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Thank you for choosing one of our products... You are advised to read this manual carefully; it contains all the information you need about the right conditions for the proper, safe use of your dishwasher... The individual sections are laid out to provide you with a step-by-step guide to all your appliance's functions; the texts are easy to understand and are complete with detailed illustrations... This user-friendly manual will provide answers to all your questions about use of the dishwasher... For any other information about use and maintenance of the dishwasher, read the enclosed manual carefully...

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To select the most suitable washing program, refer to the table below which indicates the recommended washing according to dish type and the degree of soiling...

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To select the most suitable washing program, refer to the table below which indicates the recommended washing according to dish type and the degree of soiling...

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After using the table to identify the most appropriate washing program, turn the PROGRAM SELECTION knob (1) (see section "1... Description of the controls") to set the program of choice by aligning the pointer with the program number... If the appliance is fitted with the selected program indicator disc, this will show the number of the program set...

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(2) The cycle duration and power consumption may vary according to the water and room temperatures, and the type and amount of dishes...

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Before starting a washing program make sure that: The water supply tap is open... The correct amount of detergent has been added to the

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CHANGING THE PROGRAM To change the program in progress the dishwasher must be switched off by pressing the ON/OFF key (2) (see section "1... Description of the controls")... Turn the program selector to the program required and then switch the dishwasher on again by pressing ON/OFF key (2)... The dishwasher will carry out the new program automatically...

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If it is necessary to open dishwasher door during the washing cycle, there will be a 1-minute delay before the program can be resumed... After correctly closing the door, the washing program will start again from where it was interrupted... This operation may negatively affective the progress of the washing cycle...

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The dishwasher is equipped with an device for the user to adjust the water softening system according to the hardness of the water supply...

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Der Ventilkasten am Wasserstop Schlauch beinhaltet elektrisch gesteuerte Bauteile... Er darf deshalb nicht in Wasser getaucht werden... Sollte das Ventilkastengehause beschadigt sein, ist unbedingt der Netzstecker aus zu ziehen... Aquastop-Verlgerung Im Handel knnen lngere Aquastopschluche gekauft werden, die von einem Fachmann mit dem bestehenden Aquastopschlauch ausgetauscht werden mssen... Bei einer elgenmchtigen Verlngerung des Wasserzufuhrschlauches trgt der Hersteller keine weitere Verantwortlichkelt...

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