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English | 5

English Safety instructions

Read all the safety information and instruc- tions. Failure to observe the safety informa- tion and follow instructions may result in elec- tric shock, fire and/or serious injury.

Save all warnings and instructions for future reference.

u This garment is not intended for use by children or persons with physical, sensory or mental limita- tions or a lack of experience or knowledge. This garment can be used by chil- dren aged 8 or older and by per- sons who have physical, sensory or mental limitations or a lack of experience or knowledge if a per- son responsible for their safety su- pervises them or has instructed them in the safe operation of the garment and they understand the associated dangers. Otherwise, there is a risk of operating errors and injuries.

u Supervise children. This will ensure that children do not play with the garment.

u Children must not be allowed to clean and perform maintenance on the garment without supervision.

u If, whilst using the garment, you suffer the symptoms listed below, take the garment off immediately and consult a doctor. Otherwise, there is a risk of heat ex- haustion or heatstroke.

Early signs: Any discomfort; excessive sweating; neck pain; nausea; dizziness or drowsiness

Symptoms of heat exhaustion/heatstroke: Nausea and vomiting; throbbing headache; dizziness and drowsiness; absence of perspiration; red, hot and dry skin; muscle weakness or seizures; rapid heartbeat;

quick, shallow breathing; behavioural changes such as confusion, disorientation or staggering; unconsciousness

u Do not use the garment if you suffer from conditions that make you susceptible to overheating, or if your body contains a medical implant. Ask your doctor and/ or the manufacturer of the medical implant whether you can use this heated garment.

u Switch off the heating function of the garment when in a warm environment. There is a danger of heatstroke.

u Do not use the garment to keep infants or helpless, sleeping or unconscious persons or persons with cir- culatory disorders warm. The wearer must be able to immediately sense the temperature of the garment and his/her own well-being in order to prevent overheating.

u The garment is not intended for use in hospitals. u Do not insert pins or other sharp objects into the gar-

ment. A damaged heating element or a damaged con- nector plug cable causes the garment to malfunction and increases the risk of electric shock or fire.

u Do not misuse the connector plug cable for anything other than its intended purpose, e.g. do not use it for carrying or pulling the garment or for unplugging the battery. Keep the cable away from oil, sharp objects and moving components. Do not bend the cable. A damaged heating element or a damaged connector plug cable causes the garment to malfunction and increases the risk of electric shock or fire.

u The garment is not waterproof. Intrusion of water in- creases the risk of electric shock. If the garment does get wet, immediately unplug the battery and remove it from the battery adapter.

u Do not fold a garment when heated, and do not store any objects on top of it. A damaged heating element or a damaged connector plug cable causes the garment to malfunction and increases the risk of electric shock or fire.

u Carefully observe the care and cleaning instructions of the garment. Insufficient care poses a danger of elec- tric shock or fire.

u Leave the garment to cool down completely before you store it.

u Check for signs of wear or damage on the garment at regular intervals. If such signs are present or if the gar- ment has been used improperly, do not use the garment again and return it to the retailer.

u Only have your garment repaired by qualified person- nel using only original spare parts. This will ensure that the safety of the garment is maintained.

u Do not open the battery. There is a risk of short-circuit- ing.

u In case of damage and improper use of the battery, va- pours may be emitted. The battery can set alight or ex- plode. Ensure the area is well ventilated and seek medical attention should you experience any adverse effects. The vapours may irritate the respiratory system.

Bosch Power Tools 1 609 92A 5CB | (07.08.2019)

6 | English

u If used incorrectly or if the battery is damaged, flam- mable liquid may be ejected from the battery. Contact with this liquid should be avoided. If contact accident- ally occurs, rinse off with water. If the liquid comes into contact with your eyes, seek additional medical attention. Liquid ejected from the battery may cause ir- ritation or burns.

u The battery can be damaged by pointed objects such as nails or screwdrivers or by force applied externally. An internal short circuit may occur, causing the battery to burn, smoke, explode or overheat.

u When the battery is not in use, keep it away from pa- per clips, coins, keys, nails, screws or other small metal objects that could make a connection from one terminal to another. A short circuit between the battery terminals may cause burns or a fire.

u Only use the battery with products from the manufac- turer. This is the only way in which you can protect the battery against dangerous overload.

u Only charge the batteries using chargers recommen- ded by the manufacturer. A charger that is suitable for one type of battery may pose a fire risk when used with a different battery.

Protect the battery against heat, e.g. against continuous intense sunlight, fire, water and moisture. There is a risk of explo- sion.

u When the battery is inserted, protect the garment from heat and, for example, from fire, water, moisture and long periods of direct sunlight. There is a risk of ex- plosion.

u Observe the notes for disposal of the battery. u CAUTION! Use only those batteries recommended in

"Technical data". The use of other batteries may cause risk of explosion.

u Do not insert the battery into the battery adapter if the release buttons are broken or faulty. The battery may fall out during operation.

Product Description and Specifications Please observe the illustrations at the beginning of this oper- ating manual.

Intended Use The garment is intended to keep the body warm in cold am- bient temperatures.

Product Features The numbering of the product features refers to the repres- entation of the garment on the graphic pages.

(1) On/off switch and heat controller (2) Battery adapter (3) Heating elements

(4) Connector plug (5) Inside pocket for battery adapter (6) Inside pocket for large documents (7) Battery A)

(8) Battery release button (9) Socket for connector plug

(10) Belt clip (11) USB port (12) Activation button for USB connection A) Accessories shown or described are not included with the

product as standard. You can find the complete selection of accessories in our accessories range.

Technical Data Heated jacket GHJ 10,8+18V Unisex Article number 1 600 A01 3.. Sizes S/M/L Voltage V 10.8 Nominal capacity, max. W 9.5 Battery adapter GAA 10,8V-21 Article number 1 600 A01 435 USB port USB 2.0 Charging voltage V 5.0 Charge current A 2.1 Battery Permitted ambient temperature during charging C 0 to +45 during operationA) and

during storage C 20 to +50

Recommended batteries GBA 10,8V... GBA 12V...

Recommended chargers AL 11.. CV GAL 12.. CV

A) Limited performance at temperatures <0 C

Preparing the Garment Charging the Battery u The battery adapter does not serve as a charger. Do

not use any in-car USB charging cables to charge the battery. Using in-car USB charging cables can damage the battery and/or the battery adapter.

Note: The battery is supplied partially charged. To ensure full battery capacity, fully charge the battery in the charger before using your power tool for the first time. The lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time without reducing its service life. Interrupting the charging process does not damage the battery. The lithium-ion battery is protected against deep discharge by the "Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)". When the battery

1 609 92A 5CB | (07.08.2019) Bosch Power Tools

English | 7

is discharged, the power tool is switched off by means of a protective circuit: The application tool no longer rotates. u Do not continue to press the on/off switch after the

heating elements have been automatically switched off. This can damage the battery.

Inserting and Removing the Battery (see figures A1A2) u Do not use force to insert the battery. The battery is de-

signed in such a way that it can only be inserted into the battery adapter when it is in the right position.

To insert the battery (7), push it all the way into the battery adapter (2). To remove the battery (7), press the release buttons (8) on the battery and pull it out of the battery adapter (2).

Connecting Heating Elements (see figures B1B2) Plug the connector plug (4) into the socket (9) on the bat- tery adapter. The on/off switch (1) lights up briefly when the battery is charged. Slide the battery adapter (2) into the pocket (5) provided in the garment or attach the battery adapter to your belt using the belt clip (10).

Using the Garment Switching the Heating Function on/off (see figure C) Ensure that the battery (7) is charged and correctly inserted into the battery adapter (2), and that the heating elements (3) are connected. To heat, press the on/off switch (1) until the LED of the on/ off switch lights up red. Note: The highest heating level is always set when the heat- ing is switched on. To switch off, press and hold the on/off switch (1) until the LED goes out.

Setting the Heating Level The heating level is indicated by the colour of the LED on the on/off switch (1). LED Thermal output Red High Green Medium Blue Low

Repeatedly press the on/off switch (1) until the LED displays the required heating level. u Set the lowest heating level (blue) for continuous op-

eration. In the event of overheating, there is a risk of gar- ment malfunction and of injury.

Charging External USB Devices (see figure D) You can use the USB port on the battery adapter to increase the battery runtime of various battery-operated USB devices, e.g. mobile phones or MP3 players. This can also be done whilst the garment is being heated. u Ensure that your external USB device can be charged

using the USB port on the battery adapter. Refer to the specifications related to this topic in "Technical data".

Connect the charging cable of your USB device to the USB socket (11) on the battery adapter (2). Press the activation button (12) for approx. three seconds. The connected USB device will be charged. To save energy, the USB port is automatically deactivated after approx. 2 hours. If no charging cable is connected, the USB port is automatically deactivated after 30 seconds.

Rectifying Faults Problem Corrective measures Garment is not being heated. Charge the battery.

Connect the connector plug (4) correctly. Press and hold the on/off switch (1) until the LED lights up red.

One or more heating ele- ments are not heating up.

Contact the garment retailer.

Garment switches itself off automatically.

Overheating protection is ac- tivated: Press the on/off switch (1) to switch off the heating elements and leave garment to cool down for ap- prox. 30 minutes. Contact the garment retailer.

External USB device cannot be charged using the USB port.

Charge the battery. Connect the charging cable of the external USB device to the USB socket (11) on the battery adapter (2). Press the activation button (12) for approx. three seconds. The external USB device can- not be charged using the USB port on the battery ad- apter (refer to specifications in "Technical data" A)).

A) Some external USB devices cannot be charged with this battery adapter despite being consistent with the technical data.

Bosch Power Tools 1 609 92A 5CB | (07.08.2019)

8 | English

Maintenance and Service u Before undertaking any work on the garment itself

(e.g. cleaning, etc.), as well as during transport and storage, remove the battery from the battery adapter.

Cleaning u Remove the battery adapter from the garment before

cleaning. If the battery adapter becomes wet, it can cause a malfunction of the garment.

Remove all contents from the pockets when cleaning the gar- ment, especially the battery adapter (2), the battery (7) and any connected USB cables. The connector plug (4) can be washed with the garment. Follow the instructions on the care label in the garment:

Machine wash on medium temperature setting

Do not bleach

Tumble-dry on low temperature setting

Do not iron

Do not wring out

Do not dry clean

Not to be used by very young children (03 years)

Do not insert pins

After-Sales Service and Application Service Our after-sales service responds to your questions concern- ing maintenance and repair of your product as well as spare parts. You can find explosion drawings and information on spare parts at: The Bosch product use advice team will be happy to help you with any questions about our products and their accessor- ies. In all correspondence and spare parts orders, please always include the 10digit article number given on the nameplate of the product.

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Service Email: Official Website:,

Transport The contained lithium-ion batteries are subject to the Dan- gerous Goods Legislation requirements. The batteries are suitable for road-transport by the user without further re- strictions. When shipping by third parties (e.g.: by air transport or for- warding agency), special requirements on packaging and la- belling must be observed. For preparation of the item being shipped, consulting an expert for hazardous material is re- quired. Dispatch battery packs only when the housing is undam- aged. Tape or mask off open contacts and pack up the bat- tery in such a manner that it cannot move around in the packaging. Please also observe the possibility of more de- tailed national regulations.

Disposal Power tools, rechargeable batteries, accessor- ies and packaging should be sorted for environ- mental-friendly recycling. Do not dispose of power tools and batteries/re- chargeable batteries into household waste!

Battery packs/batteries: Li-ion: Please observe the notes in the section on transport (see "Transport", page 11).

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(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) A)

(8) (9)

(10) (11) USB (12) USB A)

. .

GHJ 10,8+18V Unisex 1 600 A01 3.. S/M/L V 10.8 , W 9.5 GAA 10,8V-21 1 600 A01 435 USB USB 2.0 V 5.0 A 2.1 C 0...+45 A)

C 20...+50

GBA 10,8V... GBA 12V...

1 609 92A 5CB | (07.08.2019) Bosch Power Tools

| 13

AL 11.. CV

GAL 12.. CV A) <0 C

u .

USB . .

: . . , . . Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) ( ) . . u

. .

( A1A2 ) u .


 (7)  (2) .  (7)  (8)  (2) .

( B1B2 )  (4)  (9) .  (1) .  (2)  (5)  (10) .

/( C )  (7)  (2)  (3) . LED  (1) .

: . LED  (1) .

 (1) LED . LED LED  (1) . u ()

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. "" .

USB (2) USB (11) .  (12) 3 . USB . 2 USB . 30 USB .


(4) . LED (1) .




:  (1) 30 . .

Bosch Power Tools 1 609 92A 5CB | (07.08.2019)

14 |


. USB (2) USB (11)  (12) 3 . USB USB (" " A)).

A) USB .

u ( )


u .


,  (2),  (7) USB .  (4) . .


AS AS , . - . 10 . 080-955-0909

. . 3 ( ) . . . . .

, , . / !

/: : ( ,  14).

1 609 92A 5CB | (07.0

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