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Cerberus Multi-color Backlit Gaming Keyboard

E11609 / Third Edition/ April 2016

User Manual


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User Manual 2


Package contents 1xASUSCerberusGamingKeyboard 1xQuickStartGuide 1xUserManual

System requirements ComputerwithanavailableUSB2.0port MicrosoftWindows10/8.x/7/XP

Specifications summary

Connector SingleUSB

Anti-Ghosting 19KRO(KeyRollover)

Switch type Membranewithrubberdome

Switch life cycle 8millionkeystrokes

Backlight Multi-colors(with343colorcombinations)

4-levellightsettings/10-levelbreathing speedsettings

Cable type/ cable length 2mbraidedcable

Key cap material ABS

Media keys 6mediakeysforvolumecontrol,play/pause, previoustrack,nexttrack,andstop

Macro keys 12MacroKeys(F1-F12keys)whenMacros areenabled(GamingProfile)

Special feature 1 Windowskeylock,Rapidfiremode,W/A/S/D arrowkeys

Dimension 471x186x41mm(LxWxH)

Weight 1100g

Operating system MicrosoftWindows10/8.x/7/XP

California Proposition 65

WARNING!ThisproductmaycontainchemicalsknowntotheStateof Californiatocausecancer,birthdefects,orotherreproductiveharm.Wash handsafterhandling.

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ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard 3

En gl

is h

Installing your gaming keyboard ConnecttheUSBconnectorofyourgamingkeyboardtotheUSBport ofyourcomputer.Yourcomputerautomaticallydetectsandinstallsthe keyboarddriver.Whentheinstallationiscompleted,youcanstartusing yourgamingkeyboard.

Getting to know your Gaming Keyboard


Mediaplayercontrols (Stop,play/pause,previous, next)


Volumedown/volumeup [FN]+[1]~[9]:Multi-color lightingcontrols


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User Manual 4


19 Key anti-ghosting

Q Space





X Tab

E Alt(Left)

D Ctrl(Left)

C Shift(Left)


Hot keys







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ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard 5

En gl

is h

Function keys Combinethe[FN]keyandsomekeystoquicklyaccessyourmails,files, andotherfunctionsonyourcomputer.

[FN] + [F1] LaunchMediaPlayer

[FN] + [F2] Volumedown

[FN] + [F3] Volumeup

[FN] + [F4] Mute

[FN] + [F5] Stop

[FN] + [F6] Previous

[FN] + [F7] Play/Pause

[FN] + [F8] Next

[FN] + [F9] LaunchMail

[FN] + [F10] Launchthewebbrowser

[FN] + [F11] Lockthekeyboard

[FN] + [F12] Launchthecalculator

[FN] + [Q] LaunchtheRapidfiremode(repeatingkeystrokes)

[FN] + [Tab] TransferW/A/S/Dkeystoarrowkeys

[FN] + [Win] DisabletheWindowskey

NOTE:OnceyoudisconnectthegamingkeyboardfromtheUSBport ofyourcomputer,[FN]+[F11],[FN]+[Q],[FN]+[Tab],and[FN]+[Win] functionkeyswillberesettofactorydefaults.

Using the Macro, Swap, and Rapid fire modes

Macro mode Configurethefunctionkeys(F1~F12)asmacrokeystoconvenientlylaunch frequently-usedappsorkeycombinations,andperformrepetitivetasksor actionswithasinglekeystroke.

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User Manual 6


To configure a macro key:

1. Press[FN]+[Insert]andwaitfortheWinLockkey tolightupand turnred,indicatingthatthemacromodeisenabled.

2. Press a function key (F1~F12) and wait for the Win Lock key toflash red.

3. Pressthekeysthatyouwanttoassignforthemacrokey.

4. Whendone,press[FN]+[ESC]toexittherecordingmode.

5. Toconfiguremoremacrokeys,ensurethattheWin Lock key isstill solidred,thenrepeatsteps2to4.

6. Toexitthemacromode,longpress[FN]+[ESC].Waitforthekeyboard backlighttoflashtwiceandtheWin Lock key LED to turn off.

Swap mode: Theswapmodeletsyouchangethefunctionsofsomekeys.

Mediakeys,functionkeys,andMacrokeysareexcludedfromtheswap mode.

To use the Swap mode:

1. Press[FN]+[Home]andwaitfortheWinLockkey tolightupand turnred,indicatingthattheSwapmodeisenabled.

2. Pressakey(forexample,keyF),andtheWinLockLEDflashesred.

3. Pressanotherkey(forexample,keyV)andtheWinLockLEDturnsto solidred,indicatingthatthefunctionsofthekeysareswapped.Repeat steps2and3,makingsuretheWinLockkeyisstilllitup,toswapthe functionsofmorekeys.

4. TodisabletheSwapmode,press[FN]+[ESC].

Rapid Fire mode: Repeatingkeystrokesonkeyboard,especiallyusefulforgamesrequire pressingrepeatedlyaspecialkey.Whenyouassignnewrapidkeys,keyboard willremovelatestrapidrecord.

E11609_Cerberus_Gaming_Keyboard_UM_V3.indd 6 2016-04-12 17:45:21

ASUS Cerberus Gaming Keyboard 7

En gl

is h

Mode Switch


GamingProfile (default)



NormalProfile Withmintcolorbacklight


To use the Rapid Fire mode:

1. Press[FN]+[End]andwaitfortheWinLockkey tolightupandturn red,indicatingthattheRapidFiremodeisenabled.

2. Pressakeyorkeysthatyouwanttohaverepeatingkeystroke,andthe WinLockLEDflashesred.

3. Press[FN]+[ESC]oncetoend.

4. Press[FN]+[Q]toenable/disabletheRapidFiremode.

NOTE:Toswitchprofiles,press[FN]+[CapsLock].Thebacklightflashes twicetoindicatetheprofilemodeswitch.

Backlit setting

Multi-color Youcanon-the-flysetthebacklightingcolorofthekeyboardto343color combinations.



Press[FN]+[8]~[9],andusethe[R],[G],or[B]keystosetupyour preferredcolor.

E11609_Cerberus_Gaming_Keyboard_UM_V3.indd 7 2016-04-12 17:45:21

User Manual 8


[FN] + [1] Red

[FN] + [2] Orange

[FN] + [3] Yellow

[FN] + [4] Green

[FN] + [5] Blue

[FN] + [6] Indigo

[FN] + [7] Violet

[FN] + [8] Custom

[FN] + [9] Custom


Brightness effect Press[FN]+[PgUp]/[PgDn]toincrease/decreasethebreathinglight


Breathing light effect Tousethebreathinglightfunction:

Press[FN]+ toenable/disablethebreathinglightfunction.

Press[FN]+[PgUp]/[PgDn]toincrease/decreasethebreathinglight speed.Thereare10breathinglightspeedlevelsavailable.


NOTE: TheResetfunctionrestoresthes

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