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A1... Cup tray A2... Service door A3... Mobile drawer A4... Coffee grounds container A5... Infuser A6... Lights A7... Control panel A8... Hot water and steam nozzle A9... Water tank A10... Coffee spout (adjustable height) A11... Drip tray A12... Bean container lid A13... Container for coffee beans A14... Grinding adjustment knob A15... Ground coffee feed door A16... Compartment for measure A17... Ground coffee feed funnel A18... Power cable A19... ON/OFF switch A20... Accessories holder

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AUTOMATIC CUP TRAY LIGHTING The appliance automatically lights the spout and drip tray while delivering coffee, steam and hot water... After delivery, the lights remain on and the cooling fan comes into operation to prevent condensate from forming inside the cabinet... After a few minu- tes, both the lights and the fan go off automati- cally...

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BUILT-IN INSTALLATION Verify the minimum measurements required for correct installation of the appliance... The coffee maker must be installed in a column and the column must be firmly fixed to the wall with commercially available brackets...

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Fix the power cable with the clip to avoid it tangling when the appliance is inserted or extracted... The power cable must be long enough to allow the appliance to be extracted from the cabinet to fill the coffee bean container... The appliance must be earthed in compliance with legislation... Electrical connections must be performed by a qualified electrician in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions and legislation in force in the country of installation... The electrical socket must be accessible...

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4... Place a cup under the hot water spout (fig... 3)... (If the water spout is not inserted, the applian- ce displays "INSERT WATER SPOUT"... Attach it as shown in figure 4, making sure the arrows on the spout and on the machine control panel are aligned... ) The appliance now displays: "PRESS OK"... Press the OK button (fig... 1) and after a few seconds a little water comes out of the spout... (Delivery stops automatically)...

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) until the required amount is reached (this must be done within three seconds after completion of delivery)... NOTA 6: When the appliance displays "fill tank", fill the tank with water or the appliance will not make coffee... (It is normal for there to be a little water left in the tank when the message is displayed)... NOTA 7: After about 14 single (or 7 double) cof- fees, the appliance displays: "EMPTY GROUNDS CONTAINER" indicating that the grounds contai- ner is full and must be emptied and cleaned... Until the grounds container has been cleaned, the appliance continues to display the message and coffee cannot be made...

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ADJUSTING THE COFFEE MILL The coffee mill is preset in the factory to prepare coffee correctly and should not require regulating initially... However, if after making the first few coffees you find that delivery is either too fast or too slow (in drops), this can be corrected by regulating the grinding adjustment knob (fig... 12)... Turn one click clockwise (one number) for more rapid coffee delivery (not in drops)... Turn one click anticlockwise for slower coffee deli- very and a creamier coffee... These adjustments will only be evident after at least 2 cups of coffee have been made... The grinding adjustment knob must only be tur- ned when the coffee mill is in operation... For slower delivery and creamier coffee, turn one click anticlockwise (finer ground coffee)... For faster delivery (not in drops), turn one click clockwise (coarser ground coffee)... (Coffee has been used to factory test the applian- ce and it is therefore completely normal for there

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NOTE 1: Never introduce pre-ground coffee when the machine is off or it could spread through the inside of the appliance... NOTE 2: Never add more than one level measure, otherwise either the appliance will not make the coffee and the pre-ground coffee will be dispersed inside the appliance, dirtying it, or the coffee will be delivered a drop at a time... NOTE 3: Use the measure provided to add the right amount of coffee... NOTE 4: Introduce only pre-ground coffee for espresso coffee machines into the funnel... Never fill with coffee beans, freeze dried coffee or other substance that could damage the appliance... NOTE 5: If more than one measure of pre-ground coffee is used and the funnel clogs, push the cof- fee down with a knife (fig... 18) then remove and clean the infuser and machine as described in the "Cleaning the infuser" chapter...

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printed on the milk container lid cover... The quantity of froth can be adjusted by moving the regulator towards the word CAF- FELATTE for a denser froth... Moving it towards the word CAPPUCCINO obtains a less dense froth...

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CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Before performing any cleaning operations, leave the machine to cool down completely and unplug from the mains power supply... Never immerse the coffee maker in water... It is an electrical appliance... Do not use solvents or abrasive detergents to clean the coffee maker... A soft damp cloth will suffice... NEVER wash any of the components of the coffee maker in the dishwasher...

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CHANGING AND SETTING MENU PARAMETERS After pressing the button and waiting for the appliance to be ready, you can use the internal menu to modify the following parameters and functions: Clock Auto-start time... Descaling process Coffee temperature Length of time the appliance remains on Water hardness Default values Washing process

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empty the tank of water, pour the contents of the descaler bottle into the tank respecting the instructions given on the descaler pack, then add water up to the MAX level marked on the water tank... When descaling subsequently, use descaler of the same type and brand as supplied (availa- ble from the manufacturer's authorised tech- nical service centres) or a descaler recom- mended by the service centre... Always follow the instructions on the pack...

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Setting water hardness The descale message is displayed after the appliance has been operated for a factory set period of time calculated on the basis of the maxi- mum quantity of limescale which may be contai- ned in the water used... The operating period can be extended if required, making descaling less frequent by programming the machine on the basis of the real lime content in the water used... Proceed as follows: remove the "Total Hardness Test" strip (atta-

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Empty the grounds contai- ner and clean, then replace... Important: when removing the drip tray, the grounds container MUST be emp- tied, even if it is not com- pletely full... If this is not done, when you make the next coffees, the grounds container may fill up more than expected and clog the machine...

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Clean the inside of the appliance thoroughly, as described in the section "Cleaning and maintenan- ce"... If the message is still displayed after cleaning, contact a service centre...

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Turn the grinding adjust- ment knob one click anti- clockwise towards the 1 while the coffee mill is in operation (fig... 7)... Avoid turning the grinding adjustment knob excessi- vely otherwise when you select 2 cups, the coffee may be delivered a drop at a time...

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You should ideally use skimmed or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator tempe- rature (about 5C)... If the result is still disap- pointing, try another brand of milk...

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All unused electric and electronic appliances must be disposed of separately from household waste by taking them to State authorised special cen- tres... Disposing of the unused appliance correctly avoids damage to the environment and a risk to health... For more information on disposing of the unused appliance, contact the local administration, the waste disposal department or the shop where the appliance was bought...

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