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Important! The appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with redu- ced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety... Children must be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance...

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A6... Cup tray lights A7... On-Off/stand-by button A8... Control panel A9... Water softener filter (optional) A10... Hot water and steam nozzle A11... IEC connector A12... Water tank A13... Coffee spout (adjustable height) A14... Drip tray A15... Bean container lid A16... Bean container A17... Grinding adjustment knob A18... Pre-ground coffee funnel door A19... Measure A20... Compartment for measure A21... Pre-ground coffee funnel A22... Power cable A23... Main switch A24... Tray

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All unused electric and electronic appliances must be disposed of separately from household waste by taking them to state authorised special centres... Disposing of the unused appliance correctly avoids damage to the environment and a risk to health... For more information on disposing of the unu- sed appliance, contact the local administration, the waste disposal department or the shop where the appliance was bought... ...

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EN BUILT-IN INSTALLATION Verify the minimum measurements required for correct installation of the appliance... The coffee maker must be installed in a column and the column must be firmly fixed to the wall with commercially available brackets...

Page 7

Fix the power cable with the clip... The power cable must be long enough to allow the appliance to be extracted from the cabinet to fill the coffee bean container... The appliance must be earthed in compliance with legislation... Electrical connections must be performed by a qualified electrician following the instructions...

Page 8

2... To set the language, use the icons (B7 and B8) to choose the required language (fig... 2)... When the message "PRESS OK TO CHOOSE ENGLISH" is displayed, press the OK icon (B9) (fig... 3) for 3 seconds until "EN- GLISH INSTALLED" is displayed... If you set the wrong language, follow the instructions in the "Setting the language" section... If your language is not available, select one from those displayed... The instructions refer to the English version... Then follow the instructions displayed:

Page 9

To turn the appliance on, press the On-Off/stand- by button (A7) (fig... 1)... The message "HEATING UP... PLEASE WAIT" is displayed... When heating is complete, the message changes to "RINSING"; The appliance is at temperature when the mes- sage "MEDIUM CUP NORMAL TASTE" is displa- yed... If no icon is pressed within about 2 minutes, the time (if set, see the "Setting the clock" sec- tion) is displayed... If the time has not been set, the appliance di- splays the last functions set... When any icon is pressed, "MEDIUM CUP NOR- MAL TASTE" is displayed again... The appliance is ready to make coffee again...

Page 10

NOTE 4: Coffee delivery can be interrupted at any moment by re-pressing the previously selected icon which remains lit during the operation... NOTE 5: As soon as delivery is finished, to in- crease the quantity of coffee in the cup, just keep pressing the previously selected icon within 3 se- conds after delivery has finished... NOTE 6: When the appliance displays "FILL TANK", fill the tank with water or the appliance will not deliver coffee... (It is normal for there to be a little water left in the tank)... NOTE 7: After about 14 single (or 7 double) cof- fees, the appliance displays "EMPTY WASTE COFFEE CONTAINER"... To clean, open the service door on the front of the appliance by pulling the spout (fig... 16), ex- tract the drip tray (fig... 17) and clean...

Page 11

NOTE 8: Never extract the water tank while the machine is delivering coffee... If it is removed, it will not be possible to make the coffee and the appliance will display "GROUND TOO FINE ADJUST MILL AND PRESS OK" and then "FILL TANK!"... Check the level of water in the tank and replace in the appliance... To use the appliance again, insert the hot water spout (fig... 6) if not already in position, press the OK icon (B9)... "HOT WATER PRESS OK" is displa- yed... Press the OK icon (B9) within a few seconds and deliver water from the spout for about 30 se- conds... When delivery stops, the basic modes are displayed again...

Page 12

NOTE 1: Never introduce pre-ground coffee when the machine is off or it could spread through the inside of the appliance... NOTE 2: Never add more than 1 measure, other- wise the appliance will not make the coffee... NOTE 3: Use the measure provided only... NOTE 4: Introduce only pre-ground coffee for espresso coffee machines into the funnel... NOTE 5: If more than one measure of pre-ground coffee is used and the funnel clogs, push the cof- fee down with a knife (fig... 21) then remove and clean the brewing unit and machine as described in the "Cleaning the brewing unit" section...

Page 13

hold down for at least 5 seconds (fig... 26) to start the cleaning function... The appliance di- splays the message "CLEANING" above a pro- gressive bar... You should not release the CLEAN button until the bar is complete indicating that clea- ning is concluded... When the CLEAN button is released, the fun- ction stops... After cleaning, remove the milk container and place in the refrigerator... The milk should not be left out of the refrigerator for more than 15 minutes...

Page 14

CLEANING Cleaning the coffee maker Do not use solvents or abrasive detergents to clean the coffee maker... A soft damp cloth will suf- fice... Never wash any of the components of the coffee maker in the dishwasher... The following parts of the machine must be clea- ned regularly: Waste coffee container (A4)... Drip tray (A14)... Water tank (A12)... Coffee spouts (A13) Pre-ground coffee funnel (A21)... Inside of the machine, accessible after ope-

Page 15

Important! Always clean the tubes inside the milk container (C) when you prepare milk... If there is still milk in the container, do not leave it out of the refrigerator for longer than strictly ne- cessary... Clean the container each time you pre- pare milk as described in Note 3 in the section "Making cappuccino"... All components can be wa-

Page 16

Changing the length of time the appliance remains on The appliance is set by default to go off automa- tically 30 minutes after the last coffee has been made... To change this interval (max... 120 min), proceed as follows: Press the SET icon (B2) to enter the menu

Page 17

Setting water hardness The operating period can be extended if required, making descaling less frequent by programming the machine on the basis of the real lime content in the water used... Proceed as follows: Remove the "Total Hardness Test" strip (atta-

Page 18

Empty the tank of water, pour the contents of the descaler bottle into the tank respecting the instructions given on the descaler pack, then add water up to the MAX level marked on the water tank... Position a container with a capacity of about

Page 19

Danger of burns! During rinsing, a little hot water flows from the coffee spouts... Avoid contact with splashes of water... To turn the appliance off, press the On-Off/stand- by button (A7)... The appliance performs the rinse cycle then goes off...

Page 20

will incorporate a 13 Amp fuse... If it does not fit your socket, the plug should be cut off from the mains lead, and an appropriate plug fitted, as below... WARNING: Very carefully dispose of the cut off plug after removing the fuse: do not in- sert in a 13 Amp socket elsewhere in the house as this could cause a shock hazard... With alternative plugs not incorporating a fuse, the circuit must be protected by a 15 Amp fuse... If the plug is a moulded-on type, the fuse cover must be re-fitted when chan- ging the fuse using a 13 Amp Asta approved fuse to BS 1362... In the event of losing the fuse cover, the plug must NOT be used until a replacement fuse cover can be obtained from your nearest electrical dealer... The co- lour of the correct replacement fuse cover is that as marked on the base of the plug...

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Empty the waste coffee container and clean, then replace... Important: when remo- ving the drip tray, the waste coffee container MUST be emptied, even if it is not completely full... If this is not done, when you make the next cof- fees, the waste coffee container may fill up more than expected and clog the machine...

Page 22

Clean the inside of the ap- pliance thoroughly, as de- scribed in the section "Cleaning and mainte- nance"... If the message is still displayed after clea- ning, contact a customer services...

Page 23

Turn the grinding adju- stment knob one click clockwise towards "7" while the coffee mill is in operation (fig... 14)... Continue one click at a time until coffee delivery is satisfactory... The effect is only visible after delivering two cof- fees...

Page 24

Turn the grinding adju- stment knob one click an- ticlockwise towards "1" while the coffee mill is in operation (fig... 14)... Avoid turning the grinding adjustment knob excessi- vely otherwise when you select 2 cups, the coffee may be delivered a drop at a time... The effect is only visible after delivering two cof- fees...

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You should ideally use skimmed or semi-skim- med milk at refrigerator temperature (about 5C)... If the result is still disap- pointing, try another brand of milk...

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