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1... Select a location from which noise and outflow air emitted by unit will not inconvenience neighbors, animals, plants... 2... Select a location where there should be sufficient ventilation... 3... Select a location where there should be no obstructions cover the inlet and outlet vent... 4... The location should be able to withstand the full weight and vibration of the outdoor unit and permit safe installation... 5... Select a dry place, but do not expose under the direct sunlight or strong wind... 6...

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Note: Make sure that the Live wire or Zero line as well as the earth wire in the family power socket can not be wrong connected, there should be reliable and no short circuit in the diagram... wrong connection may cause fire...

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The dimensions of the space necessary for correct installation of the appliance including the minimum permissible distances to adjacent structures

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Install the rear panel 1... Always mount the rear panel horizontally... Due to the water tray of indoor unit has been adopted the both-way drainage design, the outlet of water tray should be adjusted slightly down when installing, that is taking the outlet of the water tray as the center of a circle, the included angle between the evaporator and level should be 0 or more, that is good for condensing water drainage... 2... Fix the rear panel on the wall with screws... (Where is pre-covered with plastic granula) 3... Be sure that the rear panel has been fixed firmly enough to withstand the weight of an adult of 60kg, further more, the weight should be evenly shared by each screw...

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Take out the piping from body case, wrap the piping electric wire, water pipe with tape and pull them through the piping hole (As show in Fig... 8) Hange the mounting slots of the indoor unit on the upper tabs of the rear panel and check if it is firm enough... (As show in Fig... 9) The height of the installed location should be 2... m or more from the floor...

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The condensate and defrosting water formd during heating in the outdoor unit can be properly discharged by drainage pipe ... Installation method:set the drain connection in 25 hole of the chassis has been installed and then connect drainage pipe with drain nozzle,so that condensate and defrosting waer can be properly discharged

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(1)Do not switch on power before installation isfinished completely... (2)Electric wiring must be connected correctly and securely... (3)Cut-off valves of the connection pipes should be opened... (4)

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according to the installation instruction... Pay special attention to that silver Take out the healthy filter before cleaning and reinstall it after cleaning

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