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en-us Use and Care Manual, Installation Instructions

Dryer WTG86403UC

Welcome to Your New Dryer!

Congratulations on your selection of a new Bosch dryer for your laundry needs. We are confident you will enjoy the superior performance and reliability.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department if you have any questions or comments about your new dryer.

Thank you for choosing Bosch.

Visit our website at (USA) or (Canada) for more information and to view a selection of our products.


Table of contentsen-us Use and Care Manual, Installation Instructions

Important information ................................................... 4 Purchase information ........................................................... 4 Customer service ................................................................. 4 Your dryer is intended for ............................................. 5 Safety Definitions .......................................................... 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ........................ 6 Introduction to your new dryer .................................... 8 Standard features and helpful information ...................... 8 Special features .................................................................... 8 Environmentally friendly use of your dryer ...................... 8 Dimensions and clearances required .......................... 9 Installation for best performance ....................................... 9 Appliance dimensions ......................................................... 9 Length of power cord and drain hose .............................. 9 Minimum clearances ......................................................... 10 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ................................ 12 Introduction ......................................................................... 12 Before installing the dryer ................................................ 12 Waste disposal .................................................................. 13 Parts provided with your dryer ........................................ 13 Accessories for your appliance ...................................... 14 Installation - step by step and check list ...................... 14 Electrical Connections ...................................................... 16 Leveling the dryer .............................................................. 18 Check heating system ...................................................... 18 Preparing to transport the dryer - step by step ........... 18 Getting to know your appliance ................................. 19 Control panel ...................................................................... 19 Display area ....................................................................... 20 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ..................................... 21 Your new dryer ................................................................... 21 Before using the dryer for the first time ....................... 22 Temporary disconnection of the dryer .......................... 22 Using program selector to choose a drying cycle ..... 22 Program selection ............................................................. 23 Selecting program settings and additional options .... 23 Loading the laundry .......................................................... 24 Starting the program ......................................................... 24 Indicator of program sequence ...................................... 25 Childproof lock .................................................................. 25 Selecting a different program ......................................... 25 Cancel program ................................................................. 25 Program end ...................................................................... 25 Removing laundry/switching the appliance off ........... 25 Signal ............................................................................ 26 Laundry ........................................................................ 27 Preparing the laundry ....................................................... 27 Sorting the laundry ............................................................ 27

Drying tips .......................................................................... 27 Program selection table ............................................. 28 Default Program and Option settings ....................... 29 Dry Level ............................................................................. 29 Time dry .............................................................................. 29 Finish in ............................................................................... 29 Additional Program Option settings ......................... 29 Wrinkle Block ..................................................................... 29 Low Heat ............................................................................. 29 Spin speed ................................................................... 29 USER-MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS .................... 30 Cleaning the Dryer's exterior .......................................... 30 Cleaning the lint filter area .............................................. 30 Cleaning the lint filter ........................................................ 30 Cleaning the Condenser ................................................ 32 Cleaning the moisture sensors ...................................... 33 Maintenance of drain hose ............................................. 33 Replacing fuses in the Power Adapter - step-by-step 33 Troubleshooting .......................................................... 34 Introduction ........................................................................ 34 General Troubleshooting ................................................. 34 STATEMENT OF LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY .. 37 Bosch Clothes Dryer ........................................................ 37

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Important information Important information Purchase information Please take a moment to record the following basic information about the purchase of your new Bosch dryer. This information will be helpful in the event you need to contact Customer Service or would like to order accessories or replacement parts for your dryer.

The E-Nr. (model number) and the FD (serial) number can be found on the rating plate label (shown above) or in the Home Connect application under Appliance Information. The model number includes the slash and a two digit number (eg: "/01"). Please be sure to include the final 2 digit number when filling in your model number. This helps make sure any parts you may need are correctly matched to your specific machine. Date of Purchase:___/___/_____ Where Purchased:___________________________ E-Nr. :_______________/____ (ex: WTG86xxxUC/01) FD :__________-_________ (ex: FD 9708|90007, provides production date) The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the product or manual without notification.

Customer service Your dryer does not require any special care other than the maintenance and care mentioned in this manual. If you have a problem with your dryer, please consult the Troubleshooting section of this manual. ~ Troubleshooting; Page 34 If problems persist and service is necessary, please contact our customer service department. Do not attempt to repair the appliance yourself.

Bosch Customer Service 1-800-944-2904

Or by mail BSH Home Appliances Corporation 1901 Main Street, Suite 600 Irvine, CA 92614

When writing or calling please have the following information available: E-Nr. (model number, example: WTG86xxxUC/01) FD (serial number, example: 9708|90007) Date of Original Purchase (receipt may be required) Date Problem Occurred Explanation of Problem If writing, please also include a daytime telephone number and a copy of the sales invoice.

When calling Customer Service, please be ready to provide the model number E-Nr. and FD number. This information will help provide the best support for your dryer.

Additional information is available at our website: (USA) or (Canada).


Your dryer is intended for Your dryer is intend for Only household use and in a non-commercial

environment. Drying textiles washed in a residential style clothes

washer. Operating conditions:

Recommended ambient temperatures: 59-86F / 15-30C. Min/Max allowable temperatures: 41-95F / 5-35C. Relative humidity: under 95%

Installation by qualified installers. Installation in accordance with all regulatory

requirements; if in doubt have the appliance installed by a specialist familiar with these requirements.

Before using the appliance, read the use and installation instructions and all other information included with the appliance and act accordingly. Keep all documents for future use.

Safety Definitions Safety Definitions Important safety information is contained in this manual and on the warning labels located on your dryer. Standard symbols and headings are used to identify areas where you should take precautions to avoid injury or property damage. Please take a moment to become familiar with each of these symbols and what they mean before proceeding.


This indicates that death or serious injuries may occur as a result of non-observance of this warning.


This indicates that minor or moderate injuries may occur as a result of non-observance of this warning.

NOTICE: This indicates that damage to the appliance or property may occur as a result of non-observance of this warning.

Tip: This symbol is used to draw the user's attention to important matters.





When properly cared for, your new appliance has been designed to be safe and reliable. Read all instructions before using the appliance. These precautions will reduce the risk of burns, electric shock, fire, and injury to persons. When using laundry appliances, basic safety precautions must be followed, including those in the following pages.

Examine the appliance after unpacking it. In the event of transport damage, do not plug it in.



with Installation Instructions. Read and understand all instructions before using the dryer.

Do not dry articles that have been previously cleaned, washed, soaked, or spotted with gasoline, dry cleaning solvents, other flammable or explosive substances as they give off vapors that could ignite or explode.

Before the appliance is removed from service or discarded, remove the door (to the drying compartment) to prevent children from playing or hiding inside. Also remove the power cord/plug.

Do not allow anyone to climb, lean or hang on any part of the dryer including any protruding components such as the appliance door or a pullout shelf.

Do not reach into the appliance if the drum is moving. Do not tamper with the controls. Do not repair or replace any part of the appliance or

attempt any servicing unless specifically recommended in the user maintenance instructions or in published user-repair instructions that you understand and have the skills to carry out.

Do not use replacement parts that have not been recommended by the manufacturer (e.g. parts made by using a 3D printer).

Do not use fabric softeners or products to eliminate static unless recommended by the manufacturer of the fabric softener or product.

Always unplug the dryer from the power supply before attempting any service. Disconnect the power cord by grasping the plug, not the cord.

To reduce the risk of fire, clothes, cleaning rags, mop heads and the like which have traces of any flammable substance, such as vegetable oil, cooking oil, petroleum based oils or distillates, waxes, fats, etc., must not be placed in the dryer. These items may contain some flammable substance(s) even after washing, which may smoke or catch fire by itself.

Do not place items exposed to cooking oils in your dryer. Items contaminated with cooking oils may contribute to a chemical reaction that could cause a load to catch fire.

Do not use heat to dry articles containing foam rubber (may be labeled latex foam) or similarly textured rubber-like materials or equivalent. Foam rubber materials can ignite by spontaneous combustion.

Keep flammable materials and vapors, such as gasoline, away from the dryer.

Clean lint filter before or after each load. Do not install or store this appliance where it will be

exposed to the weather. Hoses and internal parts may be damaged if exposed to freezing temperatures.

Do not use the dryer if it has a worn power cord or loose plug.

The dryer must only be used for its intended purpose. Always follow the fabric care instructions

recommended by the clothing manufacturer. Do not operate the dryer if parts are missing or broken. Do not sit on top of the dryer. To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, DO NOT

use an extension cord to connect the dryer to the electrical power supply.

Always check pockets and remove any objects. Cigarette lighters are particularly hazardous.

Do not operate the dryer if any guards and/or panels have been removed.

Do not bypass any safety devices. Do not operate this dryer until you are sure that:

All services connected to the dryer (power, drain, etc.) have been installed according to the Installation Instructions.

Installation and grounding are in compliance with all local regulations and/or other applicable regulations and requirements.

Failure to install, maintain and/or operate the dryer according to the manufacturers instructions may result in injury and/or damage.

To avoid floor damage and mold growth, do not let spills or splashout cause standing water around or under the appliance.

See the Installation Instructions section in this manual for grounding requirements. ~ Electrical Connections; Page 16

The IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS and WARNINGS presented in this manual do not cover all possible conditions that may occur. Common sense, caution and care must be exercised when installing, maintaining or operating the dryer.

Always contact your dealer, distributor, service provider or the manufacturer about any problems or conditions that you do not understand.





WARNINGS FOR CHILDREN AND PETS Do not allow children and pets to play on or in the

appliance. Close supervision of children is necessary when the appliance is used near children.

Make sure to utilize all child lock/safety features of your appliance, and be sure to turn the appliance Off when not in use.

Appliances are not intended for use by children, however when children become old enough to operate the appliance, it is the responsibility of the parents or legal guardians to ensure they are instructed in safe practices by qualified persons.

Keep all laundry aids (including detergents, bleach, fabric softeners, etc.) out of the reach of children.

Keep pets away from the appliance.


PROPOSITION 65 WARNING This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California, which can cause cancer or reproductive harm. Therefore, the packaging of your product may bear the following label as required by California:

SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS! Keep these instructions for future reference and in case of change of ownership, manual should be conveyed with the dryer.


Introduction to your new dryer Introduction to yournew dryer 9 WARNING

RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS of this manual before installing or operating this appliance. ~ IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS; Page 6

Standard features and helpful information Thank you for choosing Bosch for your laundry appliance needs. Please read and follow the use and care, important safety instructions and troubleshooting information contained in this manual. Please retain this manual for future reference. ~ Troubleshooting; Page 34 This dryer complies with UL 2158 Electric Clothes Dryers.

Standard features ENERGY STAR certified to save energy, save money

and protect the climate. Temperatures inside the drum are lower than

conventional dryers for gentle drying conditions and fabric care.

Sensor controlled auto cycles. 15.4 lb (7 kg) large drum capacity (for regular cotton

loads). Large door opening, 180 opening angle.

Quality tested Each dryer which leaves our factory has undergone a thorough performance test and is in full working condition.

Website Visit our website at (USA) or (Canada) for more information and to view a selection of our products.

About this manual These operating and installation instructions apply to more than one model of dryer. Illustrations used may show details that differ from your particular model. Read your user manual. It contains valuable information about the safety, installation and operation of your new appliance. This can save you time, make it easier to correctly install and use your dryer, and improve your overall satisfaction with your new appliance.

Special features A distinctive feature of your dryer is low energy

consumption as it is ENERGY STAR certified. Bosch dryers feature advanced operation philosophy,

customized drying programs and a solid touch and feel making them a user-friendly household assistant.

Bosch load sensing feature controls power consumption for each cycle based on the amount and type of laundry. This automatic feature optimizes energy efficiency.

Environmentally friendly use of your dryer Your new Bosch dryer is designed to use energy in a highly efficient way to help reduce operating costs, conserve resources and protect the environment. To save energy, money and time, Bosch recommends the following: Spin the laundry thoroughly

Before drying, spin the laundry thoroughly in the washing machine. Use the highest possible spin speed for the type of laundry. Higher spin speeds reduce the drying time and the energy consumption.

Optimize load and selected drying program Use the maximum amount of laundry for the

appropriate drying program. Use automatic drying programs for the most energy

efficient use of your dryer. They perform according to internal moisture and temperature sensors delivering optimized efficiency and fabric care.

Use the Time Dry program for touching up damp loads or for small loads. This program will use more energy than the automatic programs. ~ Program selection table; Page 28

NOTICE: The energy rating of this dryer is based on the Cotton Dry program with the Dryness Level set to +2 (all other option settings are off). Clean filter

Clean the lint filter before or after each drying process. ~ Cleaning the lint filter; Page 30

Air inlet on the dryer Do not cover or allow any articles/items to restrict the air inlet on the front of the dryer.

Energy-saving mode The display panel lighting goes out after a few minutes and Start/Pause flashes. To activate the display, touch any button. Energy-saving mode is not activated if a program is running.


Dimensions and clearances required Dimensions and clearances required Installation for best performance


DO NOT INSTALL THE DRYER: outdoors, in an environment with dripping water, near flammable materials, in rooms which are at risk of freezing, in rooms which may contain gas or other fuels, on carpets.

Because many variables affect drying time we recommend allowing as much free air space around your dryer as possible for the shortest drying cycle time.

NOTICE: If your dryer is located in a closet, leave the closet door open while the dryer is operating.

The recommended ambient temperatures (between 59- 86F / 15-30C) are for optimum drying times, outside of this range drying times may be longer.

The installation surface (floor) must be level and structurally sound. Using a bubble level and the height- adjustable feet installed on the appliance, level the appliance side to side and front to back.

Appliance dimensions

Length of power cord and drain hose

Label Dimension U.S. Inches

Metric cm

a Width 23.6 60 b Depth (to front of door) 25 63.5 c Height (minimum)

Height (maximum) 33.2 34

84.3 86.4

d Side clearance (door open 180)

16 40.6

e Depth (door open 90) 42.9 109

To Left* To Right* U.S. Inches

Metric cm

U.S. Inches

Metric cm

Power Cord 40 102 57 145 Drain Hose 19 48 40 102 * Facing the front of the dryer


Minimum clearances Closet: Stacked Only with one of the Bosch required Stacking Kits (sold separately), can this Bosch Dryer be stacked on top of a Bosch Washer of the same dimensions to save space.


Use only the dryer stacking kit noted in this User Manual's Accessories section.

Do not stack washer on top of dryer. Do not stack washer on top of another washer. Ensure washer transportation bolts have been

removed and washer does not vibrate excessively.

For shortest drying times keep closet door open while dryer is operating.

NOTICE: When closet doors are closed louvered areas only allow minimal drying results (expect long drying times).

Closet: Stand alone (shown) or Side by Side

Label Dimension U.S. Inches

Metric cm

A Both Sides 0.6 1.5 B Top 6.3 16 C Rear 2.5 6.2 D Front 2.4 6 E & F are minimum area size! E Top Vent 63 sq. 404 sq. F Bottom Vent 63 sq. 404 sq. Vent spacing is actual (not minimum dimensions) G 37 94 H 26 66 J 3 7.6 K 29 73.6


Under counter (Preferred)

Front of the appliance fully open. No doors or coverings.

Under counter (Less Desirable)

If front of the appliance is covered ventilation openings must be installed.

Minimum opening dimensions A 28 in. 71.1 cm B 23.8 in. 60.5 cm C 34.5 in. 87.6 cm

E & F are minimum area sizes E 63 404 sq. cm F 63 404 sq. cm G & H actual spacing dimensions for min. open area sizes G 3 in. 7.6 cm H 14 in. 35.6 cm



Introduction Read these installation instructions completely and carefully before starting to install your new dryer. The information contained can save you time and effort and will help to ensure optimum performance of your new dryer. Be sure to observe all warnings and cautions.


RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY TO PERSONS To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock or injury

to persons, read the Important Safety Instructions at the beginning of this manual before installing or operating this appliance.

To reduce the risk of severe injury or death, follow all installation instruction.

Clothes dryer installation must be performed by a qualified installer, according to these instructions and according to all local codes.

In addition to the installation and safety information in this manual, the local water and electric authorities (services) may have special requirements that must be followed.

Install the clothes dryer according to these manufacturers instructions and local codes.

Your dryer is supplied with a specific power adapter that is only to be used with the Bosch Washers and Dryers having NEMA 6-15P cords. Any other use of this power adapter is prohibited. Read and follow the Important Safety Instructions supplied with the Power Adapter.


The appliance is heavy. Do not lift it by yourself, use additional help and care when lifting and positioning.

If in doubt, have the appliance installed by an authorized service provider.

Take care to not damage the appliance. Do not hold on to protruding parts (e.g. door) when lifting. Do not push against the appliance door glass due to risk of damage.

Do not install the appliance outdoors or in an area exposed to freezing conditions.

If freezing conditions exist where appliance is located all drain water must be removed from hoses, sumps, pumps, etc.

Hidden surfaces may have sharp edges. During service wear gloves and use caution when reaching inside the dryer housing.

These installation instructions are intended for use by qualified installers. In addition to these instructions, the installation must comply with: for the United States - National Electrical Code, ANSI/

NFPA70 - and latest editions of the state and municipal and/or local regulations.

for Canada - Canadian Electrical Code C22.1 - and the latest editions of the provincial, municipal and/or local regulations.

Before installing the dryer Unpacking the appliance


Remove the appliance packaging carefully to prevent damage to the surfaces. After removing the packaging, immediately remove all objects from the drum.

Check the dryer for transportation damage. Do not connect the utilities (power or drain) to a dryer which is visibly damaged. If in doubt, contact your dealer.


Waste disposal Disposal of Packaging Materials After unpacking your new appliance dispose of the protective packaging materials in an environmentally friendly way. Ask your dealer or inquire with your local authority regarding currently acceptable means of disposal.


WARNINGS FOR CHILDREN Do not let children play with packaging and associated parts to avoid risk of choking or suffocation.

Disposal of Your Old Appliance Your old appliance can be recycled if it is no longer to be used. Prior to disposing of your old appliance observe the following precautions to reduce safety risks.


TO AVOID RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH, DO THE FOLLOWING After unplugging the old appliance, remove the

electric power cord and dispose of properly. Remove the door or permanently disable the

door lock to prevent children from being locked inside.

Parts provided with your dryer Back side of the dryer

Dryer drum contents A literature pack is shipped in the dryer drum. Be sure to remove this item before using the dryer.

( Power cord with plug

0 Drain hose connected to the dryer

8 Elbow to form the hose to fit the drain

@ H


User Manual and Product Registration Power Adapter: Supplied Power Adapter 2 spare fuses Instruction sheet Drain Set Pack: (2) plastic ties for securing drain hose Plastic elbow Plastic connector for alternate drain connec-

tions (see hose installation instructions). Summary of drain hose installation instructions



RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK OR INJURY TO PERSONS The supplied Power Adapter is intended to be

used only for powering the Bosch Washers and Dryers having NEMA 6-15P cords. This Power Adapter is unique as it allows for both the Dryer and Washer to plug into the home's existing 4- prong dryer receptacle. If the home has an existing 3-prong dryer receptacle it and its complete branch circuit must be changed to a 4- prong circuit.

Use only Bosch replacement fuses in the Power Adapter (Customer Service part number 10013781).

If any parts are missing please notify your dealer immediately.

Tip: For correct adapter installation see ~ Electrical Connections; Page 16

Accessories for your appliance Drying rack A drying rack placed inside the dryer for drying wool items, shoes, etc. is available. Drying rack item number: WMZ20600

Pedestal The dryer can be mounted on a Bosch pedestal, noted below, for easier loading and unloading (see washing machine user manual for unique pedestal model number for the washer). Pedestal item number: WMZ20500 or replacement WTZPW20D

Stacking kits The dryer can be stacked on a Bosch washer of the same dimensions to save space. Only the below Stacking kits must be used when stacking this dryer on a Bosch washer. Stacking kit without a shelf: WTZ20410UC

Stacking kit with a shelf: WTZ11400UC

Power Adapter The Power Adapter is for plugging into home's existing 4- prong receptacle and has two power outlets, one each for your current Bosch Dryer and Washer to plug into. Power Adapter item number: WTZPA20UC

Tip: Your Bosch dryer comes with the Power Adapter included in the drum. The accessory number is given here only if it is lost or damaged and a replacement is needed. Accessories can be purchased from Customer Service or your local dealer. ~ Customer service; Page 4

Installation - step by step and check list Review the following list and check off each step as it is completed during installation, if necessary. 1. Unpack the dryer. 2. Remove all objects from the dryer drum. 3. Check the dryer for visible damage. 4. Position the dryer near the installation location. 5. Disconnect the power cord and drain hose from their

clips on the back of the dryer.


Do not disconnect the drain hose from the sump/ pump connection at the bottom of the dryer.

NOTICE: Do not reuse an old or different drain hose. Only use the drain hose included with the dryer.

6. Connect the outlet end of the drain hose to a standpipe or other drain inlet. Examples are shown below.


APPLIANCE DAMAGE COULD OCCUR IF DRAIN WATER FLOWS BACK INTO THE APPLIANCE In all drain conditions, scenarios, or connections you must ensure:

The drain water from the hose is free flowing and not obstructed allowing adequate water flow.

Drain opening must not be sealed in any way. It must be open to avoided a back siphon condition.

The end of the drain hose does not protrude into the pumped out or standing water.

Be sure to follow all local codes and regulations in draining the condensate water to a suitable drain.


Examples of connections: Plumbing box or Standpipe connection:

For most plumbing box installations (with adjacent washer) the plastic elbow supplied with the dryer will not be used and must be removed from the dryer drain hose.

1. Fasten the dryer drain hose to the washer drain/elbow as shown in picture A. Secure with plastic ties supplied.


Do not over tighten plastic ties pinching or causing a restriction in the drain hose.

2. Place drain hose assembly into standpipe as shown in picture B.

Sink/Basin or Floor drain: If using the elbow supplied on the hose re-position elbow closer to the drain end of hose and fasten with the plastic ties as shown in picture C.

Secure hose and/or elbow as shown below. Sink D or floor E.

NOTICE: Examples shown are for reference only. Not all fittings, connectors, nuts, brackets, ties, etc. are supplied to accommodate every application.

Maximum height of drain is 39 in. (100 cm).

Sink Drain Pipe: Attach and secure drain hose as shown below in picture F. Use a standard hose clamp which can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Minimum height of drain for installation shown above is 31.5 in. (80 cm). Maximum height of drain is 39 in. (100 cm).


NOTICES Examples shown are for reference only. Not all fittings,

connectors, nuts, brackets, ties, etc. are supplied to accommodate every application.

Ensure there are no kinks or crimps along the entire length of hose.

If installed in an upper floor of a multi-story building, the dryer should be installed on a drained floor to prevent water damage to lower floors in the event of a leak.

Electrical Connections Power Cord The attached power cord is a standard NEMA 6-15P cord and is UL approved and listed in the USA and Canada. It meets the following requirements: 208-240 volt rated; 15 amps.

NOTICES This appliance is restricted to being powered by the

supplied power cord noted above. There are two allowable methods to connect the

appliance cord to power: 1. If the home has an existing 4-prong, 30A Dryer

receptacle use the supplied Power Adapter. Plug the adapter into the 4-prong receptacle (Line side) and then plug the Bosch Dryer and Washer power cords into the adapter (Load side). See following images of Power Adapter for Line/Load side locations and appliance cord placement.

NOTICE: This adapter can only be used with a 4-prong receptacle. If the home has an existing 3-prong dryer receptacle it and its complete branch circuit must be changed to a 4-prong circuit.

2. Use an existing individual 240V, 15A minimum branch circuit having a NEMA 6-15R outlet (or choose to have one installed).


TO REDUCE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOCK. Do not reuse this Power Adapter with a new purchase of a Dryer. The old Power Adapter must be discarded with the old Dryer. A new Power Adapter must be used when a new Dryer is installed.




ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Do not pull on the power cord to unplug the

dryer. Protect the power cord from physical damage

such as being twisted, kinked, pinched, or walked on.

DO NOT use an extension cord to connect the dryer to the power supply.

Make sure: The power cord fits into the outlet/receptacle. The homes internal power supply circuit wire size is

sufficient and electrically grounded. Do not cut, remove or bypass the grounding

prong on the power cord end. Do not modify the plug provided with the

appliance; if it will not fit the outlet, have a proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician.

The power cord must only be replaced by a qualified service provider or licensed electrician to help avoid a fire/electric shock hazard. Use only manufacturer recommended replacement power cords purchased through our Customer Service department.

Do not use NEMA 14-30P (4-prong) nor 10-30P (3-prong) power cords on this appliance.

Do not reuse old power cord. Do not make a sharp bend or crimp wiring or

conductors at connections.


ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD To reduce the risk of electrical shock: Only pull out the power cord by the plug end and

never by the cord, as this could damage it. Never touch or hold the plug end or power cord

with wet hands. Never unplug the plug end during operation.


ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD Improper connection of the equipment-grounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician or servicer if you are in doubt as to whether the appliance has been properly grounded.



ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD This appliance must be electrically grounded. In the event of malfunction or breakdown, grounding will reduce the risk of electric shock by providing a path of least resistance for electric current. This appliance is equipped with a cord that has an equipment grounding conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances. If a ground fault circuit breaker is used, ensure it has this symbol: z. Only this symbol can assure compliance with all current regulations. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS!


Leveling the dryer Importance of leveling the dryer It is important that your dryer is level and that all four dryer feet press with equal pressure against the floor. This will help assure the quietest, most vibration-free use of your dryer.

To adjust the dryer feet: 1. Install the dryer on a level and solid surface, preferably

in a corner of a room. 2. If the floor is uneven (or not level) adjust the dryer feet

as required to level the dryer. Do not place anything under the dryer feet to help level the dryer.

3. Extend the dryer feet no more than is necessary. The more the feet are extended, the more vibration the dryer will experience. Start with the dryer feet turned all the way in and adjust each foot as necessary.

4. Use a bubble level to check the top of the dryer to make sure it is level side to side and front to rear.

5. Press down on each corner of the dryer top to make sure the dryer does not wobble. There should be no "give" or movement. All four dryer feet should press equally against the floor. This is just as important as the dryer being level to prevent vibration.

Check heating system 1. Check that the drum is empty. 2. Close the dryer door. 3. Switch the dryer to Timed Dry Variable program and

then touch the Start/Pause button. 4. After 5-6 minutes touch the Start/Pause button and

open the door. If the interior of the dryer feels warm, the dryer has

been connected properly. Switch the dryer to Off. If the dryer does not work, switch the dryer to Off.

Look in the Troubleshooting section of this user manual for hints in solving the problem.

Preparing to transport the dryer - step by step 1. Rotate the program selector to Off. 2. Pull out power supply plug. 3. Place any accessories in the drum. 4. Close the door and secure with adhesive tape. 5. Screw the height-adjustable feet of the dryer into the

housing to prevent them from being damaged during transportation.


Getting to know your appliance Getting to know your apliance Control panel

( Dry Level, Time Dry, Finish in Selectable Option Settings for customizing Pro- grams as desired. Indicator Symbol lights or desired time is displayed if setting is active.~ Default Program and Option settings; Page 29

@ Program Selector Selecting a program and switching on/off; turns in both directions.

0 Wrinkle Block, Low Heat, Signal Additional option settings. Indicator Symbol lights if setting is active.~ Additional Program Option settings; Page 29

H Display area for settings and information.

8 Start/Pause starts or pauses the selected cycle; indicator lamp on (steady) - cycle running, can

be paused; indicator lamp blinking - options can be

changed; cycle can be started; door is closed; cycle is in Pause mode.


Display area

( Drying cycle status sequence H Time Dry and Finish in 0 indicators

0 Childproof lock indicator P Indicator lamps for additional option settings: Wrinkle Block, Low Heat and Signal

8 Cleaning required indicator X Check drain indicator

@ 4 Digit Display: Finish in time

adjustable in 1h (h=hour) steps to 24h program duration 2:30

` h

Start/Pause indicator Dry Level indicator



RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, OR INJURY To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to persons, read the IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS and OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS before operating this appliance.

Your new dryer

( Control panel, display area, program selector

0 Drum with interior light (depending on model) The interior light activates after the door is opened and after the program starts, it switches off automatically.

8 Open the door Close the door



BEFORE USING YOUR DRYER Read and follow all installation and operating instructions.

Check the machine. Never connect the utilities (power or water) to or start a damaged machine! Contact Customer Service! ~ Customer service; Page 4 Check to be sure the dryer drain hose is installed properly.

Turning the dryer on and off The rotating Program Selector turns the dryer on as drying cycle is selected and off when the selector is later turned to the vertical Off position.

Before using the dryer for the first time 1. Read these operating instructions carefully. 2. Check that the supply voltage corresponds with the

voltage specifications on the rating plate on the dryer, see top rear side of the dryer and/or rating plate label inside the dryer door. ~ Electrical Connections; Page 16

3. Remove all objects from the drum.

4. Check the dryer for visible damage. If damage found contact your dealer.

5. Wipe the inside of the drum with a damp cloth. 6. Check heating system. ~ Check heating system; Page 18

7. If the dryer does not work, switch the dryer to Off. Look in the Troubleshooting section of the operating instructions for support. ~ Troubleshooting; Page 34

Temporary disconnection of the dryer If you intend to go on vacation or are not using your dryer for an extended period of time, you should: 1. Turn off the circuit breaker. 2. Pull out the power supply plug if possible. 3. Clean the lint filter.

Using program selector to choose a drying cycle NOTICE: If the Child lock is activated, you must deactivate it before you can select a program. ~ Childproof lock; Page 25 Use the program selector to select the desired drying program. The dial turns in both directions and when a cycle is selected its time duration appears in the display.

@ Lint filter

H Air inlet

P Open the maintenance flap Close the maintenance flap



Program selection For optimum drying results your dryer offers several different types of programs to choose from. Select the required drying program from the program table according to the examples.~ Program selection table; Page 28

Automatic programs There are automatic programs for different types of textiles (regular/cotton, permanent press).

The program sequence of automatic programs is controlled by sensors. The duration of the program depends on the measured degree of moisture in the laundry and on the selected degree of dryness (e.g. Cotton Dry or Cotton Extra Dry).


Permanent Press

Special programs The programs Sanitize, Jeans, Towels, Hand Wash/Wool and Heavy Duty (depending on model) are made for special type fabric loads. ~ Program selection table; Page 28

Time programs Time programs run at specific temperatures and are suitable for delicate items, individual or a few small items and for adding additional drying time if necessary. ~ Default Program and Option settings; Page 29

Selecting program settings and additional options By selecting program settings and additional options, you can adjust the drying process to better suit the items you are drying. The settings can be selected and deselected depending on the cycle progress.

The indicator lamps of the buttons light up if the setting is active. For Time Dry, Finish in, Wrinkle Block, Low Heat and Signal the settings are not retained after the appliance is switched off. ~ Default Program and Option settings; Page 29 ~ Additional Program Option settings; Page 29 For Dry Level the setting is retained after the appliance is switched off. ~ Dry Level; Page 29


Loading the laundry


RISK OF EXPLOSION Do not dry laundry that has ever been in contact with solvents, oil, wax, grease or paint (e.g. nail varnish remover, stain remover, cleaning solvent, etc.).

1. Check lint filter.

The filter should be cleaned after or before every drying process. Cleaning the filter reduces the drying time and saves energy. ~ Cleaning the lint filter; Page 30

2. Load the laundry into the drum and close the door.

Tip: If the door has not been closed properly, the dryer will not start.

Tips After loading, close the door carefully so as not to trap any items between the door and the rubber seal. The door should close until a click is heard.

Foreign objects left in the drum may damage laundry. Before inserting any laundry, check to make sure no foreign objects are in the drum.

Recommended Load Size Recommended maximum load size can be found in the program selection table in this manual. ~ Program selection table; Page 28

Load the laundry

Place laundry in the empty drum. Put each piece of laundry into machine separately. For best results the laundry should be sorted according to type of laundry and desired degree of drying. ~ Sorting the laundry; Page 27 ~ Program selection table; Page 28 ~ Dry Level; Page 29

Starting the program 1. Rotate program selector to the desired program.

Select the program which corresponds to the laundry in the dryer from Program selection table. ~ Program selection table; Page 28

The Start/Pause indicator light starts flashing. 2. Touch the Start/Pause button. Indicator lamp lights up

and the cycle starts.

During the cycle, the display area indicates the estimated remaining time and symbols showing the cycle progress are lit.~ Display area; Page 20

NOTICES If you want to protect the cycle against inadvertent

adjustment, select the Childproof lock. ~ Childproof lock; Page 25

If indicator lights up, clean the lint filter and/or Condenser. ~ Cleaning the lint filter; Page 30 ~ Cleaning the Condenser; Page 32

If DR indicator lights up, check the drain hose and its connection. ~ Cleaning the Condenser; Page 32


3. If required, select Low Heat by pressing the button. ~ Additional Program Option settings; Page 29

4. If required, select Wrinkle Block by pressing the button. ~ Additional Program Option settings; Page 29

Tip: The estimated remaining time will be updated.

Indicator of program sequence Bosch dryers use an advanced control system which continually monitors the laundrys remaining moisture. The current state of the process and status of the program is shown by indicator lights (Damp, =, Dry, End).

Childproof lock You can secure the dryer against inadvertent changing of the set functions. To do this, activate the childproof lock after cycle start. To Activate/Deactivate, touch Time dry and Finish in buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. In the display field, you will see the D symbol light indicating the childproof lock is active.

NOTICE: The childproof lock will remain activated until the next cycle start even after switching the machine off. You must deactivate the childproof lock before the next cycle and, if necessary, activate it again after starting the cycle.

Selecting a different program If you have inadvertently started the wrong program, you can change this as follows: 1. Touch Start/Pause. 2. Select another program. 3. Touch Start/Pause. The new drying cycle starts from

the beginning.

Cancel program If required, you can cancel the selected program: 1. Touch Start/Pause. 2. Rotate the program selector to Off.

Program end

End appears in the display area and the Start/Pause button indicator lamp is off. After the program end, rotate the program selector to Off.

Removing laundry/switching the appliance off 1. Open the door and remove the laundry. 2. Turn the program selector to the Off position.

Appliance is switched off and dryer light goes out. 3. Clean lint filter. ~ Cleaning the lint filter; Page 30

4. Close the door.

Tip: If the display panel switches off and the Start/Pause button indicator is blinking at the end of a program, the Energy-saving mode is active. To activate the display, press any button. ~ Environmentally friendly use of your dryer; Page 8


Signal For switching the buzzer on and off touch the Signal button. The buzzer indicates program end if it is activated. Other alarms are not influenced by this option.

You can also change the following settings: volume for buzzer volume for button signals To change these settings always activate adjustment mode first.

Activate adjustment mode

1. Select Cotton Extra Dry on position 1. The appliance is on.

2. Hold down Start/Pause and turn the program selector to the right (position 3). Release Start/Pause button.

Adjustment mode is now activated and the default volume for buzzer appears in the display.

Changing the volume You can set the volume by touching the Time dry (volume down) or Finish in (volume up) button with the program selector in the following positions: Position 3 for buzzer volume

Position 4 for button signals volume

Quit adjustment mode Turn the program selector to Off position. The settings were saved.

0 = off, 1 = soft, 2 = mid, 3 = loud, 4 = very loud

0 = off, 1 = soft, 2 = mid, 3 = loud, 4 = very loud


Laundry Laundry Preparing the laundry NOTICE: Damage to the appliance/fabrics. Foreign objects (e.g. coins, paper-clips, needles, nails) may damage the laundry or components in the dryer. Therefore, note the following tips when preparing your laundry: Empty all pockets to ensure no loose debris (coins,

keys, other hard objects and cigarette lighters) are placed in the dryer drum.

Close any fasteners (such as zippers, hooks and eyelets) that could cause laundry to catch or become entangled. Button up covers. Tie cloth belts, apron strings, etc. together or use a laundry bag.

Remove any foreign objects or non-washable parts. The drum must be empty prior to loading textiles.

Sorting the laundry Check the care labels on each laundry item prior to drying. They provide valuable information as well as limitations about laundry process (temperature etc.) to help you choose an appropriate cycle.

Do not dry the following textiles in the dryer: air-tight textiles (e.g. rubberized), delicate fabrics (silk, synthetic curtains).

Drying tips To ensure a uniform drying result, sort the laundry

according to fabric type and drying program. Always dry very small items (such as socks and

handkerchiefs) and underwired bras together with large items of laundry or in a laundry bag.

Do not over-dry easy-care laundry - risk of wrinkling! Allow laundry to finish drying in the air.

Do not iron laundry immediately after drying. Place the laundry in a pile for a short while. Residual moisture will then be distributed uniformly.

Knitted fabrics (e.g. T-shirts, jerseys) often shrink when tumble-dried for the first time. Do not use the Extra Dry program.

Only dry wool fabrics with the use of drying rack accessory. To refresh or fluff up wool articles use the Hand Wash/Wool program and remove load from dryer and layout on flat surface to finish drying.

For pre-dried, multi-layered fabrics or small, individual items of laundry, use the Time program. Also suitable for adding additional drying time if necessary. ~ Program selection; Page 23 ~ Program selection table; Page 28

Some detergents and textile care products, starch or softeners may contain chemicals that may become deposited on the moisture sensors negatively affecting their function and the drying results. When washing laundry to be tumble-dried, use the

correct amount of detergent and textile care products as specified in the manufacturer's instructions.

Clean the moisture sensor regularly. ~ Cleaning the moisture sensors; Page 33


Program selection table Program selection table

Tip: For best results it is recommended to load the amount of textiles into the drum according to the fabric type and amount shown in the above table.

Programs Max. load up to:

Type of laundry

Standard programs Cotton Dry full load Normal cotton and linen type load (bed linen, cotton clothes, etc.) Cotton Extra Dry full load Terry bathrobes and terry bed linen (particularly thick or multi-ply) Perm P Damp 1/2 load Trousers, dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses, leggings, sports clothing with synthetic-

rich fibers, lingerie (not to be or only lightly ironed) Perm P Dry 1/2 load Shirts, blouses, sports clothing (not to be ironed) Perm Press Extra Dry 1/2 load Bed linen and table linen, track suits, parkas, blankets (not to be ironed, thick or

multi-ply) Delicates 1/4 load Lingerie made of synthetic fibers, cotton or blended fabric Quick 40 1/3 load Multi-layered fabrics.

Sensitive fabrics made of synthetic or acrylic fibers. Also for adding additional drying time if necessary

Timed Dry Variable 1/3 load Multi-layered fabrics. Sensitive fabrics made of synthetic or acrylic fibers. Also for adding additional drying time if necessary.

Hand Wash/Wool 1/3 load Wool fabrics suitable for washing or delicate hand washed items. Use to freshen or fluff up wool articles. Remove items after program end and spread out on flat surface to finish drying. Use of Drying rack is recommended~ Drying rack; Page 14

Air Fluff/No Heat 1/3 load All types of fabrics. For freshing up or airing out of garments that have been worn for a short period of time.

Quick Dry Auto 1/4 load Laundry made of synthetic fibers, cotton or blended fabrics (for example) that needs to be dried quickly

Special programs Towels 1/3 load Mix of cotton and synthetic textiles that do not require sensitive temperatures and

treatments. Sanitize 1/2 load Cotton fabrics for drying at high temperatures. Jeans 1/2 load Fabrics made from jeans/denim. Heavy Duty full load Terry towels, kitchen towels, hand towels, bed linen, underwear, cotton socks


Default Program and Option settings At the factory initial settings are pre-set for all cycles. You can change some program settings as follows.

Dry Level This option adjusts the drying time in small steps for certain programs. Default setting = OFF (no LED Symbol shown) Selectable values: OFF, +1, +2, +3 The Dry Level is retained until changed.

NOTICE: The higher the number value the increased time of drying.

Time Dry Available only for Time programs, ~ Program selection table; Page 28 can be selected from minimum 20 minutes to maximum 3 hours, in 10-minute steps.

Finish in The program end (Finish in) time can be set in one hour increments to a maximum of 24 h (hours). After selecting the desired drying program (at the dial) but before touching the Start button, touch the Finish in button until the desired time is displayed, e.g. 8 h, then touch the Start button to start the dryer.

NOTICE: The cycle duration is included in the set Finish in time. Here is an example of 1hr:30min cycle time and an 8 h Finish in time. 8 h is displayed (until Energy-saving mode activates) and counts down (approximately 6hr:30min) until the drying cycle begins (at 1hr:30min) then the cycle duration 1:30 is displayed and drying begins. Total time approximately 8 hours.

Additional Program Option settings

Wrinkle Block If the Wrinkle Block option is activated it prevents the laundry from creasing or wrinkling. The drum rotates at specific intervals after the drying process allowing the load to remain loose and fluffy until removed. If the Wrinkle Block button is touched, this function is set to 60 (+60m) or 90 (+90m) minutes.

The laundry remains loose and fluffy until it is removed. The laundry should be removed before this time has elapsed.

Low Heat Reduced temperature for delicate fabrics, e.g. polyacrylic, polyamide or elastane, with longer drying

Spin speed The Spin Speed setting is based on your washers normal spin speed. Adjusting this setting allows the dryers displayed time to be as close as possible to the actual drying time.

NOTICE: The spin speed is not the same as the rotation speed of the dryer drum.

To change the dryers Spin Speed setting follow the instructions below.

Activate adjustment mode

1. Select Cotton Extra Dry on position 1. The appliance is on.

2. Touch and hold Start/Pause and turn the program selector to the right (position 2). Release Start/Pause button.

Adjustment mode is now activated and the default value (1000 rpm) appears in the display.

Change spin speed Press the Time dry or Finish in button to change the setting (allowable values are between 600 and 1800 in increments of 100).

Quit adjustment mode Turn the program selector to Off position. The settings were saved.


USER-MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS User-maintenace instructions SER-MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Your appliance is designed to give you years of service. Observe the following instructions to maintain your appliance and keep it in top operating condition.


RISK OF EXPLOSION Never use solvents or highly flammable liquids for cleaning.


Regular Maintenance, especially cleaning the lint filters is important! Improper cleaning may damage the dryer or cause injury. Do not spray with a hose or pressure washer. Do not use scouring agents or all-purpose cleaners. Do not use steam cleaners. Do not use bleach-based wipes.

Cleaning the Dryer's exterior Clean the Dryer's exterior surfaces by wiping with a soft cloth and soapy water only. Wipe the drum, door seal and inside of the door with a damp cloth only.

NOTICE: Do not clean with a water jet. Remove detergent and cleaning agent residue immediately.

During drying, water may occasionally accumulate between the window and the seal. This does not affect the proper operation of your dryer.

Cleaning the lint filter area


FIRE HAZARD Follow these instructions when cleaning the lint filter area. DO NOT extend any cleaning device or object

more than six inches (6") beyond the lint filter opening.

Only use a soft instrument (rubber, cloth or soft bristles) for cleaning inside the lint filter area.

With both lint filters removed, wipe or vacuum around the lint filter opening and no more than six inches below the opening.

Over time, lint from the drying process collects in the lint filter area. This lint can be easily removed using a vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the lint filter Dirty filters prolong the drying time and increases energy consumption.

The filter should be cleaned before or after each drying process.

If indicator lights up during a drying program, clean the filter immediately.

Tip: The program is interrupted automatically.

To clean the lint filter: 1. Turn the Program Selector to switch off the appliance.


The inside of the door heats up during the drying process. The drum, the door and the laundry may be hot.


2. Open the door.

3. Pull out filter.

Remove the lint from the lint filter opening and area below. Ensure that no lint falls into opening below.

4. Open the filter.

5. Remove lint (run hand over filter).

NOTICE: Severely dirty or clogged lint filter should be rinsed under warm running water.

The filter must be dried thoroughly before being placed back into dryer.

6. Close the filter and re-insert it.

7. Close the door.


Cleaning the Condenser The Condenser requires periodic cleaning (recommended once per month under normal drying conditions). The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount and type loads being dried.

To clean the Condenser: 1. If the dryer is hot, run on Air Fluff/No Heat program to

allow the dryer to cool down. 2. Residual water may escape, place an absorbent cloth

under the maintenance flap. 3. Unlock the maintenance flap and open it completely.

4. Turn both locking levers towards each other.

5. Pull out the Condenser cap.

6. Remove the Condenser.

NOTICE: Do not damage the Condenser! Clean with warm water only. Do not use hard or sharp edged objects!

7. Rinse the Condenser and the cap on all sides with a jet of water to completely remove all of the lint and fluff.

8. Remove all lint and fluff from the seals on the dryer and Condenser.

9. Allow the cap and the Condenser to dry fully. 10. First insert the Condenser, then the cap. 11. Turn back both locking levers.

12. Close the maintenance flap until it locks into position.

13. Look in the Troubleshooting table to reset the maintenance indication. ~ Troubleshooting; Page 34


Cleaning the moisture sensors The dryer is equipped with a stainless-steel moisture sensor. The moisture sensor measures how damp the laundry is. After long periods of use the moisture sensor may become covered by a fine layer of limescale or residue of detergents and textile care products. Such residue must be removed regularly as the sensor function will be impaired and the drying results less than desired.

To clean the moisture sensors: 1. Open the door.

2. The deposit on the sensors can easily be removed by wiping the sensors (the two bars next to the lint filter) with a cloth and white vinegar.

NOTICE: Use white vinegar only! Clean the moisture sensors once a month.

Maintenance of drain hose If DR indicator lights up check the drain hose for kinks, restrictions or blockage.

NOTICE: If DR indicator still lights up after the above steps are taken, you should contact Customer Service.

Replacing fuses in the Power Adapter - step-by-step Fuses are a required safety device intended to last for the life of the product. In the unlikely event one fails follow the below steps to replace it. 1. Unplug the Washer and Dryer cords from the Power

Adapter. Unplug the Power Adapter from the wall outlet.

2. Remove fuse holder using a pointed tool as shown (e.g. pick or small screwdriver).

3. Replace suspected bad fuse with a known good one.


4. Reinstall the fuse and fuse holder in the Power Adapter ensuring it snaps into place.


Troubleshooting Troubleshoting Introduction NOTICE: Before doing maintenance work or trying to fix a problem, rotate the program selector to Off.

If the power supply is interrupted during operation, the program will not continue when power is restored. When power is restored, confirm program and selected options are as desired and then press the Start/Pause button.


RISK OF INJURY TO SKIN The door, the drum and the laundry may be hot.


RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! EXPLOSION HAZARD Repairs or replacement of parts should be carried out by authorized service providers only.

Before calling Customer Service, check whether you can rectify the problem yourself by means of the following table.

If a problem cannot be rectified or a repair is required: 1. Set program selector to Off. 2. Disconnect the dryer from the power outlet. 3. Call Customer Service. ~ Customer service; Page 4

General Troubleshooting Often when you encounter a problem it will be something minor. Before you call Customer Service, consider the suggestions and instructions below:

NOTICE: The troubleshooting items listed below can help resolve minor issues with your dryer quickly and without the necessity of a service call.


Determing the Problem

Problem Possible cause(s) Solution(s) Dryer does not start. Start/Pause indicator light does not flash.

Power cord end not inserted at all or not inserted correctly.

Insert power cord end correctly.

A fuse is blown or breaker is tripped.

Replace fuse or reset breaker. For replacing the fuses in the supplied Power Adapter.~ Replacing fuses in the Power Adapter - step-by-step; Page 33

Door not closed properly. Check if laundry is caught in the door. Close the door until a click is heard.

Program not selected. Rotate the program selector to desired program. ~ Program selection table; Page 28

The display panel and indicator lights go out, Start/Pause indicator light flashes.

Energy-saving mode is activated. Touch any button to activate the display. ~ Environmentally friendly use of your dryer; Page 8

The display panel and Start/Pause indicator switch off.

Sleep mode after setting the Finish in option is activated.

Touch any button to activate the display.

Dryer does not start. Start/Pause indicator- flashes.

Start/Pause button not pressed. Press the Start/Pause button to start the cycle.

indicator light up. Lint filter dirty. Clean lint filter. ~ Cleaning the lint filter; Page 30 Touch the Start/Pause button to reset the displayed indication and then touch Start/Pause button again to reset the appliance if necessary.

Condenser dirty. Clean Condenser. ~ Cleaning the Condenser; Page 32 Touch the Start/Pause button to reset the displayed indication and then touch Start/Pause button again to reset the appliance if necessary.

DR indicator light up. Water has not drained completely.

Drain hose is blocked. Check drain hose. ~ Maintenance of drain hose; Page 33 Check drain hose connection conditions.

Water is leaking out. Dryer is not leveled. Level the dryer. ~ Leveling the dryer; Page 18

The Condenser seal is dirty. Clean the Condenser seal. ~ Cleaning the Condenser; Page 32

Drain hose is leaking. Check entire length of drain hose for leaks; replace if necessary. Check that hose is clamped on hose barb at back of the dryer securely.

Program terminates shortly after starting.

Laundry is not loaded. Load the laundry. ~ Loading the laundry; Page 24

Load too small for selected pro- gram.

Use time program. ~ Program selection; Page 23 ~ Program selection table; Page 28

Loaded laundry is too dry. Check the loaded laundry. If it is dry, open the door, remove laundry and turn program selector to Off.

The door opens by itself.

The door not closed properly. Close the door until a click is heard.


If troubleshooting did not solve your issue contact Customer Service ~ Customer service; Page 4

Creasing. Laundry load exceeded. Unsuitable program selected.

Do not exceed the maximum load for selected pro- gram. Remove items of laundry immediately after the end of the program, hang them up and pull into shape. Turn program selector to Off. ~ Program selection table; Page 28 Select Wrinkle Block button to prevent the laundry from creasing or wrinkling. ~ Wrinkle Block; Page 29

Drying result is not sat- isfactory (laundry feels too damp).

Warm laundry may feel more damp than it really is.

Remove items of laundry immediately after the end of the program and turn the program selector to Off.

The selected program does not suit the load.

Use another drying program or, in addition, select the time program. ~ Program selection table; Page 28

Dryness level is not adjusted. Use Dry Level to adjust the dryness level. ~ Dry Level; Page 29

Fine layer of limescale or detergent and textile care products residues on the moisture sensors.

Clean the moisture sensors. ~ Cleaning the moisture sensors; Page 33

Program termination e.g. main power supply failure, door open or maximum drying time reached.

See the problem(s) mentioned in this table.

Initial load is too wet. Spin laundry at higher speed in the washing machine, before drying. Switch off the dryer, and than turn it on again.

Drying time too long. Lint filter and/or Condenser is dirty. Clean lint filter ~ Cleaning the lint filter; Page 30 and/or Condenser. ~ Cleaning the Condenser; Page 32

Insufficient supply of ambient air for cooling. Air inlet possibly blocked.

Ensure that cool ambient room air can freely circulate near the dryer. ~ Installation for best performance; Page 9 Do not obstruct the air inlet on the front of the dryer.

Ambient temperature is lower than 59F/15C or higher than 86F/ 30C .

Ensure the ambient room conditions are within this range.

Program does not start Finish in (remaining) time is displayed.

A delayed starting time has been selected and activated.

Drying cycle will begin at proper time to complete at the selected Finish in time.

Program does not start - D symbol lit up.

Childproof look is activated. Deactivate Childproof look. ~ Childproof lock; Page 25

One or more indicator lights are flashing.

Lint filter or/and Condenser is dirty. Clean lint filter or/and Condenser (see solution of the problem(s) in this table above).

Installation conditions are not ade- quate.

Check the installation conditions. ~ Electrical Connections; Page 16

Fault in program sequence or mal- function.

Switch off the dryer, allow it to cool down, switch back on and restart the program.

Power failure. Remove laundry from the dryer immediately and spread out. This allows the heat to dissipate. Be care- ful as the door, the drum and the laundry may be hot.

Problem Possible cause(s) Solution(s)


STATEMENT OF LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY STATEMENT OF LIMITED PRODUCT WARANTY Bosch Clothes Dryer What this Warranty Covers & Who it Applies to: The limited warranty provided by BSH Home Appliances (Bosch) in this Statement of Limited Product Warranty applies only to the Bosch appliance ("Product") sold to you provided that the Product was purchased: For your normal, household (non-commercial) use,

and has in fact at all times only been used for normal household purposes.

New at retail (not a display, as is, or previously returned model), and not for resale, or commercial use.

Within the United States or Canada, and has at all times remained within the country of original purchase.

The warranties stated herein apply to the original purchaser of the product warranted herein and to each succeeding owner of the product purchased for ordinary home use during the term of the warranty. Please make sure to return your registration card; while not necessary to effectuate warranty coverage, it is the best way for Bosch to notify you in the unlikely event of a safety notice or product recall.

Limitation for Third Party Accessories: Third party accessories, other than those shipped with your Bosch appliance, and any consequential damages resulting therefrom, are not covered by this warranty. This limitation expressly includes the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, which are also expressly excluded with respect to third party accessories, other than those shipped with your Bosch appliance. Use of third party accessories, other than those shipped with your Bosch appliance, does not void this warranty on any other part, and all other provisions of this warranty remain in effect.

How Long the Warranty Lasts: Bosch warrants that the Product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three hundred sixty-five days (365) days from the date of the original purchase. The foregoing timeline begins to run upon the date of the original purchase, and shall not be stalled, tolled, extended, or suspended, for any reason whatsoever. This product is also warranted to be free from cosmetic defects in material and workmanship (such as scratches of stainless steel, paint/porcelain blemishes, chips, dents, or other damage to the finish) of the Product, for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of purchase or closing date for new construction. This cosmetic warranty excludes slight color variations due to inherent differences in painted and porcelain parts, as well as differences caused by kitchen lighting, product location, or other similar factors. This cosmetic warranty specifically excludes any display, floor, As Is, or B stock appliances.

SCOPE OF EXTENDED LIMITED WARRANTY Bosch will repair or replace, free of charge, any printed circuit boards, drive motor or component part of the drive motor that proves defective under conditions of normal home use during the first seven hundred thirty (730) days from the date of the orginal purchase, labor charges excluded.

Repair/Replace as Your Exclusive Remedy: During this warranty period, Bosch or one of its authorized service providers will repair your Product without charge to you (subject to certain limitations stated herein) if your Product proves to have been manufactured with a defect in materials or workmanship. If reasonable attempts to repair the Product have been made without success, then Bosch will replace your Product (upgraded models may be available to you, in Boschs sole discretion, for an additional charge). Nothing in this warranty requires damaged or defective parts to be replaced with parts of a different type or design than the original part. All removed parts and components shall become property of Bosch at its sole option. All replaced and/or repaired parts shall assume the identity of the original part for purposes of this warranty and this warranty shall not to be extended with respect to such parts. Boschs sole liability and responsibility hereunder is to repair manufacturer- defective Product only, using a Bosch authorized service provider during normal business hours. For safety and property damage concerns, Bosch highly recommends that you do not attempt to repair the Product yourself, or use a non--authorized servicer provider; Bosch will have no responsibility or liability for repairs or work performed by a non-authorized servicer provider. Authorized service providers are those persons or companies that have been specially trained on Bosch products, and who possess, in Boschs opinion, a superior reputation for customer service and technical ability (note that they are independent entities and are not agents, partners, affiliates or representatives of Bosch). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Bosch will not incur any liability, or have responsibility, for the Product if it is located in a remote area (more than 100 miles from an authorized service provider) or is in a reasonably inaccessible, hazardous, threatening, or treacherous locale, surroundings, or environment; in any such event, if you request, Bosch would still pay for labor and parts and ship the parts to the nearest authorized service provider, but you would still be fully liable and responsible for any travel time or other special charges by the service company, assuming they agree to make the service call.

Out of Warranty Product: Bosch is under no obligation, at law or otherwise, to provide you with any concessions, including repairs, prorates, or Product replacement, once this warranty has expired.


Warranty Exclusions: The warranty coverage described herein excludes all defects or damage that are not the direct fault of Bosch, including without limitation, one or more of the following: Use of the Product in anything other than its normal,

customary and intended manner (including without limitation, any form of commercial use, use or storage of an indoor product outdoors, use of the Product in conjunction with air or water-going vessels).

Any partys willful misconduct, negligence, misuse, abuse, accidents, neglect, improper operation, failure to maintain, improper or negligent installation, tampering, failure to follow operating instructions, mishandling, unauthorized service (including self performed fixing or exploration of the appliances internal workings).

Adjustment, alteration or modification of any kind. A failure to comply with any applicable state, local,

city, or county electrical, plumbing and/or building codes, regulations, or laws, including failure to install the product in strict conformity with local fire and building codes and regulations.

Ordinary wear and tear, spills of food, liquid, grease accumulations, or other substances that accumulate on, in, or around the Product.

Any external, elemental and/or environmental forces and factors, including without limitation, rain, wind, sand, floods, fires, mud slides, freezing temperatures, excessive moisture or extended exposure to humidity, lightning, power surges, structural failures surrounding the appliance, and acts of God.

In no event shall Bosch have any liability or responsibility whatsoever for damage to surrounding property, including cabinery, floors, ceilings, and other structures or objects around the Product. Also excluded from this warranty are Products on which the serial numbers have been altered, defected, or removed; service visits to teach you how to use the Product, or visits where there is nothing wrong with the Product; correction of installation problems (you are solely responsible for any structure and setting for the Product, including all electrical, plumbing or other connecting facilities, for proper foundation/flooring, and for any alterations including without limitation cabinetry, walls, floors, shelving, etc.); and resetting of breakers or fuses.


How to Obtain Warranty Service: To obtain warranty service for your Product, you should contact Bosch Customer Service Department at 1-800- 944-2904 to schedule a repair.


Manualsnet FAQs

If you want to find out how the 300 Series Bosch works, you can view and download the Bosch 300 Series WTG86403UC Dryer Use and Care Manual on the Manualsnet website.

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