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CE Declaration of Conformity We declare under our responsibility that the product is in conformity with the following standards:

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applicable legal requirements and to stay well within the EMF standards applicable at the time of producing the products... 3... We are committed to develop, produce and market products that cause no adverse health effects... 4... We confirm that if its products are handled properly for their intended use, they are safe to use according to scientific evidence

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1... The GREEN & YELLOW wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the Earth symbol or coloured GREEN or GREEN & YELLOW...

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This marking on the product or on its packaging illustrates that, under European Directive 2002/96/EG governing used electrical and electronic appliances, this product may not be disposed of with normal household waste... You are responsible for disposal of this equipment through a designated waste electrical and electronic equipment collection... To determine the locations for dropping off such waste electrical and electronic, contact your local government office, the waste disposal organization that serves your household or the store at which you purchased the product...

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4... 2... OSD Menu Overview ... 13 4... 2... 1... PICTURE menu ... 13 4... 2... 2... SCREEN menu ... 14 4... 2... 3... AUDIO menu ... 15 4... 2... 4... PIP menu ... 15 4... 2... 5... CONFIGURATION1 menu ... 16 4... 2... 6... CONFIGURATION2 menu ... 17 4... 2... 7... CONFIGURATION3 menu ... 18 4... 2... 8... ADVANCED OPTION menu ... 19

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1... 1... Unpacking This product is packed in a carton, together with the standard accessories... Any other optional accessories will be packed separately... Due to the size and weight of this display it is recommended for two people to move it... After opening the carton, ensure that the contents are complete and in good condition...

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1... 4... Installing and Removing Table Stands (optional) To install table stands: 1... Ensure your display is powered off... 2... Spread a protective sheet on a flat surface... 3... Grab the carrying handles and place the display face-down on the protective sheet... 4... After inserting the stand in the guide block, tighten the screws on both sides of the display...

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the equipment or injury to the user or installer... Product warranty does not cover damage caused by improper installation... 4... For the wall-mounting kit, use M6 mounting screws (having a length 10 mm longer than the thickness of the mounting bracket) and

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Indicates the operating status of the display with OPS: - Lights green when the display is on, but the OPS is off - Lights blue when the display and the OPS is on - Lights red when the display is in standby mode - Lights amber when the display enters APM mode - When {SCHEDULE} is enabled, the light blinks green

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15 AUDIO OUT (RCA) Audio output from the AUDIO IN jack to an external AV device...

Page 13

2 [SMART] button Press to activate Smart Menu... Press [ ] or [ ] button to select menu options... Press [SET] button to confirm and exit the selection... Standard: Used for normal images (factory setting) Highbright: Used for moving image such as Video sRGB: Used for text based images

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2... 3... 4... Operating range of the remote control Point the top of the remote control toward the displays remote control sensor when pressing a button... Use the remote control within a distance of less than 10m/33ft from the displays sensor, and a horizontal and vertical angle of less than 30 degrees...

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3... 1... Using the Switch Cover A cover for the power switch is provided to prevent the display from being turned on or off accidentally... To lock the cover into position: 1... Align and insert the cover to the indentation located beside the power switch... 2... Use the screw to lock the cover...

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3... 2... Connecting External Equipment (DVD/VCR/VCD)

Page 17

SV425 / SV465 / SV555 / SV427 / SV467 / SV557

Page 18

SV425 / SV465 / SV555 / SV427 / SV467 / SV557

Page 19

3... 5... Connecting Multiple Displays in a Daisy-chain Configuration You can interconnect multiple displays to create a daisy-chain configuration for applications such as a video wall...

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COLOR TEMPERATURE Select a color temperature for the image... A lower color temperature will have a reddish tint, whilst a higher color temperature gives off a more bluish tint... The options are: {3000K} / {4000K} / {5000K} / {6500K} / {7500K} / {9300K} / {10000K} / {NATIVE} / {USER}...

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ZOOM MODE The pictures you receive may be transmitted in 16:9 format (wide screen) or 4:3 format (conventional screen)... The 16:9 pictures sometimes have a black band at the top and bottom of the screen (letterbox format)... This function allows you to optimize the picture display on screen... The following zoom modes are available for: PC mode: {FULL} / {NORMAL} / {CUSTOM} / {REAL}... Video mode: {FULL} / {NORMAL} / {DYNAMIC} / {CUSTOM}

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INPUT RESOLUTION Set the resolution of the VGA input... This is only required when the display is unable to detect the VGA input resolution correctly... NOTE: This item is functional for VGA input only... The options are: {1024x768 / 1280x768 / 1360x768} {1400x1050 / 1680x1050} {1600x1200 / 1920x1200} {Auto}: Determines the resolution automatically... The selected settings will become effective after turning off the power and turn it on again...

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SCHEDULE This function allows you to program up to 7 (seven) different scheduled time intervals for the display to activate... You can select: The time for the display to turn on and turn off... The days in a week for the display to activate... Which input source the display will use for each scheduled

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INFORMATION OSD Set the period of time the information OSD displayed on the upper right corner of the screen... The information OSD will display when input signal is changed... The information OSD will remain on the screen with {OFF} selection... The options are: {OFF, 3 SEC... ~ 10 SEC... }...

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POWER ON DELAY Select the delayed time until the power-on mode is activated after the power is turned on manually or automatically... This setting is useful in hiding start-up messages and powering on the connected devices at different timings... The options are: {OFF}, {2 SEC... }, {4 SEC... }, {6 SEC... }, {8 SEC... }, {10 SEC... }, {20 SEC... }, {30 SEC... }, {40 SEC... }, {50 SEC... }...

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{COOLING FAN} - Select {ON} to turn on the cooling fan all the time... Select {AUTO} to turn on/off the cooling fan according to the displays temperature... NOTES: The default {AUTO} option will start running the cooling

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FACTORY RESET Reset all the settings in the OSD menus of {PICTURE}, {SCREEN}, {AUDIO}, {PIP}, {CONFIGURATION1}, {CONFIGURATION2}, {CONFIGURATION3}, and {ADVANCED OPTION} to factory preset values... 1... Press [SET] button to enter the submenu... 2... Press [ ] or [ ] button to select {YES}, and then press

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The PC text quality is optimum in HD 1080 mode (1920 x 1080, 60Hz)... Your PC display screen might appear different depending on the manufacturer (and your particular version of Windows)... Check your PC instruction book for information about connecting your PC to a display... If a vertical and horizontal frequency-select mode exists, select 60Hz (vertical) and 31... 5KHz (horizontal)... In some cases, abnormal

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operating problems, electrical and shock hazards may result... Do not scratch or hit the cabinet with fingers or hard objects of any kind... Do not use volatile substances such as insert sprays, solvents and thinners on the cabinet... Do not place anything made from rubber or PVC near the cabinet for any extended periods of time...

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Some picture elements do not light up Some pixels of the display may not turn on... This display is manufactured using an extremely high level of precision technology: however, sometimes some pixels of the display may not display... This is not a malfunction...

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7... 1... SV425 / SV427 Display: Item Specifications Screen Size (Active Area) 42 LCD Aspect Ratio 16:9 Number of pixels 1920 (H) x 1080 (V) Pixel pitch 0... 4845 (H) x 0... 4845 (V) [mm] Displayable colors 1073M colors Brightness (typical) 500 cd/m2 (SV425)

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Dimensions (Without Stand) [W x H x D] 965... 8 x 558... 8 x 69 mm Weight (With Stand) 20... 3 Kg Weight (Without Stand) 18... 3 Kg Gross Weight (Without Stand) 23... 8 Kg

Page 33

General: Item Specifications Power Supply AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz Power Consumption (Max) 200W Power Consumption (typ... ) 170W Power Consumption (Standby & Off) <1W (RS232 in active) Dimensions (With Stand) [W x H x D] 1052... 7 x 662... 7 x 400 mm Dimensions (Without Stand) [W x H x D] 1052... 7 x 607... 3 x 69 mm Weight (With Stand) 24... 0 Kg

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Internal Speaker: Item Specifications Type 1 Way 1 Speaker Input 10 W (RMS) Impedance 8 Output Sound Pressure 82 dB/W/M Frequency Response 160 Hz ~ 13 KHz

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General: Item Specifications Power Supply AC 100 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz Power Consumption (Max) 275W Power Consumption (typ... ) 245W Power Consumption (Standby & Off) <1W (RS232 in active) Dimensions (With Stand) [W x H x D] 1244... 4 x 770... 6 x 400 mm Dimensions (Without Stand) [W x H x D] 1244... 4 x 715... 2 x 69 mm Weight (With Stand) 32... 6 Kg

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Internal Speaker: Item Specifications Type 1 Way 1 Speaker Input 10 W (RMS) Impedance 8 Output Sound Pressure 82 dB/W/M Frequency Response 160 Hz ~ 13 KHz

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Specifications are subject to change without notice...

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