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A C U R A L I N K M E S S A G E S ( T e c h / A d v a n c e ) Acura periodically sends you messages on vehicle features, recall and safety information, maintenance reminders, and diagnostic information.


BLUETOOTH H A N D S F R E E L I N K ( B a s e m o d e l ) Place and receive phone calls through your vehicles audio system. Visit to check if your phone is compatible.

HFL Talk button: Give HFL commands and answer incoming calls.

HFL Back button: Cancel a command and end or decline an incoming call.

P a i r i n g Y o u r P h o n eV i e w i n g N e w M e s s a g e s 1. When you receive a new message, an envelope icon appears on the map screen.

2. Say Messages, and a list of messages appears.

1. Using the Interface Dial, open a maintenance or product update message.

3. The system searches for the next available appointment at your dealer. Select Confirm Appointment if you are satisfied with the date.

NOTE: If you are not satisfied with the available date, use the Call option to call your dealer directly.

2. Select Schedule Dealer Appt. 4. Select OK to set the appointment.

3. Say the number of the message you want to hear.

S c h e d u l i n g a D e a l e r A p p o i n t m e n t To use this feature, you must register at My Acura (, and make sure your Bluetooth-compatible phone is paired and correctly set up (see page 27).

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Press and release the HFL Talk button before you give a command.

1. Enable Discovery or Search mode on your compatible phone.

3. HFL gives you a f

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