloth... Clean the filter housing with your vacuum cleaner once per year... You should nnoott uussee,, under any circumstances (Fig... 17): Abrasive powders Metal or plastic sponges Alcohol-based products (alcohol, thinners, etc... )

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The laundry is too dry, too creased - The drying time selected is too long: the drying time is better to be too short than too long: this avoids the laundry becoming too dry and difficult to iron...

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Any work on your appliance must be perfor- med by a Brandt-approved qualified professio- nal... When you call, mention your appliances full reference (model, type, serial number)... These details are shown on the manufacturers information plate (Fig... 18)...

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