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Substances contained in soiling such as oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol, kerosene, stain removers, turpentine or wax must be removed before drying in your machine (by using an adapted warm water washing programme with additional detergent for example)... Precautions for using stain-removing products : any preliminary treatment by solvent, stain-remo- ver, aerosol, such as acetone, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, trbentine is prohibited because these products are very inflammable... If your laundry requires this type of treatment, this must be done before washing... Similarly, we recommend that you do not use these products near to your dryer or, in general, near any electrical appliance in a poorly ventilated room in order to avoid any risk of an explosion... If any incidents occur, which you cannot resolve using the troubleshooting advice we provide (see TROUBLESHOOTING), contact our Technical Service Center... Before disposing of your worn-out appliance, make it unusable... Unplug and cut off the power cable flush with the appliance and make the door lock inoperable... For your safetys sake, if you wish to change your appliances power cable, contact a qualified electrician... If any operating anomalies occur, disconnect your appliance and call our Technical Service Center...

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Information plate (Reference for After-Sales)

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Installing your appliance on a carpeted floor... If you cannot avoid this, take all possible mea- sures not to obstruct the circulation of air at its base... Installing your dryer in a location where it can be subject to being splashed with water... Installing your dryer in a small closed room (if this is the case, open the door or the win- dow during drying) Installing your dryer in a poorly ventilated room... The temperature in the room must remain below 30C during drying...

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laminated top, or replace it with a slimmer version using a kit available for this purpose from your dealer... For safety reasons, the appliance must never be operated without a top...

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Do not use an extension, an adapter, a multiple socket or a programmable timer... The plug must be easily accessible but be out of childrens reach... If there's any doubt about the condition of your installation, contact your installer or a qualified Brandt-approved professional... Never eliminate the electrical Earthing system...

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articles : Clothing including rubber like materials (for example: shower caps, waterproof clothing and textiles, linings, pillows etc... ) Chlorofibres (Thermolactyl* for example) *Registered trademark Items containing underwiring that could become detached Bulky items (duvets, eiderdowns, etc... ) Laundry that has not been spun Laundry cleaned with inflammable chemi- cals...

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Starting the appliance : Check that the power cable is plugged in... The appliance will not start unless the door is pro- perly closed... Press the On/Off button ... Select your program (see the table Your dryers programs on the following pages) by turning the programs dial (it turns in both directions)... The indicator light shows you the program you have selected... Press Start/Pause and the program will start... The screen tells you the time remaining, which becomes more precise as the drying cycle progresses...

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... The indicator light shows you the program you have selected... Press the Delayed Start + button to delay the start of your program thirty minutes at a time until you reach the desired delay time (max 23 hours)... To decrease the differed starting time, press the Dpart diffr - but- ton Confirm by pressing the Start/Pause button

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Anti-creasing option : The Anti-creasing option fluffs the textiles every 10 minutes for up to 24 hours, until the door is opened or the machine is turned off... It begins as soon as the drying finishes and prevents the clothes from settling in the machine... To select this function, press the Anti-creasing ... An indicator lights up to show that this option has been activated...

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During the cycle : Your tank is full during the drying cycle... The appliance stops during the program... The Tank Full and Pause turns on, the time remaining flashes... Proceed to empty your water collection tank (see the REGULAR MAINTENANCE sec- tion)... Press Start/Pause to restart your pro- gram...

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RECOMMENDED PROGRAMS FOR TESTS TO EN 61121 - DIRECTIVE 95/13/EEC Load I Dry Cotton 8 kg ... select Cotton - ready to put away Load II Ready-to-iron Cotton 8 kg ... select Cotton - ready to iron Load III Easy Maintenance Textiles 4 kg ... select Modern Fibres

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This is located in the lower part of your dryer... Clean it as follows: Remove it from its housing by pulling it upwards (Fig... 08) Open the filter (Fig... 09) Clean it by removing the thin coating of fluff covering it (Fig... 10)

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To avoid having to empty the collection tank every time you use the appliance, you have a kit (*) for removing the water from the condenser directly into the drain (hose and deflector)... To fit this : Take off the existing pipe and push it inside the appliance (Fig... 14)... Clip the deflector with the top of the pump (Fig... 15)... Connect the hose from the kit to the end connector on the appliance (Fig... 16)

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Open the grill at the front of the appliance... Release the condenser (Fig... 19)... Remove it carefully (Fig... 20)... Remove any fluff from the condenser... Clean it with water only under the tap (Fig... 21)... After cleaning, ensure that none of the tubes are blocked and that the fins are clean... Rub it superficially... Re-insert the condenser and lock it in place... Close the grill...

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The laundry is too dry, too creased : - The drying time selected is too long : the drying time is better to be too short than too long: this avoids the laundry becoming too dry and difficult to iron...

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Any work on your appliance must be perfor- med by a Brandt-approved qualified professio- nal... When you call, mention your appliances full reference (model, type, serial number)... These details are shown on the manufacturers information plate (Fig... 23)...

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