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SETTING THE WASHING PROGRAM AND SWITCHING ON To select the most suitable program for the dishes to be washed refer to the table below, which indicates the most appropriate program according to dish type and degree of soiling...

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(1) Average power consumption with the softener set on level 2... (2) The cycle duration and power consumption may vary according to the water and room temperatures, and the type and amount of dishes...

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EXTRA PROGRAMS Button (6) gives access to five extra programs in addition to the ones which can be selected directly using the program selector button... This button must be pressed (the light comes on) after selection of the "main" program (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5)... This function is retained in the memory, so the button has to be pressed again (the light goes out) if the user wishes to execute one of the 5 main programs at the next cycle...

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DELAYING THE PROGRAM The PROGRAM DELAY button (8) can be pressed to delay the start of the program by up to 9 hours... This means that the dishwasher can be operated at the time of day of your choice... Press the button several times in succession and the display will show the delay with which the appliance will start, beginning from 9 hours...

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If the door has to be opened while washing is in progress, the program will be interrupted... The relative light will keep flashing and a beeper will signal that the cycle has not been completed... You must wait about 1 minute before closing the door to restart the program... When the door is closed the program will continue from where it was interrupted... This operation should only be carried out if strictly necessary, because it might cause problems in execution of the program...

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N... B... : the display shows the water hardness setting and the program delay... The dot (... ) after the number indicates that the water hardness setting is being displayed... If the dot (... ) does not appear, the program delay is being displayed...

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REMOVING THE DISHES At the end of the washing program, wait at least 20 minutes before removing the dishes, to allow them to cool down... To prevent any water droplets on the upper basket from falling on the dishes in the lower basket, it is advisable to unload the lower basket first, and then the upper basket...

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Water intake malfunction The appliance does not take in water or does not do so correctly... Check that the water connections are correct, the water intake tap is turned on and the filter is not fouled... If the problem persists, contact the after-sales service...

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Alarms E1, E3, E4 interrupt the current program immediately... The E5, E6 alarms interrupts the running program once the cause is

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