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Voice Info: Displays a list of all voice commands... Clock/Wallpaper: Displays the clock and wallpaper... System/Device Information: System Info: Displays the software version of the audio system... USB Info: Displays the memory usage of the USB device...

Page 4

AcuraLink Is a subscription-based service that can provide convenient features such as voice communication if an airbag deploys, online security, and one-on-one operator assistance...

Page 5

1... Select ... 2... Select and hold an icon... u The screen switches to the customization

Page 6

The wallpaper you set up on Clock/Wallpaper Type cannot be displayed on the driver information interface... When importing wallpaper files, the image must be

Page 7

Select wallpaper 1... Select Settings... 2... Select Clock/Info... 3... Select Clock/Wallpaper Type, then open the Wallpaper tab... u The screen changes to the wallpaper list...

Page 8

Selecting or , or swiping the screen left or right changes to the next screen...

Page 9

You can delete user installed apps by the following procedure... 1... Select ... 2... Select Settings... 3... Select System... 4... Select the Others tab... 5... Select Detail Information... 6... Select Apps... 7... Select an app that you want to delete... 8... Select Delete...

Page 10

To add app or widget icons on the home screen App or widget icons can be added on the home screen...

Page 11

5... Select and hold an app or widget icon you want to add... u The screen switches to the customization

Page 12

To move icons on the home screen You can change location on the home screen...

Page 13

You cannot delete the Phone, Info, Audio, Settings, Navigation, AcuraLink, Smartphone Connection, and (app list) icons...

Page 14

2... Select an item to see the details... 3... Select or swipe up from the icon to

Page 15

If you have a number of apps running in the background and something goes wrong with the audio system, some of those apps may not work properly... If this happens, close all the apps and re- launch the app/apps that you want to use...

Page 16

The SVC has four modes: Off, Low, Mid, and High... SVC adjusts the volume level based on the vehicle speed... As you go faster, audio volume increases... As you slow down, audio volume decreases...

Page 17

1... Select ... 2... Select Settings... 3... Select System... 4... Select the Display tab... 5... Select Display Settings... 6... Select the setting you want... 7... Select OK...

Page 18

When the vehicle is in TRACK mode, the following screen is displayed and the audio system becomes inoperable... To return to the normal screen, touch any part of the audio/information screen... You can turn the limitation on and off...

Page 19

Voice Control Operation Your vehicle has a voice control system that allows hands-free operation... The voice control system uses the (Talk) and (hang-up/back) buttons on the steering wheel and a microphone near the map lights on the ceiling...

Page 20

Voice Portal Screen Phone Call This can be only used when the phone is connected... When the system recognizes the Phone call command, the screen will change to the voice recognition screen for phone commands... Dial by number Call history Redial Call <Your Contact Name> Call <Phone Number> Call Police Call 911 Phone Call commands are not available if using Apple CarPlay...

Page 21

Voice Help You can see a list of the available commands on the screen... Useful Commands Phone Commands Audio Commands On Screen Commands Music Search Commands General Commands Climate Control Commands

Page 22

Climate Control on Climate Control off Fan Speed <1-7> Temperature max heat Temperature max cool Temperature <57-87> degrees Defrost on Defrost off Air conditioner on Air conditioner off More Climate control automatic Vent Dash and floor Fan speed up Fan speed down Floor vents Floor and defrost Temperature up Temperature down

Page 23

Tune the preset radio frequency... Select and hold the preset icon to store that station... Select to display preset 7 onwards...

Page 24

You can also store a preset station by the following procedure... 1... Tune to the selected station... 2... Select the open/close icon to display a list... 3... Select the Preset tab... 4... Select and hold the preset number for the station you want to store...

Page 25

Displays the subchannel list when an HD RadioTM station is selected while listening to an FM station... 1... Select ... 2... Select HD Radio Subchannel... 3... Select the channel number...

Page 26

When you select an RDS-capable FM station, the RDS automatically turns on, and the frequency display changes to the station name... However, when the signals of that station become weak, the display changes from the station name to the frequency...

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