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ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard 3

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Installing your gaming keyboard Connect the USB connector of your gaming keyboard to the USB port of your computer... Your computer automatically detects and installs the keyboard driver... When the installation is completed, you can start using your gaming keyboard...

Getting to know your Gaming Keyboard


Media player control (Turn on, stop/pause, previous, next)

Backlight control on/off

Volume down / volume up [Fn] + PgUp/PgDn: Increase or decrease backlight brightness

[Fn] key

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User Manual 4


19 Key anti-ghosting

Q Space





X Tab

E Alt (Left)

D Ctrl (Left)

C Shift (Left)


Hot keys





Volume down

Volume up

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Multimedia keys Combine the [Fn] key and some keys to quickly access your mails, files, and other functions on your computer...

[Fn] + [F1] Launch Media Player

[Fn] + [F2] Volume down

[Fn] + [F3] Volume up

[Fn] + [F4] Mute

[Fn] + [F5] Stop

[Fn] + [F6] Previous

[Fn] + [F7] Play/Pause

[Fn] + [F8] Next

[Fn] + [F9] Launch Mail

[Fn] + [F10] Launch the web browser

[Fn] + [F11] Lock the keyboard

[Fn] + [F12] Launch the calculator

[Fn] + [Q] Launch the Rapid fire mode (repeating keystrokes)

[Fn] + [Tab] Transfer W / A / S / D keys to arrow keys

[Fn] + [Win] Disable the Windows key

NOTE: Once you disconnect the gaming keyboard from the USB port of your computer, [Fn] + [F11], [Fn] + [Q], [Fn] + [Tab], and [Fn] + [Win] function keys will be reset to factory defaults...

Using the Swap mode The Swap mode lets you exchange the functions of some keys, except for these keys: F1~F12, Q, Tab, Win, ESC, Caps Lock, Insert, Home, and media keys...

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User Manual 6


To use the Swap mode:

1... Press [FN] + [Home] and wait for the Win Lock key to light up and turn red, indicating that the Swap mode is enabled...

2... Press a key (for example, key A), and the Win Lock LED flashes red...

3... Press another key (for example, key S) and the Win Lock LED turns to solid red, indicating that the functions of the keys are swapped... Repeat steps 2 and 3 to swap the functions of other keys...

4... To disable the Swap mode, press [Fn] + [ESC]...

Macro mode Configure the function keys (F1~F12) as macro keys to conveniently launch often-used apps or key combinations, and perform repetitive tasks or actions with a single keystroke...

To configure as macro key:

1... Press [FN] + [Insert] and wait for the Win Lock key to light up and turn red, indicating that the macro mode is enabled...

2... Press a function key (F1~F12) and wait for the Win Lock key to flash red...

3... Press the keys that you want to assign for the macro key...

4... When done, press [FN] + [ESC] to exit the recording mode...

5... To configure more macro keys, ensure that the Win Lock key is still solid red, then repeat steps 2 to 4...

6... To exit the macro mode, long press [FN] + [ESC]... Wait for the keyboard backlight to flash twice and the Win Lock key LED to turn off...

Mode Switch


Profile 0 Normal keyboard with blue backlight

No Macro and Swap functions

Profile 1 Gaming keyboard with red backlight

Complete Macro and Swap functions

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To switch profiles, press [FN] + [Caps Lock]... The backlight flashes twice to indicate the profile mode switch...

In Profile 0 mode, the function keys F1~F12 work as standard keys... To set the function keys as macro keys, switch to Profile 1...

Breath light The Breath Light function allows you to set the keyboard backlight in a looping bright to dim mode... There are four breath light levels: High, Middle, Low, and No Light...

To use the Breath light function:

Press [Fn] + to enable/disable the Breath Light function...


Profile 0 Blue

Profile 1 Red

Press [Fn] + [-] to decrease the speed of the Breath Light function...

Press [Fn] + [+] to increase the speed of the Breath Light function...


NOTE: The Reset function restores the system to the default settings...

To reset to the default settings:

Press and hold [Fn] + [Delete] for about three (seconds) until the Nums Lock, Caps Lock, and Win Lock LEDS flash thrice, then flash once to indicate that the reset process is completed...

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